Respectful, honourable, and noble without ever descending to dorky white knight territory. Not as outwardly confident as his elder brother and a little tightly-wound at times. Still, he will always stand-up for what he believes in, regardless of the consequences. Fiercely loyal to (and very protective of) his friends. Passionate and enthusiastic. A very emotional wrestler who often gets caught-up in the moment, inside the ring and out (something countless foes have used against him).

Wrestling Style:
Cayle is an extremely well-rounded wrestler whose only noticeable weakness is a lack of power (and even that isn’t bad for a man of his size). Think of him as an extremely athletic all-rounder with heavy Japanese influences. He’s quick and agile, but that’s only part of his game. Cayle marries expert technique with hard-hitting strikes and razor-sharp submissions.

Real world equivalent: KUSHIDA spiced with a little Katsuyori Shibata.

Usual Match Tactics: (clean / dirty)
Clean and fair, generally speaking. Cayle will never break the rules or use a weapon (except as self-defence in a “hardcore” match). Plays to the crowd when appropriate, and feeds off their energy. His fighting spirit is enormous, and he’ll regularly withstand massive beatings before mounting a comeback.

As far as strategy goes, Cayle tailors his gameplan to his opponent. If you’re slower than him, he’s going to try and run rings around you. If you’re no good on the ground, guess where he’s dragging you? Etc., etc. Continually switches his strategy up throughout the match to keep his opponent guessing, and rarely falls into predictable patterns. If the match calls for limb-work, he’s working the arm.

Usual Spots / Gimmicks:
- Hard Irish Whip to the corner. Running forearm. Opponent falls to their mat. Running low corner dropkick.
- Countering a Lariat/clothesline by throwing his legs up and dragging the opponent into a Cross Armbreaker, Nakamura style.
- PK, followed by the Moonsault.
- If the match has gone 30+ minutes, he’ll go for the Air Raid from the top rope rather than a springboard.
- Chainbreaker is his go-to finisher, Air Raid for flashy finishes.
- Only breaks-out the GITB if everyone else has failed. It should be sold like death.
- Semi-regularly throws a few moves from his training partners/friends/rivals (anyone he respects, basically), particularly Jason Natas and Andy Murray.