I know this has been brought up relatively recently by a few people, and this is something that I really want to address as there's been a few who have expressed concern that their RPs would be judged differently because of it.

I know for myself personally that all of the RPs will be copied into word documents, plain black text. That's actually how I've done so far, with the RPs that I've been able to read before all the moving and such took place. Does this take away from what you as a writer wanted to do with the decoration and stuff, with font colors and bolds, and italics and stuff? Possibly. Does it make it easier to read on me? Absolutely.

That said, continue to post your RPs however you see fit here on the boards. I can't speak 100% for all of the judges, but I'd certainly imagine that anyone who has an issue with seeing/reading anything due to font colors, will do just this for themselves as well.

So no worries fellas. Do I suggest maybe only using black text? Sure, I do. But that's just my personal preference. Still though, do you!