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Thread: Save Sylo

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    Save Sylo

    So we all know Justin. He's a pretty proud and sometimes hardheaded guy, so he really doesn't like to ask for "handouts." The deal is that he needs our help, and it isn't just for him. He takes care of his mom, too.

    I've thought of Justin as a brother for years now. Heck he was my co-host on EFG for a couple of years and we talked outside of the show all the time. He did a lot to get coverage of feds like jOlt and LOC on the show while I would work on putting together coverage of other feds.

    I'll let his page explain what's going on, but I wanted to post this here because he's been a big part of our community, handling Sylo, hosting EFG with me, running BodyCount tournaments occasionally, etc. I myself put in $15, and most of you know how hard that is for my broke ass to afford. That's how you know what a dire situation he's in.

    His mom had a surgery and he's been put off work. He's had to cover the costs of his mom's surgery and meds while not working, so he's facing an eviction. Anything will help, whether it's $1, $5, $10 or more. Even just helping get the word out will help him out. Let's save the Superbeast, guys. Justin would do the same for us.

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    Re: Save Sylo

    Justin's mom Sharon is an awesome lady, she would spend hours playing Diablo 3 with me and my wife on PS4 earlier this year.
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