Gooooooooood Evening Knight-Watchers! What a summer we have had. Following a highly successful blockbuster pay per view with Legacy, we have been touring the Eastern Hemisphere non-stop. In particular the wonderful land of Thailand for our Summer of SIAM Live-Event tour. But now it is time to get back to the normal routines. SLAM 28 is coming to you from Johannesburg, South Africa in the Coca-Cola Dome and what a show we have for you!

At Legacy 'Superstar' Vince Jacobs successfully defended his World Heavyweight and Keystone Championship titles against Keegan. Now what is next for the Double Champion? And what of his fellow Upper Echelon members? Judasbleek is out on the injured list, while Son of Malta came off with an impressive victory over Derecho, and Warren Spade was a beast that chopped down the Colossus Spike Saunders. What is next for them?

Family Keeling came out of the Winner Takes All tag team match with the Dynasty Tag Team Championships, while Tony Sharp had a bad night when Techno Dragon beat him in the Best of Three series. But there was so much more than that at Legacy. If you have not already, which would be rather odd unless you went to Mars, be sure to catch the Stream on

And now with the fanfare and publicity of Legacy dropping and new sights being set in the distant horizon for our next pay per view, things are heating up. With the announcement made by Thaddeus Boyle that both Keegan and Spike Saunders would be welcome to give a final farewell to the NBW fans and co-workers, everybody has a similar thought in mind. And that is to excel in their place.

SLAM 28 brings you new faces, great tag team action, competitive one on one matches, and much more. Be sure to check out the Stream on Hulu or directly here on! Until next time

SLAM: Episode 28 - Stream It!