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    I love the # sign...

    So, in this instance, I take it that # denotes the inference that these forums are oldschool IRC chatrooms, and not a pound sign or a hash tag.

    Stand up. Defy!

    [There was a commercial, or your stream froze, pretend we have a Diva division and a piss-break match came on; whatever, just, give me five minutes okay? Everybody crapped on the idea of commercials and I need for five minutes to have passed, dig it?]

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    Re: I love the # sign...

    Yep. A throwback to the good old days when gun dealers, drug dealers, and pedophiles were allowed to roam free on the internet, and there was no difference between the deep web and the surface web. It was a simpler, more wholesome time. Ah well...

    There's actually a bit of a malevolent purpose behind the hashtag, but you can go read my Info thread for that. :-)
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