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    Legends 18 - Thoughts

    Legends 18 was a pretty big event, so you should read it because it's important ... for, like, the whole human race. I am in no way overstating this.

    Link: Legends 18

    What did we do right?

    What did we do wrong?

    Top Face of the Night?

    Top Heel of the Night?

    On the Bubble / Who is about to break out?

    Favorite Quotes?

    Mark-Out Moments?

    How was the overall reading experience?

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    Re: Legends 18 - Thoughts

    Thought there should have been more from TURK/DALEY before KEATON's interruption. I anticipated some kind of response from DALEY following KEATON's comments on the previous show. I'm just waiting to see where this one goes at moment because KEATON's saying one thing about TURK and then TURK's contradicting him by savaging opposition. It seems like the audience should be seeing some 'doubt' in TURK to give weight to KEATON's claims unless the aim is simply to antagonise and unhinge him.

    Wish RYANN's despondency had lasted longer - much longer! It seemed like a great opportunity to run with. It would have been great to have her wrestle a character like WINTERTON or PERSEPHONE (obviously both were unavailable though) - a character who would have been unforgiving.

    Not sure where FLYWEIGHT division stuff is going. The match itself stuck out due to the absence of anything related before or after it. It was an entertaining encounter but its significance fell flat.

    DUSK's character's interesting. He had a large presence on the show and it was welcome. His early exchange with DARYN was a decent read, helping along DUSK's storyline and giving something to DARYN's character as well. His segment with Team VIAGRA and MARY-LYNN was successful in building intrigue while also developing MARY-LYNN's character. And then his intervention in the VALENTINE/PERSEPHONE match was good too. There's something 'noir' about it all.

    Not sure why the crowd booed VALENTINE when she paid back a "trapped" PERSEPHONE - I must have missed something there. No idea who MURRAY is but his entrance was written well enough that the significance and shock of his presence translated. Great entertainment.

    Enjoyed WINTERTON again. The back-and-forth between all three characters was entertaining. While there's a lot going on in most of the championship divisions, I think the Bombshells division has the most life at the minute. All the characters in it seem to be interacting and the the different relationships make for interesting reading.

    TROY's segment was great. Lass definitely has the gift of the gab. Then her match with DERECHO! Thought the commentary complimented the match brilliantly, especially the references to previous segments. It was all very quotable – Reno was on fire. “Looks like something finally registered on his face besides ‘herp derp I has sadz.’” I was a bit disappointed that DERECHO didn’t build any real momentum in the match – seemingly being consistently outwitted and outwrestled by TROY – but the ending was perfect for his character. Best match I've read in my short time as a fan.

    Was surprised it took this long into the show for the mysterious ‘shareholders’ to be mentioned and for RIKTOR make an appearance. It seems like a thing that, for the sake of relevance and its obvious significance, needed addressing at the start of the show, even fleetingly. Good segment though; SUICIDE is an interesting character and the intrigue was heightened. There's a few mysteries going on in LoC at the moment and each are being handled very well and are successfully distinct.

    Would have expected MONTE’s mood to be less jovial and more focused and smouldering following PROVIDENCE’s blindside – during both his entrance and the match. That was probably my only disappointed with the match: the BURNS/TROY/PROVIDENCE story wasn’t in evidence. Otherwise, it was entertainingly chaotic. The HARMEN intervention was a great way to end the match and the event.



    WHO IS ABOUT TO BREAK OUT?: Last week, I was really impressed with KAUS but the character didn't really engage me this time around. I'll go with PROVIDENCE. The majority of the characters on the show are developing well and generally seem established but PROVIDENCE ruffled a lot of feathers.

    FAVOURITE QUOTES?: Could pick a good handful from the TROY/DERECHO match but I'm going to go with "Wildcard bitches!"

    MARK-OUT MOMENTS: Same as above. The TROY/DERECHO match was a brilliant read and I appreciated HARMEN's "cashing in". I'll doubtlessly find many more "moments" to refer to once I'm more familiar with the roster. I also enjoyed the LEGION OF DAIRY segment; I was baffled at first but I had a laugh or two.

    Well done, people!

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    Re: Legends 18 - Thoughts

    Late to the game but tardy feedback's better than non-existent feedback, right?

    Reno Tribute
    I appreciate Kyle taking the time to do up the Reno tribute segment given the news regarding Eric. From a complete in-character standpoint, I would've liked this more had there been some kind of news announcement preceding the show stating that Reno had been offered a lifetime contract, or that the Board/Scott Riktor was giving him Legends status. Without knowing the context for the segment (i.e. for any new reader), Turk coming down and saying what he did would be confusing.

    EDIT: The announce table is not at ringside. It is on the stage. It's always been on the stage.

    Calling All Challengers
    I agree with Clay that I would've liked more Turk/Ryan and Bill before Keat's arrival. I enjoy Keaton immensely in part because he's the used car salesman who is well aware of who and what he is. I want more of him, but I also want more uW because the promotion he runs gives credence to him even showing up on the Parent Programs (Legends, Undergrounds, LoC PPVs).

    Turk vs. TFF
    I mean, was this really gonna go any other way?

    On Her Good Side
    I wrote Daryn, Craiggles wrote Dusk, and I'm enjoying finding Daryn's voice given the brief blueprint I received from Dan.

    The So-Called Heroes
    I've low-key called Providence the "Lord of the In-Rings" because he's had so many of them, but what I like about the character the most is his fanaticism to his cause - methodical, dangerous, and rarely ever overstated. There's a long road to go yet and I'm hoping that this program with Suicide will start to challenge his conviction. Provi's essentially steamrolled over every person put in front of him, which means his Destiny is still attainable. What's he going to do when things don't continue being this easy?

    Back in the Saddle
    Sylo really likes training scrawny dudes. Anyway... young, impetuous Graham returns after getting killed in the face by Rune many months ago and now he's punching Mister Chip on His Shoulder, Kaus, right in his smarmy mug? BOLD STRATEGY, COTTON! Let's see if it pays off for him.

    Amber vs. Aria
    Match could've done with some commentary for sure. To Clay's point about Amber's despondency: I want to mention that there's also an opportunity to play with the Faithful's reaction to Aria here. She's on a bit of a losing streak and is seeing her star diminish with the rise of other Bombshells (Troy, Amber, Viv, Daryn, etc.). I'm not so sure she should've backed off so quickly. Amber ultimately gets the win after Aria tries to use a move that's not her own and the Dragonfly makes her pay for it, but there are two interesting stories going on here.

    Hidden Motives
    Grumpy Cat sits down with Angie to follow up on the events of Legends 17. It's a good call back to Mattock's defining moment and Derecho's part in it. Also, props to Josh for being flexible with editing the segment post-submission - I thought we could use it to set up LT vs. Derecho on the card which, otherwise, wouldn't have had as strong of a reason to actually happen. A critique (which will come up again later in this feedback post): you don't have to give the whole explanation or the whole story in one fell swoop. I think quite a bit of the history/backstory could've been summed up and the points gotten to quicker than they actually did.

    Let's Dance
    This is mine. Tried to touch on a few people's stories with it. Hope it was successful in that regard.

    Digging Further
    I've long loved the Team V dynamic and it's nice to see MaryLynn get some much needed face time/character development separately from Harmen and Davis. A word of caution, though: you guys have introduced some bread crumbs here without a lot of context. I know the intent, but not everyone else will. I'm hoping there will be more legit development here because otherwise, the last few lines of the segment have little meaning.

    Alex Reyn vs. El Tigre Verde
    Reno going a little Fourth Wall Breaker at the onset, hah. The commentary here was a little weird, as were some of the asides. Sexual tension between Stone and Reno? .....no. And, well, yes, Reyn's been undefeated since his LoC debut on the previous show. Unless this was supposed to reference jOlt? It's unclear. And regardless, it's not super mark-out worthy at the end since there wasn't much of a build-up to it. The match itself does a serviceable job of moving things along in the midcard.

    Beauty and the Champ
    Remember what I said about Aria a few paragraphs ago? This segment plays into it nicely on both Viv's and Sarah's parts. Speaking of Winterton - I know we don't see the poser here but we gotta get the girl a better hairdo.

    Uneasy Alliance
    This is a situation/pairing that Jacobs can only moderately control so it's very interesting to me to see him talking about anybody having anyone's back here. He can only dictate so much here and Provi knows it. I was hoping for a bigger quip from him to Geist for the lariat comment...his head's still attached so the German didn't finish the job, yunno? Would've made the FIST CLENCH OF ANGAR more effective.

    Kaus vs. Youngblood
    Another midcard mover match but it told a much better story. The delusional technical wrestling "god" cheating to win isn't new by any stretch but the layers Markus keeps creating help hold the intrigue (or the INTRIIIGUE~!).

    Side-bar: I had to hold myself back in the "Let's Dance" seg from having LT call Kaus out for some of the incorrect assumptions he made on Legends 17, but it would've felt shoehorned given what needed to be accomplished there. Time and a place and all that, right?

    Yes, Dan, please write more of the Nation. One critique: Would've been great to see some continuity from Legends 17's happenings carry over here.

    Evil Genius
    Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

    Persephone vs. Viv
    Match also could've used some commentary. Big ups to Billy for working in the jOlt call-outs from the Faithful and also for helping carry along Uprising and Legends 17 happenings between Persephone and LT with Viv using Troy's variant of the Yoshi Tonic. Things break down, Dusk comes out, and ANDY BAH GAWD, NOT THE TENNIS PLAYER THO, MURRAY with the surprise appearance! Old Man Murrr can still throw down, too.

    Segment of the Night
    ...or, Legion of Breakfast Doesn't Have the Same Ring to It.

    This seg's kinda out there/randomly thrown in but BT = Bacon =/= Dairy Food is gold and I need some dumb comedy relief in my life while Shawn Hart's busy watching The Force Awakens for the 243rd time, I mean while Shawn Hart's injured.

    Derecho vs. LT
    Josh wrote the majority of the action, I reworked it to incorporate LT's and Monte's individual (and collective) stories and added in the commentary.

    Not Over Yet
    Jarrod and I wrote this. Man...Dave Grohl, why are you such an ass?

    The critique I made in Josh's "Hidden Motives" segment applies here. There is a lot going on and I'm not sure all of it needed to happen right when it did. Stories need time and breathing room to develop and not all cards need to be placed on the table at the same time.

    Two Dicks vs. Bromance Brigade
    Beginning needed to be tightened up...Prov should've already been shown in the ring since he went down there after beating on Monte and LT, and Monte should've been selling the effects of the attack...he could've even been in the ring along with Prov but was being held back by CHILDISH REFEREE NAME HERE.

    Match action was good - nice job by Ed, Jarrod, and Ford here. Liked how Harmen cashed in his shot at the Legacy title and the call-back to the "Digging Deeper" segment earlier in the night. Still not liking that Wil left which means we don't get any more Billows goodness. sadtiger.jpg

    Other Stuff
    On the Bubble / Who is about to break out?: Winterton
    Favorite Quotes?: Look here, Belle from Hell...
    Mark-Out Moments?: BT, BIG MURRR
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    Re: Legends 18 - Thoughts

    Yes, it was meant to be a jOlt reference, since the events of jOlt are in continuity with LOC.

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