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    Grand Tour Wrestling Looking For More Talent

    Having been open for nearly a month, Grand Tour Wrestling is still seeking wrestlers to fill the roster for their upcoming Maiden Voyage Tour. Two house shows have already been posted, and we will continue to produce them until we have a sufficient roster size to start our first tour.

    Heavyweights, cruiserweights, men, women... everyone is welcome and encouraged to APPLY, and sign a Debut Contract, enlisting their services for ONE FULL TOUR. After that, if you wish to continue on with GTWrestling, a new contract can be signed. If not, you are free to be on your way.

    Plans for this debut tour include a round robin tournament, which will eventually name the top contenders for the GT Heavyweight and GT Cruiserweight Titles, who will then face off during the Maiden Voyage Tour's final show, a Pay Per View event yet to be named, to determine Grand Tour Wrestling's first set of CHAMPIONS.

    RP/Angle Fed: RP (w/some angling for storyline purposes)
    Original/Real Wrestlers: Original characters only
    Graphics: Micro images
    Shows: Bi-weekly tour schedules
    PPV: Final show of each tour will be a PPV or SuperShow
    Titles: Currently two (Heavyweight and Cruiserweight), possibly Tag Team Titles (if roster size eventually warrants them)

    Main Site: http://gtwrestling.host56.com/index.html
    Current Tour: http://gtwrestling.host56.com/current_tour/index.html
    Forums: http://w11.zetaboards.com/GTWrestling/index/
    About GTWrestling: http://gtwrestling.host56.com/about_us.html

    Contact Info:
    AIM: milenko6669
    E-mail: milenko6669@gmail.com
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