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    [Round 5 Pick 4] The 2015 Fantasy Wrestling Draft!

    You all might remember these! You sign up, you draft a roster, and then maybe there's a vote at the end to determine who has the best collection of talent! Depends how much interest is generated throughout the process.

    Collect the best assembledge of talent your peers allow, and compete at the end to determine who has the best roster! Be your own GM, book your dream fed, the possibilities are endless!

    Current Selections & Draft Order (Updated May 27th, 9 am PST)
    Round 1 Pick 1: Team Justin - Dan Ryan
    Round 1 Pick 2: Team Brunk - Castor V. Strife
    Round 1 Pick 3: Team Murr - Jason Snow
    Round 1 Pick 4: Team Lindz - Superstar Vince Jacobs
    Round 1 Pick 5: Team Gringo - Shawn Jessica Hart
    Round 1 Pick 6: Team Billy - Garbage Bag Johnny
    Round 1 Pick 7: Team Ford/Colin - High Flyer
    Round 1 Pick 8: Platinum Gold Wrestling - Kodiak Vic Creed
    Round 1 Pick 9 (Compensatory): Platinum Gold Wrestling - Boston Strangler

    Round 2 Pick 1: Team Brunk - Troy Windham
    Round 2 Pick 2: Team Murr - Angelo Deville
    Round 2 Pick 3: Team Lindz - Shane Southern
    Round 2 Pick 4: Team Gringo - Hornet
    Round 2 Pick 5: Team Billy - Lindsey Troy
    Round 2 Pick 6: Team Ford/Colin - Alias
    Round 2 Pick 7: Platinum Gold Wrestling - Tyke
    Round 2 Pick 8: Team Justin - Dusty Griffith
    Round 2 Pick 9 (Compensatory): Team Ford/Colin - Nova

    Round 3 Pick 1: Team Murr - Karina Wolfenden
    Round 3 Pick 2: Team Lindz - Eric Dane
    Round 3 Pick 3: Team Gringo - Leyenda De Ocho
    Round 3 Pick 4: Team Billy - Hessian
    Round 3 Pick 5: Team Ford/Colin - Eli Flair
    Round 3 Pick 6: Platinum Gold Wrestling - Sylo
    Round 3 Pick 7: Team Justin - JJ Deville
    Round 3 Pick 8: Team Brunk - Bronson Box
    Round 3 Pick 9 (Compensatory): Team Billy - Sonny Silver

    Round 4 Pick 1: Team Lindz - Billows
    Round 4 Pick 2: Team Gringo - Madman Szalinski
    Round 4 Pick 3: Team Billy - LeStatt Knight
    Round 4 Pick 4: Team Ford/Colin - Ninja K
    Round 4 Pick 5: Platinum Gold Wrestling - LLB
    Round 4 Pick 6: Team Justin - Mike Best
    Round 4 Pick 7: Team Brunk - Yori Yakamo Jr.
    Round 4 Pick 8: Team Murr- Rich "Renegade" Rollins
    Round 4 Pick 9 (Compensatory): Team Gringo - Suicide

    **ERNIE - If you edit - please keep the team name listed when adding the person drafted. Thank you**

    Round 5 Pick 1: Team Gringo - Jesse Ramey
    Round 5 Pick 2:Team Billy - Andy Murray
    Round 5 Pick 3: Team Ford/Colin - Joey Melton
    Round 5 Pick 4: Platinum Gold Wrestling - Ray Chavez
    Round 5 Pick 5: Team Justin - Joe the Plumber
    Round 5 Pick 6: Team Brunk - D!
    Round 5 Pick 7: Team Murr - Jordan White
    Round 5 Pick 8: Team Lindz - Tchu
    Round 5 Pick 9 (Compensatory): Team Lindz - Eugene Dewey

    Round 6 Pick 1: Team Billy - Jay Terror
    Round 6 Pick 2: Team Ford/Colin - Seymour Almasy
    Round 6 Pick 3: Platinum Gold Wrestling - KSZ
    Round 6 Pick 4: Team Justin - "The Heartbeat of Canada" Ken Jansen
    Round 6 Pick 5: Team Brunk - Michael Manson
    Round 6 Pick 6: Team Murr - Violence Jack
    Round 6 Pick 7: Team Lindz - Doctor Curiosity
    Round 6 Pick 8: Team Gringo - Dusty Thompson
    Round 6 Pick 9 (Compensatory): Team Murr

    Round 7 Pick 1: Team Ford/Colin - Cecilworth Farthington
    Round 7 Pick 2: Platinum Gold Wrestling - Derecho
    Round 7 Pick 3: Team Justin - Christian Light
    Round 7 Pick 4: Team Brunk - Triple X Sean Stevens
    Round 7 Pick 5: Team Murr -
    Round 7 Pick 6: Team Lindz - Chandler Tsonda
    Round 7 Pick 7: Team Gringo
    Round 7 Pick 8: Team Billy - Turk
    Round 7 Pick 9 (Compensatory): Team Brunk

    Round 8 Pick 1: Platinum Gold Wrestling - Diamond Jewelz
    Round 8 Pick 2: Team Justin - "The Nemesis Enforcer" London Freemantle
    Round 8 Pick 3: Team Brunk
    Round 8 Pick 4: Team Murr
    Round 8 Pick 5: Team Lindz - Providence
    Round 8 Pick 6: Team Gringo- Jason Cashe
    Round 8 Pick 7: Team Billy - Jonathan Rhine
    Round 8 Pick 8: Team Ford/Colin
    Round 8 Pick 9 (Compensatory): Team Justin

    Here are the rules:
    24 hours to make a selection.
    After 24 hours, your pick is skipped. However, you can return to the forum thread at any time and make up your pick.
    The order for the draft will be a rolling snake auction format.
    Selection #'s will be determined completely at random.
    Trades will be allowed. Please confirm with the commissioner (Me) and CC you trading partner for confirmation!
    There will be compensatory picks in later rounds for those who draft toward the end of the first round.
    Please send a private message to the next person in the list once you make you pick. This will ensure that the recipient will receive notification once it is their turn.
    There will be a round (or two, if we go 16) for strictly tag teams. This does not stop you from combining singles stars you draft into tag teams either!
    Wrestlers can be chosen whether they are active or retired!

    I am hoping to get 8 people interested. I am open to 16. Depending how many people are involved and how long people are interested in taking this, I see at least 8 rounds to be conducted.

    The first round, I would like to do live on the air on E-Fed Guerillas. If you are unable to attend, I suggest sending me a list of guys you would be willing to pick with your No 1 selection. If you are pick 2, you only need to send 2 wrestlers. If you are pick 16, well, you can send me only 4, you can send me 16, your lists will remain private and confidential, and only I will see it.

    If you are interested in attending and calling in, either to announce your pick or explain why you picked your selection, I am game!

    If you can not make it, but would STILL like to be part of the audio goodness, get with me before the show, record a byte or two for your most likely selections, and if they're available when you pick and you get them, I'll play your byte where you say "I'm picking so and so because I love them!"

    Or just send me a bunch of names via PM. I'll make sure you choose the highest wrestler on your list when your pick occurs.

    So as you can see, you can have as little or as much involvement as you'd like. The choice is yours!

    If there is overwhelming negative support to doing the first round live on the EFG podcast, I will be happy to move it strictly to the forums. I just think it would be fun for those who wish to get involved!

    Assemble the best roster. Stomp the competition. Create your Dream Federation.
    ... right here on FWCentral.com, in association with Efed Guerillas Radio.

    Please use the following form when signing up. Justin -- I have added this, so just edit your post with your fictional wrestling league.

    If you need time to think up a name, that's alright as well. If you want to wait until the end of the draft to reveal your roster's name, go ahead. I will call you TEAM USERNAME until then.

    Your User Name:
    Your Fictional Fed Name:

    Confirmed Participants (7 of 8)
    JarrodR - Platinum Gold Wrestling
    VJ Valentine
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    NFW World / LoC Legacy Champion Jack Harmen, Tony Davis, & Mary-Lynn Mayweather
    The Pop Culture Phenoms (The D, Klein w/ Elise Ares)
    NFW | Defiance | LoC | nbW

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    Re: The 2015 Fantasy Wrestling Draft!

    This could be fun.

    I could probably draft an entire fantasy roster of people that FW has never heard of, but there's no fun in that.

    Also more than likely I can do the podcast, unless you know, something comes up.
    Stand up. Defy!

    [There was a commercial, or your stream froze, pretend we have a Diva division and a piss-break match came on; whatever, just, give me five minutes okay? Everybody crapped on the idea of commercials and I need for five minutes to have passed, dig it?]

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    Re: The 2015 Fantasy Wrestling Draft!

    Yeah, I'd be down to do this also.

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    Re: The 2015 Fantasy Wrestling Draft!

    I'm up for it.
    DEF: The Murray Brothers, Jack Hunter, Jason Natas.
    LoC: Andy Murray.

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    Re: The 2015 Fantasy Wrestling Draft!

    Count me in.

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    Re: The 2015 Fantasy Wrestling Draft!

    I'm in for this, Ford.

    Fed Name - Platinum Gold Wrestling

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