Hey all! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that from yours truly and of course the rest of the staff and talent! Our men and women have been busy with their families however that did not stop a few of them from putting on a great show for our loyal fans at The Epic II in St. Louis this Christmas Eve!

The Creede Brothers were in action against a new team joining the NBW's ranks, courtesy of Thaddeus Boyle. We also had Lady Luxx facing off with Melantha Hellion in her debut, and our Mainevent. This would feature none other than our Keystone Champion El Dragon Loco facing the former NBW World Champion, Derecho.

In addition throughout the night we took a look back at 2015. So be sure to check the show out and we'll see you here again after the new year!

-Adria Hoyt