Are you an eFedder?

Are you interested in or intrigued by angle feds?

If so, then HOO-BOY do we have something for YOU!

DEFIANCE Wrestling, yes you read that right DEFIANCE Wrestling is opening its doors for 3 to 5 experienced handlers to join in the fun of being DEFIANT! Joining this group of experienced eWrestlers will not only be fun and exciting it will give you a new outlook on many different aspects of the game as a whole!

So, why not join DEFIANCE Wrestling?

We all know what we want out of eWrestling, don’t we? Well DEFIANCE gives you that option to be yourself and be unique. Throw out ideas and have others help you bring your vision to light and make it a reality.

To join DEFIANCE, head on over to the website, find the forums, land on the Application Forum and go through the voting process to see if you can get your cup filled with the red and black Kool-Aid! Be warned though, once you go DEFIANT…
-DEF Application Forum