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    DEFIANCE presents: Jesse Ramey's last EFG show!

    Listen up, fuckers, Jesse Ramey is ragequitting EFG, but as a personal favor to us he's gonna have myself and Evan on as his last two guests in a DEF-centric Podcastacular!

    We're going on at 8pm CST.

    So be there, or fuck off!

    EFG #297 (or so, I dunno) featuring DEFIANCE!

    Join myself and Evan as we discuss Aftermath, what led up to it, what's coming out of it, and we Live Draft the Blocks for the DEF*MAX Grand Prix! ALL OF THIS AND SO MUCH MORE!

    *"so much more" comment to be taken with a grain of salt.
    Stand up. Defy!

    [There was a commercial, or your stream froze, pretend we have a Diva division and a piss-break match came on; whatever, just, give me five minutes okay? Everybody crapped on the idea of commercials and I need for five minutes to have passed, dig it?]

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    Re: DEFIANCE presents: Jesse Ramey's last EFG show!

    Yeah, we aren't capable of much more.

    I also have creative input in: Felton Bigsby, Viking War Cult, Don Hollywood, MDM4 and a few others... #BRAZEN

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