Just some basic information: Havok is our weekly show with a 2 RP limit, leading up to a monthly pay-per-view. Havok is every Monday with a Sunday deadline, PPV’s are now also Monday with the Sunday midnight deadline to help with the flow of the shows, a request made by the members. Matches are determined via roleplay judging but I welcome storyline development through results also. Shows are fully written and on time. I took over the producing of shows/writing/storylines etc. around a month ago so I’m aware of what’s its like coming into the fed as a newcomer and well, I’m still there. The OOC atmosphere is assisted by a chatbox, which is constantly home to some fantastic conversations.

UECW has been around for several years as far as I’m aware, there’s a good group of people that have been part of UECW for some time (3 of which are Hall of Famers, alluding to their tenure) and roleplays are of what I consider a high standard. Everybody is approachable and does their upmost to make the experience as fun as possible. We are a Roughkut Hall of Fame fed and currently feature four active Championships - World Heavyweight, Pure, Omega and Vixens.

Sadly our beloved leader Mike (also a Roughkut Fed-Head Hall of Famer) is experiencing some personal issues so the actual UECW website will be delayed until he is available, but that’s not my remit. I’ve always felt the best advertising is to be producing shows consistently and providing roleplay opportunities. I concentrate on the boards, making sure everybody is involved in some sort of storyline to sink their teeth into and booking-wise I build to the monthly PPV.

There are plenty of opportunities for all, I’d be delighted if you would check us out if you’re in the market for joining a fed.

The link is: UECW

Thank you, Craig