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    Lightbulb Working

    OOC: Very important that you read the last "The Ivy League" or else this makes no sense whatsoever. Fair warning.

    Never work the workers.

    Ivy, I saw your latest column, so I want to make sure there's a proper understanding between the two of us. Let's put this squabble over whether DEFIANCE is better or CSWA is better to the side and get to the heart of the matter and address the real issues. I spoke in very general terms publicly and left the details to the imagination before, but now I'd like to get specific and, most specifically, answer some very important questions you posed.

    I've been a professional wrestler for a long long time, so I know that you are ever mindful of your image and how you portray that image when speaking publicly. So let me repeat myself in a slightly different way.

    Don't try to work me, Ivy.

    We've had a working relationship for going on a decade. You said it yourself. So, to the specific stuff. Why should you change your plans? Do I really think you know my schedule?

    I don't know how much actual company-running experience you have, Ivy, but when you plan to go on television and announce to the World that you're back in business and that you plan on holding a return show and that the main event of that return show will involve your UNIFIED World Champion, call me fuckin' crazy sweetheart but it sure as shit seems to me like you might consider calling that man before you made the announcement to see if he's got any shit going on that weekend. I've run hundreds of shows and not once have I ever announced an event if I wasn't sure the people involved were able to commit. You may have me under contract, but you don't own me or my time, and when you don't run shows for a year, it is the height of arrogance for you to assume that I'm sitting by the phone waiting for your call.

    Basically, at face value, you're asking me to sit here and believe that you're either incompetent, and lucky that I'm a man of my word, or that you just don't think I deserve any common fucking courtesy. I would think that a man like me who has been loyal to this company even when it wasn't loyal to me would be deserving of enough respect that you or Paul would spend five damn minutes to pick up a phone, send me an email, fly a damn carrier pigeon to Texas, hell, do anything to give me a heads up before you go on TV and proclaim that I'm defending the belt against Deacon without having a clue what I've got going on. You don't watch wrestling? Either start watching or get someone on the payroll who does, or get into another line of work. I refuse to believe that you're that ignorant.

    So... don't work me.

    You say the 'screw Dan Ryan' train has left the station, huh? Well, you're doing a bang-up job getting a new one on the tracks. You hitched it to hoping I was a man of my word, and it worked out for you this time. But don't come onto your column playing the patented bitch Ivy role, just because it's who you need to be when you're working the marks, and passive aggressively act like you didn't screw the pooch. Don't tell me you think it should have been handled privately. If you really wanted it handled privately, you'd have responded privately. You wanted a show and you wanted an audience to see it. That's why you're playing the 'DEFIANCE doesn't matter to me' card, that's why you're calling me Danno like you're some sort of witty Jack Webb in a smart girl suit, and that's why you're unnecessarily taking shots at my involvement with Empire Pro in your 'response.'

    So, allow me to be the one to take a step back and inject some sanity into the proceedings. I will continue, as I always have, to do business the way I know it should be done. I will meet my obligations and I will return respect with respect. I will return disrespect with disrespect and I will insist upon being treated as I deserve to be treated as a professional.

    Don't think for one second that I will allow 'we'll get there with or without you' to serve as a basis for letting you walk all over me, Ivy. I don't need this restart to get to my place in history either, ma'am.

    I'll get there with or without you, too.

    --- Dan Ryan
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