(FADEIN: To DORCHESTER STRATTONS Hollywood Hills penthouse, outlooking Los Angeles and the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign in the landscape. It's a cloudless sky (except for the smoggy haze) that cuts an orange/purple keliediscope through the sky. Standing next to the olympic-sized pool in his red speedo with matching black Raybans w/ red prepcord arround his neck is DORCHESTER STRATTON, his hair slicked back into a Gordon Gecko pompodour. On a poolside table shaded by a huge red/white umbrella is VERONICA ABRAMS RUMSFELD wearing a white coverup and ridiculously large brimmed hat, and bug-eyed D&G sunglasses, white heels, who is holding the NFW TELEVISION TITLE in her lap, sunning herself off of the reflection. DORCHESTER looks behind himself at his girl and huffs out a shrugging scoff.)

STRATTON: "When I am THIS good, THIS rich, THIS young, and THIS important, some people in life want to stand in your way. THE WORLD doesn't want to see you succeed! They love the rags to riches to rags story, but more interesting than the ascension, is the PLUMMET to earth, the FALL. (looks to the side, scowling) They'll always tell you about MC Hammer went from 300 Million to running up to cars at intersections to clean windshields with a crusty rag and his own spit for loose change. THAT is what intrigues people - how you could have it all (motions to his environment) and LOSE IT ALL. That will NEVER be my story!

(VAR sighs and grimaces, shaking her head as she shifts around in her chair, chasing the sunlight on the belt)

STRATTON: "New Frontier Wrestling is now SICK of Dorchester Stratton, they want to see some moron like Malik Anderson UPSEAT ME for the NFW TV belt - a belt I damn near KILLED Jack Bryant for. A belt that I ENDED HIS CAREER FOR, and now they're lining up around the corner thinking they're going to knock me off my perch that I so richly won and DESERVEDLY so - Blaine Hollywood. Malik, MIKE RANDALLS. Whomever else... I DARE YOU. I DARE you to try to take this from me, because I’ll do much more than cripple you like I did Jack Bryant, and let’s face facts-Jack Harmen tried to claim my kill, but that 10-point buck was MINE. I’ll take your EYESIGHT like I did to Joe The Plumber. I’ll END YOUR CAREER like I did to both Akita AND Wildstar, so please, Malik, make a case for why you want it all to end this way -

(turns to RUMSFELD and back front with cold eyes)

STRATTON: “And I’ll end your man-lady agent if she as so much gets her fat ass near me at BRAWL. Anderson, don’t write a check your old ass can’t cash. And from what I know about you, your FICO score isn’t going to help matters.”

(Looks down at his hands, almost like he’s surprised they’ve clenched into tight fists)

STRATTON: “Malik, I’ll see you in Texas, and if you’re not careful, I’ll be the last thing you ever see with God’s gift of sight if you cross me.”

(FADEOUT as VAR looks up and blows DORCHESTER a kiss. He stares off into nothingness, not reciprocating.)