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    Thumbs up AGGRESSION 72: Adrian Willard v. Steven Shane

    Singles Match.

    Post all RP here.

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    The Return of the Prophet

    FADE IN…

    [Adrian Willard is in front of an EPW King of the Cage background. His hair is wet and down in front of his eyes, we can barely make out his face. He stands with his arms crossed in front of his chest.]

    WILLARD: I give the fans an option, they turn against me. I try to do right by morality, they boo me. I try to show them what is wrong and they see me as the fool.

    And while I was warming up to make the example of Rich Mahogany in order to prove to them they worship a false prophet Boogie Smallz rushes in and cracks a chair to my neck.

    Fate saved you, Rich. The luck of the God’s swarmed in like locus and allowed you to live to die another day.

    Our time will soon rise.

    But you Steven Shane…your time is setting.

    No man blind sides me and thinks that it will not be paid forward with some interest. No man interferes in my doings and thinks I won’t come for him…now…later…or a year down the line. I never forget…and I never forgive.

    It is not my strength, my power, or my wrestling skills that separates me from the entire roster, Steven, yet my unforgiving nature…much like our Mother Earth who consumes, destroys, and commands respect.

    A man with a purpose is a man to be feared. I have a purpose, Steven, I have a reason why I am a few weeks shy of entering a match for the Intercontinental title.

    For years I have preached to you insubordinates of the prophecy, of me. I came to this company on the premise to be the best, to work my way to the top and be a champion. I busted my ass…I went out of my way to be an icon and role model for the fans. Only to be shunned for a pathetic trash heap like Rich Mahogany. There is no loyalty…there is no truth or justice.

    [His arms uncross hands sitting on each side of his hips.]

    WILLARD: And when I make the effort to fight fire with fire? They cast me out further. Corruption, cheating, and backstabbing have tarnished this once great company. It is filled with egomaniacs concerned with their own self-interests and fame they refuse to accept history is either set in stone or completely forgotten.

    You think anyone will remember The First? Or Anarky?

    Do you hear people speak the name of Christian Sands?

    No, he has been removed from existence. And do you know why? He didn’t make enough of a change; he didn’t alter the entire perception of Empire Pro.

    Either you are history or you are watching it happen in front of you.

    Are you watching carefully, Steven?

    [He pauses just long enough to let it all absorb in]

    WILLARD: I will not be a Christian Sands.

    I plan to change the way of the company…one…match…at…a…time.

    Unfortunately for you the winds of fate have taken my sails. Thus, I must do what I intended to do last week. I must make an example, I must show those men that plan to compete with me for the IC belt who exactly they are entering that ring with.

    For I am not a level headed man.

    I am not a man with limits.

    I am Adrian Willard…

    I am THE Prophecy.

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    Re: The Return of the Prophet

    (The scene opens to show Steven Shane pulling pull-ups on a bar placed within the edges of the door frame to the room that he is in.)

    (Shane doesn’t waste a movement as he continues to pull himself up and down.)

    (Without breaking his momentum, an off-screen voice of someone other than Steven Shane begins to speak.)

    “Steven Shane is returning to the ring this week.”

    “Last week, justice took a break to allow the guilty a chance to breathe.”

    “But that time has passed.”

    “Adrian Willard seems to believe that Steven Shane poses some type of injustice towards him.”

    “This statement could not ring of more fallacy.”

    “Adrian Willard has gained much here in EPW since Steven Shane’s attack.”

    (Shane finally stops with his pull-ups and reaches for a towel as the off screen voice continues.)

    “Adrian Willard gained instant gratification from Steven Shane’s injury by his victory in the six-man tag team match that took place that night.”

    “Adrain Willard then went on to lose his television title, only to be propelled into the intercontinental title picture without justification.”

    “Yet another reason for justice to be served.”

    “But Steven Shane isn’t here to play judge and jury for everyone.”

    “He is here to handle his own transgressions.”

    “Larry Tact was an indirect proponent on Steven Shane’s list of transgressors.”

    “Adrian Willard stinks of guilt more than Larry Tact.”

    “Therefore, Steven Shane will be forced to ramp up his investigation techniques in this match.”

    “Adrian Willard says that he has a purpose.”

    “At Aggression, that purpose will be to pay for his injustices against Steven Shane.”

    “Steven Shane still has many loose ends on his investigations as to who tried to end his career.”

    “He will ensure this week that Adrian Willard will no longer be a loose end.”

    “Adrian Willard claims himself to be the prophecy.”

    “However, at Aggression, not even Nostradamus will be able to foresee the punishment that Steven Shane is going to inflict on Adrian Willard.”

    (As the voice stops, Shane slowly lifts his head from the towel and stares intently at the camera as the scene fades out.)

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