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    Re: ASCENSION Arc Discussion/Feedback Thread: DEFtv 77 is live! Feed the backs!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Todd View Post
    Hate the fact that James, the handler of Ty Walker quit after only a couple of weeks after we planned out the rest of thisARC.
    Wait, James was actually back?
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    Re: ASCENSION Arc Discussion/Feedback Thread: DEFtv 77 is live! Feed the backs!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ford View Post
    Wait, James was actually back?
    Who is James??
    Quote Originally Posted by jayshort View Post
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    Re: ASCENSION Arc Discussion/Feedback Thread: DEFtv 77 is live! Feed the backs!

    It's a long story.
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    Re: ASCENSION Arc Discussion/Feedback Thread: DEFtv 77 is live! Feed the backs!


    Scott Douglas wants the truth to be played, but the AV team has no time or desire to do this. Makes sense, nice suspense building piece to add to the normal rundown.

    Earlier tonight
    Loved it. Murray arrives to the building only to be blindsided by Box. Makes me HOPE the match goes on as planned later. Cayle better recover quickly he’s got a war in front of him tonight. The commentary after the fact was on point!

    Scott Douglas and Impulse vs Reaper and ???
    TWO REAPERS!? WHat!? What a crazy match. It was very organized at first and I feel it got a little crazy as it went on, but it’s wrestling! Good stuff across the board here. Impulse felt like he was playing a minor role in this till the end, but it definately picked up steam. The Reapers winning was a big surprise, but it works well. 3 different guys in one outfit kinda makes me uneasy but it didn’t read badly. Scott Douglas should have a rocket strapped to him, cause the character is very authentic.

    Lordly Arrival
    Lord Nigel is awesome. I love the character. I’m still wrapping my head around him but he reminds me of southern gentlemen (Colonel Sanders), even if thats not the intention. It’s just the way I read the voice. The fake limo deal was hilarious.

    Corbin Michaels vs Nigel King

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the stip here. Thats so awesome! Contract vs multiple contracts. Great newcomer angle. POINTS ALREADY. Very nice match, fun read. Despite the outside distractions, Michaels gets the win in a very hotly contested bout. I think the loser tapped, but then it was announced winner by pinfall? Or did i read that wrong? Nice set up for a new arc.

    Only Death...

    Murrr is not dead, in fact, he;s ready to fight back and get it done. “This doesn’t end in a parking lot” AWESOME line. Ready for this fuckin war.

    Barrio Boys vs Thugs 4 Hire.
    Awesome! Faux match due to “injury forfeit” the Masked Violators couldn’t compete. But this quickly disolves into madness when Nigel comes out and cuts a promo for the Storm, only for them to show up and clean house on the teams. Then comes MV#1 and warns the Storm that eventually MV#2 will be back, and when he is…. It’s on!

    Running Late:
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! More former Utahs! Will Haynes is ma dude.

    PCP vs The Bruvs:
    Wrote this with Ma Dudes. Hope you all enjoyed.

    How you will be remembered:
    Quick hype seg by Penn before his match, always liked these kinda segs. Short and to the point.

    Gunz Blazing.

    Bronson Box and Eric Dane have a nice sweet convo…. Lol. This was a good spot, and made me feel like Cayle is bigger and badder than he appears to be. This is a very nice build between the three segs on this show for the match.

    The Squid vs The Box
    Woahhhhhhhh The shortest Murrrr PPV match Eva! Great way to keep building this feud clearly this is nowhere near done. Awesome. Makes me super hype for the next PPV already. Good schtuff.


    YAASSSSSSSS NATAS is back and the kendrix feud is BACK ON! YUSSSSSS! So hype for this.

    Penn vs Ty Walker.
    YASSSS, read this in one long run. GREAT STUFF. Even though everyone in the fed knew Ty wouldn’t win, this came off as incredibly competitive. Loved the back and forth action, the outside the ring action, all of it. The fan reactions were authentic and realistic for the MAJOR BABYFACE Muhboitai. After the match, Angus get’s involved with Curtis Penn, which in turn brings out Eric Dane and all hell breaks loose. AMAZING. Great ending to the show. And the best Penn match is some time! Well worthy of the FIST.

    GREAT PPV FAM. Even though Im leaving DEF as an active handler, theres no way imma stop reading and plan on feeding the bax when I can. Some of these angles are too hot for me to ignore!


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    Re: ASCENSION Arc Discussion/Feedback Thread: DEFtv 77 is live! Feed the backs!

    Rundown: Scott Douglas went from basic unknown in my book to a growing baby face in like four segments. Thought this little seg before the match was good. DEFIANCE where your opponent does something LAST WEEK but we prevent you from doing the same this week!

    Earlier Tonight: Cayle vs. Box part 1000000000000 and 6. Still gets the blood flowing. Smelled something funny from this one and how it would play to the match later on.

    Scott Douglas and Impulse vs. Reaper and ???: Not a fan of a champion not defending at the PPV, but this match was all sorts of wild. The Two Reapers had me reading a bit more attentively than I'm used to. This is certainly going to add more steam to things as we roll into the next PPV as I've already looked at the booking arc.

    Lordly Arrival: Very, very, very wordy - which I guess is the intent.

    Corbin vs. King: Good match, original this is pretty much where JK was supposed to make his comeback. Oh well! Nice story here.

    Only Death: Another good segment, let's see where this leads.

    Barrio Boys vs. Thugs: The Storm set up vs. MVs is going to be HUGE coming into the next PPV. Wink wink.

    Running Late: Wanted to get something quick on this show that showed my guys just moving from their contract signing inside to the limo. Wanted to build some intrigue.

    PCP vs. the Bruvs: The Eddie Gurerro spot was gold. This one almost was too long but it held my attention the entire time, what a way to go out for Mikey. Hope the Nut Butter isn't too damanged.

    Remembered: FIST Feud could've had more juice but Jon saved it singly handily. Good job.

    Gunz Blazing: Something is up. Something is up. Something is up. Cayle Murray shine like whoa.

    Bronson vs. Murray: So is the next match like that Owens Zayn match where it was, winner is the winner and can never face the loser again? Not that this is getting old by any means as two great characters and handlers going toe to toe is always awesome. I think something else will get tossed into this to make it hotter - as if that's possible.

    Bullocks - FATASS is back!!!

    Penn vs. Walker: What could've been sweet princes, oh well! Still written well and that's what matters here.

    All in all a good show, but we can and will do better! Glad to be back in the fold.

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    Re: ASCENSION Arc Discussion/Feedback Thread: DEFtv 77 is live! Feed the backs!

    The Rundown

    I prefer it when people other than a Custardman writes the rundown and uses it to push their stories. It's overdone in the real world but none of us are doing a 20 minute monologue so this is a good chance to engage your story immediately. Douglas is quite the complex character and I can't wait to see how he moves forward.

    Earlier Tonight

    Cayle vs. Box - The Fight Before The Fight. It's been a drawn out feud, but they've kept it interesting. Always quality.

    Impulse/Douglas vs. The Two Reapers

    Justin and Brian did a good job with Impulse while I was being pampered on a cruise ship. Enjoyed working with them both this arc, hoping it continues.

    Lordly Arrival

    Nigel is a tricky man. Have enjoyed this build quite a bit. The Violators are an awesome tag team that need more visibility.

    Corbin Michaels vs. Nigel King

    How do we suddenly have two characters named Nigel? Anyways, this was a good capper to Corbin's introductory arc, and he's got his contract well in hand. Can't wait to see Corbin climb the ranks.

    Only Death can Slow Me

    Part 2 of the Cayle/Box saga of the evening. This, especially when added to Andy Murray's part, is reminiscent of Tommy Rich vs. Buzz Sawyer. Looking forward to The Last Battle of New Orleans.

    Barrio Boys vs Thugs for Hire

    Storyline match. Exists to put MV1 over, and I'm fine with that.

    Running Late

    Fuckin' Coleslaw, man...

    PCP vs. Hollywood Bruvs

    Honestly, this was the real main event of the night, it was second to Cayle vs Box as far as the length and intensity of the feud, but it's been building essentially since the S.E.G. showed up, and this is their blowoff match. Infinitely enjoyable, and we'll miss Mikey terribly. Looking forward to seeing how Kendrix moves off this.

    Guns Blazing

    The only person that Box possibly respects right now, shows up and demands it. There's years of history that I don't know with these two, and I feel like something is going to happen.

    Cayle Murray vs. Bronson Box

    Part 3. Non-match, but did its job.


    Kendrix loses his partner, and now he's gotta deal with the fallout from his prior actions with Natas. This might hurt.

    How You Will Be Remembered/Curtis Penn vs. MAIBOYTAI

    Ehhhh..... Not a reflection on Jon in the slightest, or on Justin or Brunk or anyone with a hand in it - I know that things got all bungled up and a big part of the super-mega-story had to be rewritten on the fly, and these are all things that can't be helped. Jon has done a great job selling this story but in a vacuum, I do have to admit that it was a bit underwhelming. I enjoyed it because I know all the players and how they fit together, but I can see how anyone who wasn't familiar with Ty might not have understood.

    Overall, this PPV felt like a transitional show. Other than the PCP vs. the Bruvs, all of the matches felt like they were building to the next thing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but we'd best make DEFIANCE Road twice as good.

    Personally, I know we can. I'm really excited for this arc.
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    Re: ASCENSION Arc Discussion/Feedback Thread: DEFtv 77 is live! Feed the backs!

    sorry for delayed feedback.

    Thought the show overall came together very nicely. Flowed well.


    Love the face that we now have so much going on with the tag teams. Finally we have a legit tag team division on our hands with PCP, Masked Violaters, The Storm, Barrio Boys, Thugs for Hire

    Corbin Michaels: Think this character has great potential. Didn't have much to work with this arc but what he did with the contract on the line thing was great. Looking like we have another legit face in DEFIANCE now. Thought this place was quite heavy on the heel side. But with Scott Douglas and Corbin joining the likes of Natas, Murray and Impulse we've got a good balance to take on the dick heads!

    Cayle Murray v Bronson Box: This keeps on going, which is great cos I'm not bored of this at all. Was expecting a super long match but was shocked to see it cut short, but this is what this game is about, surprises! With the return of Dane and his interest in Murray, this has taken on a new angle and I can't wait to see what these guys have planned for this story.

    Curtis Penn v Ty Walker: Seems there was a controversial exit in real life, which is a shame as I was stoked to see a DEF original return. I remember Ty from UTA days and I liked the character a lot. Shame this is over before it started. Penn is awesome so hopefully he gets something long term to sink his teeth into.

    Will Haynes in DEF is cool, had no idea about this!

    The Reaper(s) were written well. Loved this match guys, lots of twists and turns in the story of the match. There's been a lot of mystery surrounding this feud for a while now. Maybe it's the impatience in me but I'd like to see how this thing between Douglas and Reaper ends soon (and I mean that in a good way, lol).

    Great job

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