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North American Wrestling Alliance

Brief History/Storyline
The NAWA was first created back in July of 1998 by Jeff Starr based out of North Carolina. Jeff quickly rose the company to national attention and a competitive league. In March of 2001, the company sold in the AOL/Time Warner merger and folded. From 1998-2001 the NAWA had an elite group of Hall of Famers, which is still recorded to this day.
Over fifteen years later, and the company has reopened, but under the billionaire named The Donald. He has taken over the company and is making lives miserable. Although Jeff Starr has passed away his son, Jason Starr, came back at NAWA's first pay-per-view on June 26th at The Great American Bash and pledged to bring the NAWA back to its old form when his father ran it.

NAWA is headed into their second pay-per-view, NAWA Annihilation, on July 17th and the power struggle continues between The Donald and Jason Starr.

NAWA Ins & Outs
NAWA has had 6 shows total to date. There is a weekly show called Wednesday Warning and one pay-per-view a month. Currently there are four championships: World, Intercontinental, X-Division and Tag Team. We are filled with storylines and have an old school feel. Our goal is to bring many back to the days of the late 90s of what efeds use to feel like. We use South Park Wrestlers as roster pictures and we are a combination of real/fake wrestlers. We promise to give you a fun-filled environment. NAWA is simple but fun. Results are always on time and the site is always being updated.

NAWA is still on its original server at from back in the late 90s. We never lost the site.

Come join the NAWA!

This is a roleplay based efed. Roleplays determine the outcome of matches, unless storyline driven. We are open to all that want to join. We currently have a healthy roster of 15 which continues to grow. Come join the NAWA and be apart of an old school experience.