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    Just like the rest of them

    [CUT-IN: on handheld camera footage of KID KOALA, filming himself as he walks down a street. Various other MARSUPIALS OF MAYHEM get caught on occasion but they are not required for you to worry about. KK doesn't look at the camera, but proceeds to film himself.]

    KID KOALA: (clucking his tongue)
    "You disappoint me, girl. I gave you everythin' you could ever want but you didn't listen.

    "You didn't learn.

    "You let them get inside your head.


    [He stops, dropping his head.]

    "You're just like the rest of them."

    [He brings his head up to stare at the camera. His eyes are filled with tears.]

    "You forced me to do what happens next."

    [FADE to BLACK!]

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    Re: Just like the rest of them

    By 'just like the rest of them,' I assume you mean I believe in giving the fans their moneys' worth.

    And I do. Without them, we're not here.

    But I did learn. This sport can't change for the better if we all go into the ring to punish the fans.

    As far as what's coming next?

    You're not gonna like it...
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