The first match in the best of 3 series for the tag team titles between Cross the Hood and The Natural Athletes took place, Alexy Reyn made his jOlt Wrestling debut, the first two Thieves Honor Qualifiers took place, and Monarchy continues to flex their muscle! This and much more on iNtense 130 from the AT&T Center!

Here is the lineup for tonight's event

Alex Reyn vs Darren Best

Thieves Honor Qualifier
Sebastian Saje vs Kayden Paulton

Zane Roebuck vs Sayber

Lorelei Albrecht vs Alice Castle

If Vogue Wins, She Becomes #1 Contender to the Starlet Championship
Vogue Gonsalvez vs ????????

The House vs The New Breed

Draconian vs Gabriel Gold

Thieves Honor Qualifier
Frank Silver vs Jack Dawn

Best of Three Series for the Tag Team Titles - Match 1
The Natural Athletes(c) vs Cross the Hood

You can stream the show here: