Hello everyone, my name is Joshua Powell, and I'm a former roleplayer from the days of theAsylum, aWc and before. I've recently began a new desk job, and in looking to fill the time I was wondering if this little hobby of ours still existed. Then I thought, of course it does... let's see if fWrestling still exists! There it was, in all of its glory, with a lot of new and even some of the old feds I remember reading. In searching the site, my attention was caught by Legacy of Champions, which was just coming into its own when I stepped away. It looks to be the big dog now, in the same vein of fWo or CWL from years past. Anyway, I am very impressed with the skill level of not only the writing but the graphic work, and will be following LoC.

Truth be told, I'm starting to get the bug again. I've been an independent wrestler for the past 14 years, and with a new baby on the horizon, that dream is most likely coming to an end. This might just be the thing I need for my sports entertainment fix, so I look forward to writing with some of you again soon. Happy fedding everyone.