The results for Cyberstrike 15 have been posted.

You can find them on the main site by either clicking on the ARCHIVES link and then Cyberstrike 15 .. or by clicking on the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the page under where it says "LATEST EVENT."

** You may have to manually reload the website or the frames to see the updates as sometimes internet web browsers use a cache of the page and not the actual one that's updated. If you still see or are linked to Cyberstrike 14, just hit reload frame. That should work.

Another quick turn around for a show as I get back in the groove of writing.. and most importantly, this is the last Cyberstrike for Season 3!

BANNED in the US II lineups will go up on Friday night / Saturday morning.

Please note that as of right now, we've officially moved back to FWCentral for our forum hosting, so all BitUS II RP will be done here. YAY.