The Intergalactic Championship Commission (IGCC) recognises that over a wrestler's career there might be certain matches that have not been booked for whatever reason (promotion budget, contractual obligations, etc.) but offer the wider circle of professional wrestlers opportunity to put themselves and their grudges on a pedastal at IGCC sanctioned events.

What this means is if there is an opportunity that you would like a stage to settle a longstanding grudge, answer that question you've always asked yourself or there's just that match you always wanted to wrestle in you can do so under IGCC Rules at a sanctioned IGCC Event.

If you would like to organise something like this, someway or somehow, contact the IGCC (via PM) and we will see what we can do (as long as our interests in this match are commercially viable - meaning we don't lose money).

Alternatively, you could throw out an open challenge just to test your mettle. Or specifically call somebody out and see if they answer.

As long as both parties agree then the IGCC will surely be able to work something out to benefit all parties involved.

(OOC: Please note that these matches WILL BE JUDGED BY ME and my decision will be final.)