On Sunday Night iNtense, Magma went one on one with Fearless Champion Omega and anyone who saw that match knows that Magma didn't exactly fare very well. Omega retained his championship, but the scars of defeat will be forever ingrained on Magma both physically and mentally.

Magma had trouble walking backstage after the match and was taken to a nearby hospital for observation. After taking a hard chair shot to the head as well as taking Omega's finisher on the steel ring steps, it was determined that Magma ended up with a concussion.

The doctors stated that Magma would eventually recover and could be cleared to wrestle, but Magma used this time for a bit of self-reflection. Magma stated that he was injured at the hands of Harbinger back in the early days of The Hype and he missed several months of action. When he came back, his career hadn't taken off like it had hoped and now facing a month or more away from the ring, he decided that he didn't want to start over.

jOlt Wrestling is respecting Magma's wishes and will honor the remainder of his contract which is set to expire in December.