OLYMPUS is currently seeking new talent; we have our first PPV entitled Gladiator Games in two weeks time in which there will be a rumble to determine the #1 contender. If you sign up by this coming Thursday, you'll have an opportunity to be in that rumble and see if you can climb the ranks swiftly.


Do you remember the “good old days” of wrestling? Where gimmicks were so brilliantly displayed and so well acted that, as fans, we thought to ourselves that these guys were not only these people inside the ring but out it as well? Today, only Lucha Underground truly has this going for them as a promotion; the characters, the thematics, all of it are just exceptional.

OLYMPUS: Gods of Wrestling is built on this foundation.

The premise of the federation is that the ownership – the Kostas brothers – “spare no expense” when it comes to production value; what does that mean to you as potential writers? Easy. The sky is the limit. We at Olympus treat our product much like a television show with our fortnightly show, TITANS, as the main attraction and roleplays are more or less mini-episodes involving the characters that you portray. If you handle an Alien gimmick, that person doesn’t hang up the tights after TITANS and go home to be some Joe Schmoe; instead, your character is exactly who they are in that ring: an alien.

Now, that’s an extreme example, but the point is that in order to build a big time product on TITANS we need to full engrain ourselves in these gimmicks and characters and you do this by roleplaying that gimmick through and through. Your characters are more or less characters in a wrestling drama/film that is being played out for all to see via a television series.

These characters you're bringing to life are in OLYMPUS: Gods of Wrestling because this promotion, in character, "spares no expense" when it comes to production value and roleplays are essentially mini-episodes following your character in their real lives outside of the ring. You need to bring them to life; you need to have them engaged in their "gimmick", which in this case is exactly who and what they are.

This is creative writing.

Be creative.

Have fun.

And enjoy the "production value" that OLYMPUS has to offer it's employees.

The Promotion is set up on Showtime and has a fortnightly "episode" which will either be their main stream production, THURSDAY NIGHT TITANS, or a "super show". Outside of that, Showtime's agreement with OLYMPUS allows for mini-episodes or streams for each character in the promotion, following them outside of their ring in which is your roleplay. This whole operation is more of a massive film rather than a regular wrestling federation; we are to bring these characters to life for all those watching at home, culminating in explosive wrestling action and enthralling storylines on each episode of TITANS or Super Show.