"My plan was to be one of the last two men standing in the ring after the Aggression 75 Battle Royal. I was going to beat whoever they put in front of me at 76, then humiliate poor little brian at Wrestleverse. No offense to Castor oil or Knox, but neither'a them can match what I can do in the ring."

"Castor Strife won the Ultratitle... he had a bit of an easier go in the semis than I did. Gimmee an even playing field, and who knows what's possible."

(FADEIN on a brick wall, covered in graffiti. It's a hand - held camera, shaky and eventually coming to rest on the grim - faced King of Extreme, looking down the lens.)

FLAIR: But that's all right. Knox'll take out poor little brian and bring the show to a satisfying end. Cameron and Rocko'll beat each other to shreds, the deserving former Champion will get a shot to reclaim the belt and Cameron can go back to the pits'a squandered potential.

Am I pissed about it? Sure. What can y'do, though?

So let's see... the World Title will be on the home team after Wrestleverse, Malcolm Jones is doin' just fine with the TV Title... and Boogie Smalls is still in hidin' after realizin' that he lucked into the Intercontinental belt and has no business holdin' it...

Can't pin what'cha can't find.

So what's a King of Extreme t'do on the biggest show'a the year?

I tell y'what... the Animezing Dragons.

Impressive run you guys've had. Few hiccups here 'n there, but a solid run. I hate t'be the one t'end it, but I'm gonna be selfish 'n throw myself in the ring against y'both at Wrestleverse.

Defend the belts at Aggression 76, children... 'cuz it'll be the last time.

(He walks out of frame, with the camera still focused on the spot.)

FLAIR: Sign it, Castor. The Animezing Dragons at Wrestlestock, against the King of Extreme, 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair... and 'The Miracle Man' Aaron Jones.

Your next World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.

(FADE to black, though the audio remains.)

VOICE (Sounds to be a girl, maybe eleven years old): Two things, Dad.


VOICE: Isn't it tricky to challenge a team when you haven't actually asked your potential partner if he wants to do that?

FLAIR: It'll work out, Emm.

VOICE: Second thing.

FLAIR: What's that?

VOICE: 'The Miracle Man'?

FLAIR: Lay off... your mother's the creative one, not me.