Realized Matt LaCroix has started to show up on BRAZEN cards and I never did one of these for him :P

Name: Matt LaCroix
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 234lbs
Fitness: Athletic, Toned but not Ripped

Skin tone: White but tanned
Eye color: Blue

Hair style: Long but shaved on both sides, he wears it parted to one side. He also has a full heavy stubble.
Hair color: Sandy Blonde

Chest: Blue sparrow on each collarbone facing each other and an upside down stylized fleur de lis on his chest.
Left Arm: Full Sleeve depicting demonic entities, visuals, etc.
Right Arm: Full Sleeve depicting angelic entities, visuals, scripture, etc.

Arm tattoos are something similar to this but on his arms (obviously):

Tops (Entrance Only): Open vest, perhaps worn or frayed from years of use, with a hood on the back he only wears up when he has his mask on for special entrances. It's covered it has various buttons and patches of events and places that mean something to him marking his accomplishments. One might be the Japanese flag, another might say SHOGUN for the Japanese company he was Heavyweight Champion of after his comback. SAWF might be there from the company he got his start in. Another could be something mentioning Louisiana or New Orleans, which is where he's very proud to be from.
Color: Black Denim

Elbow pads: One on each side.
Color: Black

Wrist tape: Both wrists
Color: Black

Bottoms: Full length tights
Color: black
Middle: Red runner around the waist with a gold trim.
Legs: Each leg has a red logo, which is a stylized fleur de lis inside of a spade like the one pictured on this necklace. with a thin gold outline.

Knee pads: Both knees
Color: Black

Boots: Traditional wrestling boots
Color: Black with red trim and white laces.