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    SLAMTRACK 10 Lineup Announced!

    Red Line Wrestling presents...

    ...a very SPECIAL edition of Red Line Wrestling's SLAMTRACK...

    Sullivan Athletic Center - Chicago, IL

    Streaming online!

    We are one show away from MASS TRANSIT! And we have something EXTREMELY unique in store...

    Our #1 contender squares off against...well, actually, they've decided not to announce 2C's opponent. In a "stunning" twist, the official press release from the desk of the RLW ownership states that "Red Crown Champion Ivan Dalkichev faced an immeasurable and unfair challenge at SLAMTRACK 9 by facing a mystery opponent. To balance this as we lead up to the marquee match for the Red Crown Championship at MASS TRANSIT, The Second Coming's upcoming opponent will also remain a mystery."

    OOF, y'all.

    The winner of this match will be first in line to the Red Crown Championship following MASS TRANSIT!

    The entire WORLD is eligible to compete in this match! We're sure to see all the major players that currently grace the RLW ring - and we're sure to see a handful of surprise entrants as well! Tempers will fly! Stars will be made! Who's got what it takes to go the distance??

    ...and more!

    Check out the word wars HERE!


    Here's how the Open Battle Royal will work:
    - All currently-signed RLW characters are eligible.
    - All characters NOT currently-signed to RLW are also eligible. However, if you're not a current member and you decide to RP for the match, you'll either need to submit an application or write your RPs as a secret character whose identity will be revealed on (and whose official application will be required before) the show. Visit the RLW Information and Registration Page to learn how to apply.
    - 1000 word limit for all roleplays.
    - No posting of back-to-back RPs, but as long as someone (anyone) posts after something you write, you're free to post again.
    - Yes, you can send me promos/angles/etc. you would like to include for the Battle Royal.

    - The deadline for everything is Sunday, May 17 at 11:59pm Red Line time. That's almost two weeks! Extra time for extra juice, especially in that Open Battle Royal.
    - If you are not booked (or even if you are), feel free to PM me a segment for inclusion on the show. Segments should be limited to one page and sent as quickly as you can get it to me so the show can go up without too many hitches.
    - Anyone is free to post anything to Subscriber Exclusives at any time with absolutely no limitations.

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