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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    "Southern Hero" Jethro Hayes
    Wrestler Height
    6' 7
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "Ride Through The Country" - Colt Ford
    Wrestler's Finisher
    "The Plow" - spear
    Wrestler moveset
    Georgia Slam(Alabama Slam)
    Calf Toss(Fireman's Carry Toss)
    "Take A Breaker"(Sit-out Full Nelson Atomic Drop
    "Southern Unhospitality"(snapmare then running knee to head of seated opponent)
    "Tobacco Road" (Torture rack into vicious neckbreaker)
    wheelbarrow driver
    single arm DDT
    swinging neckbreaker
    running powerslam
    vertical suplex
    Stinger Splash
    running knee lift
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    Growing up on the farm, Jethro had no other ambitions than being a farmer. While he had free time and the shows were on, he would watch wrestling, falling in love with the high impact action. He then got dreams of becoming a wrestler, but knew his duties were the farm that he loved after all he had to make money and at the time money could be made on the farm. Suddenly the price of diesel sky rocketed causing the once only farming boy to find other work. He turned to wrestling and his favorite federation the Pioneer Wrestling Association; they took him in without hesitation, the gimmick of a farmer was perfect and added diversity to the roster. The higher ups thought it was just a gimmick he portrayed, little did they know it was not a gimmick, but his real personality and lifestyle both in and outof the ring. His attitude and respect for others may cost him matches, but Jethro cannot change who, nor, what he is both on the inside and on the outside.
    Championships: 1*PWA Television Champion 1*PWA Grizzly Beer Champion 2*PWA World Heavyweight Champion *The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history. 2008 Most Improved 2009 Face of the Year
    Youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA History
    Brief Roleplay
    In Hart park, in Wauwatosa, hundreds of chairs are set up, each one of them being filled by a PWA wrestling fan from the Milwaukee area. Jethro is off to the side finishing his promo against Matthew Engel before this speech is set to start. Jethro is leaning into the camera speaking with fervor to Engel, the crowd is watching in anticipation, the speech is set to start in about five minutes. Abruptly Jethro reaches out to shake the camera man's hand as he turns to walk up the steps onto the stage and in behind the podium. Waving to the fans and clears his throat before tapping the mic.

    "Fans, can ya'll hear me in the back?"

    The crowd murmurs.

    "Is it too loud?"

    They shake their head. He nods, looks down, then up to eye the crowd.

    "Recently many false statements have been said about my person in what most politicians call a "Smear Campaign" or "Mud Slinginn'", or something like that anyways. Either way, no matter the name you put to it, a lie is a lie. My opponent wants to spread things that he feels is the truth, why I know they are a lie."

    The crowd murmurs, Matthew Engel is their hometown boy, but who will they support at Manitoba Mayhem?

    "Engel recently stood in front of my family and friends, and represented a true champion."

    murmurs, they are shaking their heads; Jethro is speaking nice of Engel.

    "He stands before them, you, and everyone as a true champion because he is a true champion."

    He nods as the murmuring continues.

    "Matthew Engel has done many things in this business, but nothing can take away from the talent he has. Sure he may cheat his way to a victory, but the talent is there, he still has that talent inside of him."

    Jethro takes a sip of water.

    "I cannot deny the fact that he distracted me enough to allow Marxx to pick up the victory against myself. But he did that because he is afraid."

    Jethro nods, Chief Owl Feather stands motionless.

    "Oh not because Marxx is a worse wrestler than me, he is in fact better, most are(he chuckles). But because Matthew Engel is afraid to face someone of my character inside the ring. I stand for the opposite of what he believes in. I am bigger, but his technical game is rarely matched inside of that square battle field, as I will say, I cannot deny the facts here in this arguement. I am not going to sling mud, I am going to set the record straight."

    They can't believe this is the truth, but knowing it is coming from Jethro, it must be the truth.

    "I stand up for what is right, not what is easy. I stand up and believe in morals, others sneak away with victories. I fight for what is right, others fight for what is easy."

    Jethro is into this speech.

    "He tells lies to you fine folks, I tell the truth."

    Gasps from the crowd, here comes some smearing, they can't believe it.

    "I did not lose the championship at Retribution as he would have you believe. I lost the championship at Night of Champions, not Retribution. Matthew Engel was not even scheduled on the card for Retribution, but I was. I did have a title defense at Retribution, but I was successful against a man that some of you like, some of you do not... Shadow Starr."

    Angry murmurs in the crowd, they remember his words.

    "Regardless of how you feel, I did defeat Starr at Retribution, to lose the PWA World Championship at Night of Champions to Marxx, thanks to his great ring skill and the distraction of Matthew Engel."

    Jethro scans the crowd from side to side, showing his honest eyes.

    "He demeans my family, friends, and fans of Jethro Hayes by calling them idiots. But how quickly he forgets that these so called idiots, pay his salary. For without them, he is nothing, I am nothing, PWA is nothing. I do not care if you love me, hate me, or are indifferent towards me. I wrestle for you anyways because you pay my salary, you allow me to do what I love, you keep me employed on a full time basis. I don't go to hospitals, charities, and other events because I get paid to, I go because I love each and every single one of you. Sure PWA books me for some events, but the majority I go to on my own; because I love you all."

    Jethro spreads his hands wide.

    "Another one is that I willingly said that I will go to lengths to assure a win, I will turn another cheek. Yes I did say that, I freely admit that fact. But what he will lead you to believe is that I will cheat, use underhanded tactics, and that I will do things that go against my morals to win."

    Jethro shakes his head.

    "I will not cheat, however, I will go above and beyond my usual training methods to come out victorious. I will train like I've never trained before, I will do what it takes in training to come out of Manitoba with both belts."

    He takes another sip of water, alot of talking in a short amount of time.

    "I am not blinded by the gold on his shoulder or around his waist as he would have you believe. However, I am intent on removing it from either position not because I want to be a dual champion, but because I want it from the hands of a Pantheon member. I don't care who is World Champion as long as it is not a Pantheon member, that is something that does irk me to no end. The face of the PWA being someone who will go to their lengths to stay there... is simply unacceptable."

    Another sip of water. Chief Owl Feather, steps forward, refills the glass without comment, and steps back.

    "I ask you, did I forget about the fans when I was PWA World Champion before?"

    Silence as Jethro waits for an answer.

    "Exactly, I did not forget about the fans as Matthew Engel would lead you to believe. My Manitoba Mayhem opponent is trying to fill your head with lies so that they will sink into your bloodstream to be pumped throughout your body and soak into your very being. I ask that you do not believe him, but believe me instead."

    Jethro bows his head.

    "I know it is asking alot of you since Matthew Engel is your hometown boy and all..."

    He pauses again as he looks at the crowd.

    "Believe me if you want to, all I ask is that you listen to me."

    He looks at them once more.

    "Thank you."

    He holds up his right hand in thanks as he turns to walk away. He picks up a box and begins to personally pass out signed 8 x 10 photos to the adults and Jethro action figures along with replica toy PWA Intercontinental Championship belts to the kids.
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    "COOL" Cancer Jiles
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "I am the COOL" by Screaming Jay Hawkins
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Terminal Cancer - Superkick
    Wrestler moveset
    DDT, any variation
    Inverted Atomic Drop
    Standing Drop Kick
    Spinning Elbow
    Neck breaker
    Belly to Back side-suplex

    Sloppy one-legged Boston Crab

    Cheap Shot:
    Eye gouge
    Low blow
    Hair yank
    Knife edge chop
    Back rake
    Cowardly clip
    ***** slap.

    Top Rope:
    Elbow Drop
    Missile Drop Kick
    Leg Drop
    Frog Splash - occasional
    High-Arching Moonsalt - occasional
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    Cancer Jiles was born on April 20th, 1982. His life --according him -- was meaningless up until the day he became "COOL". The exact date of when this actually went down, just so happens to be etched into the bottom of a glass-bong.

    Said bong has been missing for quite sometime.

    There is a reward.

    Anyway, after taking in the sacred water from "Ponce's Pond," located deep within the heart of COOLYMPUS, Cancer pretty much did whatever he pleased. He wore shades at night, because his gaze after twelve became hypnotizing, and it sucked constantly having fat-pigs knocking on his door. He constantly had perfect hair, even when getting out of the shower, swimming pool, or air-tunnel. It did not matter. Also new after his COOL transformation, Cancer developed a nasty, life-long swag disease that has since kept him looking like the coolest cat strolling the block.

    One of the habits Jiles didn't/couldn't drop postpartum, was the reefer. Although, "getting baked" was now justified since he had to smoke his brains out in order deal with the Mongo-migrane he had developed.
    Brief Roleplay
    [Today begins like most days when dealing with Cancer Jiles.]

    [He is high.]

    [Ridiculously so.]

    [So much so, the simple tasks have become anything but that. Tasks like, cutting a promo for instance.]

    [That being said, there Cancer sits; inside his hotel room, resting his bones atop a white-leather sofa reminiscent of something you’d find at an 80’s swinger’s party. Fixed atop a nearby desk is a camera to record all of his actions.]

    [Also, while we’re taking in THE COOL, you’d notice his hair is all sorts of perfect, and the shades he has on resemble the pair Arnold donned as the Terminator.]

    “COOL” Cancer Jiles: [rubbing at his stubble ridden face]
    So, I’m supposed to sit here and talk about who I am-- as if you didn’t know already?

    [Death Row isn’t the first time Cancer has laced up a pair wrestling boots. A performer for the ages in his own mind, the Philly native has seen plenty of ring experience across a variety of federations over past five years.]

    “COOL” Cancer Jiles: [shrugging]
    Like, where would I even begin? Eh, I’m a Taurus? I have the hair of Macaulay Culkin - pre Jackson? I wear sunglasses constantly to shield my menacing gaze? I devour the souls of _ANY_ Mongoloid who dare test the COOL?

    [Being COOL is Cancer’s credo. It’s his moniker. His lifestyle. His attitude. His alignment. His niche-- it’s his everything. Without it, he is nothing. Without it, he is but a man. With it, he is Lord COOL - the Mongoloid Slayer.]

    “COOL” Cancer Jiles:
    One thing I do know, I’m not going to bore all of you with legend and tales from my past that you wouldn’t believe. I’m not that guy. No, I’m more of the type of guy who holds stock in the now.

    That being said.

    I should mention that any goon named Goliath qualifies under section three, bylaw 12 of the Mongoloid act, and deserves to be verbally put out of his/her misery.

    [Comes off brash, I know. But check the books.]

    “COOL” Cancer Jiles: [sincere]
    Don’t even think about called me David. I don’t throw stones, G-bag.

    [Indeed he doesn’t. King Cancer the COOL throws eggs. Like a pro.]

    “COOL” Cancer Jiles:
    Lemme ask you this, and I’m going to try my bestest to hold a straight face.

    What the **** is that thing atop your head?

    Why does it scream razorblades, Twilight, and Drowning Pool all in one?

    [Cancer waits for an answer that doesn’t come. While waiting, his Coolyness checks his surfer blond hair in an imaginary mirror.]

    “COOL” Cancer Jiles: [giving advice]
    The Mohawk needs to go. The horrible name that makes my bones rattle with discomfort needs to go. That ****ing... I dunno even know what to call it. Like, I really don’t know. I guess it’s a bandanna.

    Regardless of whatever it actually is... the Mongo Sars mask needs to go.

    [Turns out he did know what to call it.]

    CCJ: [befuddled]
    I dunno.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

    Maybe, Goliath is a joke name, ‘cause in real life you’re actually --

    [Jiles grabs his balls and straightens up, continuing on with a high-pitched tone.]

    Quite petite.

    [He releases... and relaxes.]

    Maybe, the mohawk and mask are part of a extended Halloween hangover.

    [King COOL’s eyes go wide, almost peeking out from the brim of his shades. He inches closer towards the camera, and mouths the words, “GAWD I HOPE SO.”]

    CCJ: [reclining back]
    Maybe, you won’t pound on your chest and roar at the top of your lungs after seeing this. Maybe, you don’t live inside a cave and don’t have to violently club animals to death for a nightly feast.

    Maybe you haven’t taken a shower since 2003.

    ...maybe, you’re not a Mongoloid, Golitah.

    [That was intentional.]

    CCJ: [getting real]
    Not that it matters, if I’m right or wrong about you that is.

    Oh, and did I mention that I’m almost, to never wrong about anything?

    [A short smirk.]

    Anyway. You see, Golitah, I’m now taking ****s in the Death Row locker room. I’m now swimming in whatever cesspool the rest of you Mongo-crumb-bums are wading in.

    Which means, you’ve just become irrelevant.

    Means, the world of Death Row revolves around me now.

    When I say jump, Golitah, you’re to kneel before me and ask from what building, Mr. COOL?

    That’s the respect I command.

    And it’s the respect you’re going to give me.

    Get ready to kiss the ring, Mongo.

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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    Ace Andrews
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    'Remember the Name' by Fort Minor
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Triple 7s (Codebreaker)
    Platinum Made Clover (Texas Cloverleaf)
    Wrestler moveset
    Northern Lights Suplex
    Tiger Suplex
    Reverse DDT
    German Suplex
    Belly-to-Belly Suplex
    Snap DDT
    Samoan Drop
    Diving Cross Body
    Buttefly Powerbomb
    Implant DDT
    Single Leg Crab
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    Ace grew up in Denver, Colorado. He was nearly always left alone, as his parents were out working for a living, and as such Ace ended up trying to get attention by taking risks. It started off small, something as silly as jumping off the school roof, turned into skiing down a mountain backwards. After he ran into a tree, Ace’s parents kept a closer eye on him and kept him close, making him feel cramped.

    When Ace turned 18 he took his chance, taking his allowance and leaving home. Chasing a risk-taking buzz, he placed all his money on the roulette table number 13, and amazingly won. Ace has taken bigger and better gambles since then, and though he loses on occasion, his majority of wins has left him a very rich man. He still craves the buzz he gets from competing, so he decided to become a wrestler just because he can.

    Ace first ventured into Elite in June 2008, winning the FHT/Elite Tag Titles with Blade in his second match. His momentum kept rolling, and despite dropping his Tag Title to Max Venom, Ace would go on to win Ultimate Legacy III and the ELITE World Title, going through Satan, LBM, Ash Strife, and Red Ninja to do so. Ace thought his Cinderella Story was complete, but despite a homecoming welcome, the fans would turn on Ace, hating seeing such a new face win a title he hadn't truly earned. When Ace dropped the title to Trippy P in February, many rejoiced, thinking they were seeing the back of Ace.

    They saw his back alright, as Ace turned his back on the fans, and just a week later was Tag Team Champion again, this time with Max Venom. Ace would hold the Tag Titles with Max for a record 223 days, until an injury put Ace out of action. But even injured, Ace was a threat, buying up half of FHT/Elite, and abusing his newfound power relentlessly. After being dropped on his head by Blade, Ace would end up in a wheelchair, running the company on wheels. However his wheels were nothing more then another ploy from the Billionaire Brawler, and after making a triple threat match for the FHT Undisputed Title between Soul Reaper, Akuma Ninja, and Red Ninja, Red Ninja would take the title from Soul Reaper, only for both men to destroy Akuma Ninja, and Red Ninja to unmask and reveal himself as Ace Andrews! For the second time in 14 months, Ace was a World Champion.

    Unfortunately this reign was no more successful then his first, dropping it to LBM just a month later, and a few months later Ace sold FHT/Elite to the WWE. Ace then took a year off, enjoying his peace and quiet.

    Finally though, in March 2010 he signed with PRW. Quickly aligning himself with The Godfather, Ace learned as quickly as he could, but was unable to stop Hutton Brown from defeating The Godfather, and sending the Godfather into semi-retirment. Stepping out by himself, Ace would feud with the White Monster, Zangetsu. Zangetsu terrorized Ace for months, even attacking him in his own home, until Ace took him down at SummerFest and defeated him cleanly. The following month, Ace would step upto the plate to defend the corporate Inquisitor, challenging the rebellious Alex LeBlanc for his Undisputed Title. Despite having Alex down, Ace would come up short thanks to interference, but the bigger news would occur post-match, as Ace attacked Inquisitor, saving LeBlanc from an assault, and getting loved by the fans in the process.

    The very next month, Ace would have a rematch against LeBlanc, this time in a Lumberjack match, and this time Ace would not be denied, putting Alex down and climbing to the top of PRW's Mountain! And to follow up on his busy month, Ace would stop Inquisitor from firing Alex by buying LeBlanc's contract himself! PRW's retaliation was quick, bringing back Lion Mertuil to lead PRW, and finally give Ace someone challenging to compete with. Distracted by the arrival of Lion, Ace would slip up in his first defense, dropping the title to Sean Aries. Lion would then make Ace leap through hoops, even making Ace win the PRW Tag Team Titles, to get his rematch. Finally though, in January 2011, Ace Andrews would challenge Alex LeBlanc for the PRW Undisputed Title in The Montecito, Ace's own Casino. LeBlanc fought hard and long, but Andrews simply would not be denied, defeating LeBlanc again and once more taking his spot at the top.
    Brief Roleplay
    The scene opens up on the Home Office of Ace Andrews, CEO of Wildcard Enterprises, and current PRW and XWA World Champion. Ace is sitting at his desk, reading off a PC screen, when the door opens, and in walks his girl, the love of his life, Trippy. She smiles at Ace, because despite only recently getting back together, the pair are still happy.

    Trippy: “Skye's looking for you. She wants you to take her to the park.”

    Ace: “Sure. I'm just trying to decide whether to enter this FW Ultra-Title tournament.”

    Trippy: “I've heard about that. Aren't they offering cash prizes as well?”

    Ace looks at Trippy with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

    Ace: “Yes dear, its the cash I'm interested in. Because I clearly don't have enough already.”

    Trippy smirks at the sarcasm oozing in Ace's voice. Andrews doesn't need the money, he is already a Billionaire a few times over. He has a mansion in Vegas, owns the Montecito Casino outright, and his own company has land and real estate all the world over. Trippy steps toward the desk now, sitting on the edge and leaning across to look at the screen.

    Trippy: “So, what could they possibly be offering if not the money?”

    Ace: “The one thing I would be interested in. The respect of being the Ultra-Title champion. I've made a decent name for myself elsewhere. PRW Champ. XWA Champ. But the closest I've come to actual legitimacy was the VWF United States title. If I'm ever going to truly be accepted, I need to show my skills off on a grander stage.”

    Trippy: “Makes sense. So your joining?”

    Ace turns to Trippy, a slight smile on his face.

    Ace: “Not sure. We just got back together. What if I do this tournament, and it takes me away from you and Skye again?”

    Trippy smiles at him and leans across, kissing him gently on the lips.

    Trippy: “Its one tournament hun. Do it, and me and Skye will be right behind you, cheering you every step of the way.”

    Ace smiles at her and nods, leaning back across and clicking to submit his app.

    Ace: “And we're off again.”
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    The Ace

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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    Daddy Jared Wells
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    Only If You Want It by Eazy-E
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Rage Bomb (A reverse power bomb)
    Wrestler moveset
    1) Corner clothesline
    2) High knee
    3) Savate kick
    4) European uppercut
    5) Eye poke
    6) Low blow
    7) Over the shoulder arm drag
    8) One-handed bulldog
    9) Facebreaker DDT
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    ROOKIE DAYS/WWL 1995-1998
    Jared Wells is eye candy to the world of wrestling. Trained by the legendary Paul Pierce. Starting his rookie year in 1995, became a young WWL World Champion not once, but three times in his career in the WWL. Being a face wrestler for many years as fans started to turn on him. Being Mr WWL for most of the mid 90's he sided with Sean Edmunds to form d-XXX. Money, drugs, sex corrupted his mind. His last WWL title run he laid down for partner Sean Edmunds, giving the world title to him. d-XXX disbanded shortly after. Quitting was his answer when he didn't get his way eventually leaving the WWL during its turmoil.

    Jared tried different companies like the FWF and flat out quit when he didn't get his way. Promoters wanted nothing to do with Jared. Totally lost because in his mind he was the best but really was he? Jared left the spotlight as the kid for good.

    GLCW 2003
    Time off for 4 years and AA was his best route. Jared joined the GLCW. Rejoiced, clean and came back as his former 'Rage 'o Fire' moniker. He defeated the likes of Larry Tact, Minion twice and in his first ever match with Anarky, Jared lost by DQ. Sooner or later GLCW closed down and Jared never got his moment to reprise himself.

    Summer of 2003, Jared shows up in NYC UNPLUGGED as a masked man and attacks Edmunds and Copycat. In October of 2003 he left due to an injury and many predicted that his career was over due to his ego. Rumors were going around in January 2004 that Jared Wells and Anarky were talking. March of 2004 at WFW VOX PART DEUX Jared Wells/Anarky/Psycho/????? defeated Copycat/Rich Gidieon/El Arco Iris/Felix Red. Felix switched sides as the ???? and L.O.V.E was formed. April of 2004 at The Superbowl Of Wrestling Jared Wells defeated Pulsar, Rat Fink, and Felix Red to become the new B.A.D World Champion. Jared would defend his title as L.O.V.E continued to dominate the WFW. Jared's crowning moment was on November 2004 at WFW Guerra Interminable against Maelstrom. Maelstrom defeated Wells with his mortal sin move. The ref called for the bell as Wells did not give up. Jared Wells was praised for his performance as the odds were against him. Maelstrom then soon disappeared out of wrestling as many wanted a rematch.

    Last days of WFW
    Going into 2006 and Superbowl Of Wrestling its no secret that Jared wanted Maelstrom. Even challenged CSWA talent to the Superbowl of Wrestling but they declined. Champion for two years straight, never receiving a WFW World Title shot becomes obvious in the near future. On April 17th 2007, Jared Wells finally lost the B.A.D title to Steve Johnson which ended his 3 year run. Not only losing his title, but this would be the last time Jared Wells would wrestle for the WFW.

    2008-2009 EPW
    Jared Wells has arrived. Very close to retirement he believes he has plenty more people to insult and piss off. Crafty veteran has been around long enough to know his limits. Frankly, Wells does not believe in limits nor boundaries nor give a damn. Controversy is what he brings to the table and his in ring talents make him one of the best. EPW will get a different taste of entertainment especially from Jared Wells. Unleashed 2008 Jared Wells made his debut out of nowhere to side with Cameron Cruise, Sean Edmunds, Shawn Hart, and Larry Tact as The Anthology. He refers to himself as daddy. Feuded with H.O.P.E, and the entire EPW roster. Became one half tag champions with Larry Tact. Eventually the group split and Jared left the company in 2009)

    2012 EPW
    Jared Wells made his return to wrestling after 2 years siding with his buddy Cameron Cruise.
    *Jared Wells & Sean Edmunds (d-XXX/WWL 1997)
    *Jared Wells, Anarky, Felix Red, Psycho (L.O.V.E/WFW 2004-2007)
    *Jared Wells, Cameron Cruise, Larry Tact, Sean Edmunds, Shawn Hart (Anthology EPW 2008-2009)

    *1 time EPW World Tag Champion
    *3 Time WWL World Champion
    *2 Time WWL Television Champion
    *1 Time WWL Tri American Champion (Def Copycat)
    *B.A.D World Heavyweight Champion (2004-2007)
    Brief Roleplay
    JARED WELLS: You know when the ULTRATITLE comes to my mind I think about the opportunity I NEVER EVER got. In fact, just hearing ULTRATITLE pisses me off. They used to call me Rage 'o Fire. Over the past few years, it's been DADDY. Everything changes and the late days of my career I can finally shove that ULTRATITLE up everyones ass that looked over me. Your Doc Silver's, your Melton's, your entire history list will finally hear what I have to say. History is a *****.
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    Kin Hiroshi
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "We Are Rockstars" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Hiroshi-Ma Bomb: Burning hammer
    Wrestler moveset
    Swinging Neck-breaker
    Running Leg Lariat
    Top Rope Crossbody Block
    Northern Lights Suplex
    Front Lay-Out Suplex
    Flying Dropkick
    Fisherman Buster
    Half Boston Crab
    Asai Moonsault
    Trap Headbutts
    Reverse DDT
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    A decorated veteran of the ring, Kin Hiroshi has been all over the world: competing in, and capturing championship gold, in CSWA, GXW, EWI, NFW, EPW, and many more. Kin is the current reigning CSWA US Championship holder, and is entering into this year's ULTRATITLE tourney for one last shot at immortality.
    Brief Roleplay
    ** Kin Hiroshi turned the envelope over and over in his hands. The red CS Enterprises logo on the front seemed to call Hiroshi back home, but the Muffin Man already knew what was inside. Hell, both Cameron Cruise and Kevin Powers had called him up about it's contents.

    How long had it been since he had talked to them? A few years? A decade? How long had it been since he had talked to anyone from the old days?

    The life of a retired pro-wrestler doesn't get any easier, and friends who were meant to stay in the spotlight stay there. Kin, however, had left Seattle for Las Vegas, and settled into a cushy nightclub security job. There's a slight adrenaline rush of throwing a party for 3000+ people every single night, but nothing like walking out in front of a crowd. Funny how times change people.

    Hiroshi set down the envelope, and picked up the phone. He scrolled down the list of names in his contacts, and stopped on The Godfather. It was time to heed the call back home. **

    KIN: "It's Hiroshi. I'm in..."

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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    The Sergeant
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "We Right Here" by DMX
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Corrective Training - A dragon sleeper with legs body scissored around opponents waist.
    Wrestler moveset
    1. Fisherman’s Suplex
    2. DDT
    3. Standing Sidekick
    4. Arm Bar
    5. Finger Stomp
    6. Power Bomb
    7. Reverse DDT
    8. Single Leg Take Down
    9. Double Leg Take Down
    10. Ankle Lock
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    In July of 2005, The Sergeant finally ended his military career. He was only 29. The time he spent in Iraq solidified his decision to move on to other things. Unable to deal with being responsible for young troops as well as himself, he aimed to take a break before finding something more individual to do with his time.

    After two months of vacation time, The
    Sergeant became anxious. He needed to find something to do other than sit around by himself. That is when Empire Pro Wrestling came calling.

    A wrestling fan since he was a child, The
    Sergeant had given up a childhood dream to wrestle in order to serve in the U.S. Army. Dan Ryan, owner of EPW had sent a call out for new talent and a friend who followed wrestling gave The Sergeant a call. Without much deliberation, he sent in an application and was called to tryout.

    Immediately following the tryout, Dan Ryan personally issued an invitation to compete with Empire Pro. After walking a fine line between the midcard and greatness, Sergeant defeated Troy Douglas and Karl "The Dragon" Brown in October 2007 to be only the 7th EPW Intercontinental Champion in history. He held the title for six months, losing by submission when passing out in a scorpion deathlock. The match is one of the most talked about of all time, and made EPW's critically acclaimed "Best of" DVD set.

    Other organizations came calling during this period in Sergeant's career. Mixed success followed, with the common theme among hardcore wrestling fans in the Internet wrestling community that Sergeant never reached his full potential. He became unfocused after a feud with "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott, buying and running a small independent Midwest pro wrestling organization and subsequently folding. The writing was on the wall professionally, and Sergeant soon faded into obscurity.

    4 years later, Sergeant resurfaces. Just in time for the biggest wrestling tournament of all...
    Brief Roleplay
    (A vaguely familiar video segment opens… A montage from the U.S. War on Terror in both Iraq and Afghanistan plays, circa 2005… Images of brave men and women from all over the greatest country on earth breeze by the viewer… In one, a young man in desert camouflage is loading a magazine for his M-16… In another a different young man is receiving orders from an older and obviously senior ranking man near a Humvee… The scene cuts to a young, white muscular man with a clean-cut military appearance… The camera pans from his desert tan military boots to his neck, but does not reveal his face…)

    (Still, this video segment feels familiar… The opening sounds and beat of “We Right Here” by DMX key up… Things continue to come into focus mentally for the viewer, yet there’s that feeling of uncertainty… That’s when the words flash across the screen in stenciled font that make it all hit all wrestling fans watching...)



    201 pounds



    (Sporting no shirt, a pair of desert camouflage pants, and those previously described tan desert boots, The Sergeant’s full body is in focus… With the marvels of modern technology and production values, The Sergeant ages right before the viewer’s eyes… It’s been seven years since that first promo, and Sergeants hairline has receded… His face a little more mature, with light signs of stubble… Music fades…)

    Sergeant: Years ago, I introduced myself to wrestling fans by telling them I was through with the Army. It was right in the middle of The Surge in Iraq, so I felt the need to inform them all that my departure was not because I couldn't hack it. I wanted something different in life. Something more individually satisfying.

    Now I’m back on the radar in the wrestling world, so to speak, after exiting four years ago with little or no fanfare. Was my departure from wrestling the same as the one from the Army? Could I still hack it when I exited Empire Pro Wrestling?

    I’m not so sure.

    The mind is such a crazy thing. It’s so temperamental, and I’m not so sure that there is even a single solitary percentage of humans out there that understands the fragile chemistry that keeps us sane; that keeps us focused. I’d reached that next level of stardom that so few achieve, winning the EPW Intercontinental Title. I defeated two… count them, TWO of the best that the wrestling world had to offer.

    Then it all hit me.

    The rival organizations called for me to divide my time and compete for them. Man, that Pier Six Brawl in A1E alone took 10 years off my career and my life.

    My hometown indy wrestling project, sold to me of course as a “great investment opportunity”. It wasn’t.

    The endorsement deals. I mean, I passed up THE SERGEANT GRILL. George Foreman didn’t of course. Smart man. Me? I’ve got a garage full of shake weights and a lawsuit pending to make sure they NEVER show the commercial I filmed.

    (Sergeant’s smile looks forced…)

    Sergeant: I started wrestling first and foremost because I loved it, but also because it was something I could focus on individually. That motivation soon escaped me when I let other things creep in… to grab my focus. To take my eye off the ball.

    Imagine my surprise a few years later when, while browsing the bins at a Blockbuster going-out-of-business sale, I found a little DVD known as “The Best of Empire Pro Wrestling.” 3 discs and 45 matches… and the next-to-the-last match on the entire set features me… losing…

    A million feelings and emotions rushed through my mind with such force and then…

    BAM! A single thought.

    “Is this my legacy?”

    Four years have passed and suddenly there’s this itch. It’s an itch I keep scratching, and it won’t go away. It’s turned into a gaping wound, and nothing I can do is getting to the root cause. I did contract work in Iraq. Nothing. I get involved in veterans organizations, take up cycling, and write a food blog under my pseudonym. Still nothing.

    This itch can only be soothed by wrestling again. I know that now, and what an opportune time. My old boss shot me Facebook message that was simple, yet true:

    “I know you can’t stay away. Ultratitle tournament starts in April.”

    He was right. I don’t want to be a footnote on a list of almost- greats. I want to be remembered. I was once one of the most heralded rookies in this business. Now I’m coming back less than a nobody… a has been.

    64 other men and women; the best from all over the world competing.

    It will be a trial by fire. An impossible task, if you will… but what else would you expect from a combat tested, mother approved juggernaut on a mission?

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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    Eddie Whisky
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "Ride of the Valkeries" played on a chorus of kazoos
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Sour Mash (Seated Crucifix Piledriver)
    Wrestler moveset
    Death Valley Driver
    Snap Mare
    Knee Drop
    Samoan Drop
    Choke Slam
    Camel Clutch
    Abdominal Stretch
    Gut-wrench suplex
    Headbutt (which always hurts him more than his opponent)
    Mongolian Chop
    Apron-to-floor clothesline
    Knee lift
    Press slam
    Stinger Splash

    Trademark Moves

    Hangover (Moonsault)
    Whisky Kick (Running Yakuza Kick)
    Leagues Currently Active In
    IWF, GCW (gcwonline.net)
    Brief Biography
    Eddie is tall and well-built, similar to Barry Windham in his prime. He has shoulder-length brown hair and a majestically bushy handlebar mustache.
    Ring Attire
    Eddie wears combat boots and khaki pants in the ring, and also totes an urban camo-print vest.
    Eddie Whisky is what you might call "conflicted."
    While on the one hand he is a big, strong bully, he also harbours long-standing resentment for real or perceived torments he endured in his own life. So when using his size and power to beat down people, one can easily surmise that Eddie is actually beating up his own past demons as well.
    If you met him, you'd say he was cross between Jayne Cobb and Sid Vicious.
    Eddie Whisky once upon a time in 1998-99 was part of a military-themed stable of wrestlers called "General Mayhem's Army" where his gimmick was that of PTSD-inflicted mercenary.
    Given the recent all-too-real military situations in the world, Eddie decided this was no longer PC and dumped the gimmick entirely.
    Since then, his character has evolved into a vicious, but slightly-infantile bully who wears camouflage pants for undefined reasons.
    Over the years, Eddie was victim of what colour commentators would all "personal demons."
    Once touted as the "Next Big Thing," instances of walking out on promoters when he disagreed with the booking, coupled with several bad personal choices led to Eddie being blacklisted in several feds.
    After a few years at rock-bottom, Eddie Whisky has made efforts to rebuild his life and his career. Can Eddie Whisky finally live up to the expectations he's always failed to meet?
    Brief Roleplay
    [ooc note: Eddie Whisky's remarks about the IWF are entirely his own. I personally think it's one of the best-run e-feds I've ever been in, and I've done this since 1998. And Justin (Stalker) is an amazing and receptive fed-head, always willing to hear some self-important handler's idiotic suggestions all day long.]

    In the webcast studio of the International Wrestling Federation, Aaron Creed sits with IWF competitor Eddie Whisky. An open laptop sits on the table between them, and the monitor displayed via projector on the back wall.

    Creed: Welcome internet fans, to this inaugural edition of Ask the IWF. With us as our first guest is Eddie Whisky, a long time veteran of ring wars in the US and abroad. Welcome Eddie.

    Eddie Whisky: What?! Who you calling a broad, Aaron?

    Creed: Er... sorry.

    EW: Darn right! I'm sick of the lack of respect I'm getting here in the IWF! If it wasn't for me Creedy, you's still be tossing fish at Pike Place!

    Creed: I'm sorry?

    EW: Again, I accept your apology, noiw quit pandering. Let's have these "internet" questions.

    Creed takes a moment to recover from the onslaught of stupid, then presses on.

    Creed: Okay then. Eddie Whisky, you have just stepped up to be among the IWF stars to represent the company in the upcoming ULTRATITLE tournament. Now to keep things interesting, let's steer fan questions towards that.

    EW: Fine. Bring on your questions, monkeys.

    The first question pops up onscreen...

    [IWF_h@rD|<or3]: Hey Eddie, it's great to see you representing IWF in ULTRATITLE. Did every other person on the roster say 'no'?

    Eddie gets an annoyed look on his face.

    EW: You think you're clever, Iewf Hatred Less Than or three? Say that to my face!

    [IWF_h@rD|<or3]: Lol Im in Alaska d00d.

    EW: I have no idea where Alaska d oh-oh d is, but you better hope I don't find you, Iewf Hatred Less Than or Three!

    Creed: Er, Eddie, I think that's just his login name.

    EW: YOU'RE a login name! Next stupid question.

    Another question appears on the overhead projector.

    [MLM4LIFE]: Hi Eddie, long time fan.

    EW: That's better.

    [MLM4LIFE]: Lol jk. Not your fan of course.

    EW: What the hell is a loljick? That's a stupid name!

    [MLM4LIFE]: Lol So why would IWF choose you to be a representative in ULTRATITLE? Haven't you lost every match you been in so far?

    Eddie continues to fume.

    EW: To set the record straight, 'Mulm Number Four Liffy', if that is your real name, I never lost a single match! I suffered at the hands of biased officials and cheating opponents! And for the record, I did so win a match. So therefore your arguments are completely invalidated!

    [MLM4LIFE]: Do u even know what 'invalidated' means?

    EW: I HAVE THE GENERAL IDEA! Next question!

    [IWFMark1]: Hay u r00l eddy. who u think will be ur hardest opponent?

    Eddie has a puzzled look on his face.

    EW: I've heard the internet is full of dumb kids, but this is just ridiculous! What did he say?

    [IWFMark1]: I sed ur mom.

    Creed: I'd like to take this time to remind our fans to keep the questions on the PG side, as all ages enjoy our webcast.

    EW: The only reason people even watch this webcast is because Eddie Whisky is on it! And I'm Eddie Whisky!

    Eddie stands up and walks up to get an extreme closeup of the webcam.

    EW: I'm sick of this crap, getting insulted by illiterates on a wall! Let me summarize: I, Eddie Whisky, shall mosey into the ULTRATITLE Tournament, I will then beat all 63 other guys, then I will win. I think that sums it up.

    Creed; Actually Eddie, the entrants are up to 89. So you'll have to beat 88 other guys. And women too.

    EW: Yeah well, 8 is an unlucky number in China, so they're gonna all be Double Unlucky to face me!

    Creed: That makes no sense. You aren't even Chinese.

    EW: Shut up! This show is over!

    Those who wish to see this webcast in its entirety can log in this week to the IWF homepage and follow the links to "IWF Airtime."
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    Jason Murray
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Top rope elbow drop
    Wrestler moveset
    TR dropkick
    Boston crab
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    Jason's a tv junkie who has always wanted to be on a reality show. He's been constantly denied. He started a backyard wrestling league with some buddies and is a moderate youtube sensation.

    Brief Roleplay
    (NFW application roleplay)

    You know, the whole world is a stage.

    I dunno, maybe that’s just something we’re supposed to believe. We’re told stories from a time before we can eat solid food, and sat in front of tvs to get little baby erections from shades of color. If you are lucky enough to have parents, divorced or otherwise, you’re read too at bedside until they tire of pilfering the same ol’ stories.

    That’s how we relate to the world. History is passed down from generation to generation in bookform or word of mouth, and soon fifty years from now every waking moment of life will be recorded on media devices.

    Point is, nobody is unique. Nothing is new.

    We’re all just bad fiction writers, prettying our **** up for a horse carriage ride.

    I think we’ve all just decided real life is boring, too hung up on death and loneliness to get through to anyone anymore.
    We’re all baptized in lies and television. It’s so faint. So true.

    I was raised to think I’d be a star.

    Never had any interest in a real job, or meaningful relationship. Too many applications for reality tv to fill out.

    I’m lazy, I’m aware.

    Generation Bored.

    I wanted fame. I wanted sex. I wanted sex with famous cartoon characters. Because that’s what happens when you transcend life and live to have others watch you on the small screen…2D becomes just another door opened.

    But maybe my story never checked out. I wasn’t sexy, or crazy enough for production companies to care. Much like Skippy from “Family Ties” after my grade school production of “To Kill A Mockingbird” I wasn’t cast in ****.

    I wonder if Gregory Peck was ever typed cast.

    All any casting director sees in me, is myself.

    Now I understand, some of us, the less blessed let’s call’em…have to work before fame is handed to us.

    I love to fight. I love to make people bleed and wonder if its real. How far do you have to go before you walk into a strip mall, open fire, and wait for the computer voice to tell you the next level awaits?

    Hey Jason, its a new high score.

    I bleed, I know its real. I know I’m on the path to living a li(f)e, others will set their clock by to see revealed.

    I am a star.

    How do I know this?

    The Galaxy expands every day.

    Maybe there’s another Earth where Joe the Plumber doesn’t smell like horseradish and swear in broken language. Maybe this Earth represents the only life anywhere. If so, its understandable why we’re all hooked, electronic Zombies and never distant enough.

    Blackness expands, new stars are formed.

    You can't see them. But I can. I’ll name one star Jason Murray.

    I’m tired of watching Troy Windham’s reality show where he scours the back streets of America sending whores back to school for associates degrees. NFW offered me a shot. I guess the Lions needed a new batch of Christians to maim.

    I know NFW.

    Hell, they make you watch a five-hour video presentation of their history before you can even hand over your social security # and five character references!

    Manson wants to perform miracles but he can’t even save himself from mindless repetition and a God complex that'd make the real God have to show two forms of ID just to get back in the pearly gates.

    Joe the Plumber is a vagina blood fart.

    Impulse could be the wave of the future.

    Calvin Carlton’s Momma made it all possible and years and years ago a cage exploded that may have shifted the Earth off it’s axis a tenth of a degree and merged peanut butter and chocolate together AGAIN.

    The NFW is my best bet to become a star.

    Is it real?

    Am I so brainwashed by society that I’m unsure if I’m living someone else’s fantasy?

    I’ll know its real if I bleed.

    But you will too.
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    "The Untamed Fury" Lucious Starr
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Grim Reaper (Shadow classic, used only in major matches)
    Lucious irish whips his opponent into a turnbuckle, raising one finger skyward. He charges the foe, connecting a clothesline. Lucious grabs his foe's collar as he climbs the turnbuckle, hoisting them into powerbomb position. He jumps off the top turnbuckle, landing a sit-out powerbomb.

    Hell's Wrath
    Lucious lifts the opponent into suplex position, then drops them across his back into a torture rack. He holds this for a few moments, allowing the opponent to submit. If the opponent refuses to tap, Lucious drops the opponent to the mat face-first (ala reverse FU)

    Hades' Flame
    Lucious stalks the opponent from behind while they are on the ground, waiting for them to rise. He jumps up, grabbing their head and planting them with a neckbreaker (like an RKO but from behind)
    Wrestler moveset
    Vertical suplex (any variation)
    Russian Leg Sweep
    Running Big Boot
    Thesz Press
    Forearm to front/back of head
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief BiographyBrief Roleplay
    There are times in life when opportunity presents itself. And like many of the wiser men before him, Lucious Starr will never back down from an opportunity. Upon hearing of the ULTRATITLE Tournament, Lucious took nothing more than a few seconds to jump on the bandwagon. With a chance at such a prestigious title up for grabs, there's no way in hell he would miss out on this thing...
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    Lucious Starr
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    Justin Voss
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith
    Wrestler's Finisher
    vDriver II - Package Piledriver
    Wrestler moveset
    Top 15 Moves
    1-5: Basic Holds/Strikes/Takedowns
    1. European uppercut
    2. big boot
    3. sleeper
    4. mule kick (to belly)
    5. head grab takedown (wraps hands around the ears of charging opponent and swings around 180 and lets go)

    6-15: Wear Down/Mid-Late Match Holds
    6. snapmare w/- palm thrust to back of the head
    7. single arm DDT
    8. fall away slam
    9. leg hook back body drop
    10. 180 degree spinebuster slam (Arn Anderson style)
    11. powerbomb
    12. inverted vertical suplex slam (set-up for Ode to Money Bags)
    13. Ode to Money Bags: top rope Million Dollar fistdrop (can also be performed from a standing or running position)
    14. torture rack
    15. sidewalk slam w/- elbow to face after canvas impact

    16-18: Signature/Special Holds
    16. Ode to Flair: figure four leglock ***potential finisher
    17. Ode to Endangered: spinning palm thrust to forehead
    18. Ode to my Asshole: clothesline from Hell

    19: Set-up for Finisher
    19. No set-up, finisher can be worked into or exploded upon

    Primary: vDriver II
    Description: Package piledriver
    Alternate (if any): vDriver 2007; Ode to Flair; Ode to my Asshole
    Description: stalling vertical suplex into 3/4 turn facebreaker (Stunner) - let's the opponent fall backward behind him; Figure four leglock; Clothesline from Hell
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    J. Leslie Voss was the dirtiest sonofa***** that you ever did see. He lied and cheated and would've sold his own mother if it meant for him to advance toward gold. He would do anything to get gold and all the rest to keep it. He would become deranged and maniacal with a title belt and would destroy people simply to keep it. Ending someone's career would not be out of the question. Ending someone's life would be considered. He was the most despicable bastard that ever took to a wrestling ring and the fans completed loathed him. Hate is not a powerful enough word to describe what the people felt towards the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah.

    But the one thing he never took into consideration for all his wicked ways was how it would reflect upon his family. How it would affect the people he loved. Taking some time off to nurse a meniscus cartilage injury on his right knee, undergoing a reconstruction, JLV took some time off from the ring to gain his health and fitness back and spend some time with the people he loved. Spending time with the people he loved meant realising what his passion for success in professional wrestling ACTUALLY meant to them.

    His family had been taunted and teased. Fan boys had provoked attacks on his wife. Kids had made his daughter's life at school a living Hell and all for his own success.

    Now, returning to the ring, JLV has had to listen to the pleas of his family. Don't play the villain. Make amends for your previous wrestling life. Turn your back on the villainy. Become the man they knew him to be. A hero.

    If he could.

    IF... he could.
    Brief Roleplay
    "Low down.




    "Those were words that described me. Those were all words that described my actions inside of a wrestling ring. Those were all words that described who I was.

    "WAS.... being the operative word.

    "I look back over those years and there are accolades I'm proud of. I look back across my career and I have fond memories for the things which I've accomplished as a wrestling superstar but they're all tainted by one thing.

    "Every time I went out to that ring... every time I was on a TV camera... on a pay-per-view... EVERY_DAMN_TIME I was a complete and utter arsehole. There is not one time I can look back over my career and see for just one split second I acted respectfully to my opponent. There's not a single instance where I took the high road. There's not a damn MOMENT... did I respect the people who put food into the mouthes of my children. I never respected the fans.

    "Not once.

    "And after all these years playing the villain I have come to realise that I owe it to the people who made me into the man I am today to show them respect. To EARN their respect.

    "In the ULTRATITLE tournament... In INFINITE Wrestling.... I am going to turn my career around and do it, this time, the right way. Do it for those fans. Do it for my family. Do it so my family can walk down the street and proudly tell people that I'm their father. That I'm their husband. Do it RIGHT... for a change.

    "By the time the ULTRATITLE tournament is finished, when it's all said and done, if I make it to the finals or get knocked out of the first round I promise you... I promise that J. Leslie Voss, the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah is DEAD and buried.
    “ The man you see before you is Justin Voss. He is a man who has values and true character. And I plan on proving that. I plan on showing each and every one of you that I'm not that arsehole you all once knew.

    "Just watch and see."
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    "The Canadian Wolf" Alex LeBlanc
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "The Loser Wins" by Atmosphere
    Wrestler's Finisher
    "Adava Kedarva" Superkick : Your stock Superkick. Can be done to a kneeling opponent as well.
    Wrestler moveset
    - Headscissors Takedown
    - Tornado DDT
    - Armdrag
    - Dropkick
    - Full Nelson Backbreaker
    - Backbreaker
    - Capture Suplex
    - Running High Knee in the corner
    - Bulldog
    - Roundhouse Kick
    - Muay Thai Knee Strikes
    - Lariat
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    27-years old and a multiple time champion, Alex LeBlanc has decided to test his luck against the very best once again. Having won multiple titles in leagues and federations around the world, LeBlanc is no stranger to success. A former two-time PRW Undisputed Champion to go along with championship gold in PWA, NCW, CRW, and multiple other organizations, it can be said that the Montreal native has a bit of a fetish for gold.

    With educated feet from years of Muay Thai Kickboxing training, Alex is as deadly as he is accurate. Built in the mold of the technical wrestlers of Canada's past, LeBlanc has versed himself in both the Japanese Strong-Style as well the Mexican Lucha-Libre style after 3 tours of Mexican promotions. A wrestling hybrid if there ever was one, Alex calls his style, "White Trash Lucha", a combination of all the elements that have led to his success inside of the ring.

    Outside of the ring however, the Montreal native is as ornery as they come. Believing wholeheartedly in the spirit and the purity of his profession, Alex will derail and dismantle anything that stands in the way of that. Politics and the workings of the backstage are nowhere near his realm of interest, and his battles with authority have been documented.

    Nonetheless, LeBlanc is as talented as any, able to wrestle a multitude of styles will also pulling from years of experience and in-ring generalship. Having been a professional since the age of 17, LeBlanc has grown within the squared circle, gaining the ability to declare himself one of the most accomplished and celebrated members of this fraternity of warriors.
    Brief Roleplay
    -It may be spring, but the air is still cold up in Quebec. The trees shaking in the breeze and leaves rustling, a Montreal native with a bit of a shaggy hairdo and some scruff on his face is standing on a set of empty railroad tracks. Wearing a pair of raggedy jeans and a Gaslight Anthem t-shirt, he looks anything but the part of a wrestler. The thing is, that's exactly what he is. Sadly for the rest of the competitors in UltraTitle 2012, that's exactly what this is about.-

    LeBlanc: Stop me if this is cliche, but here we stand at a crossroads. You see, this can invariably go one of two ways: I can enter this little shindig that is being thrown called UltraTitle 2012, win it, and go on to great acclaim...


    -Alex shrugs and looks at the camera as if he's made peace with it already.-

    LeBlanc: I could lose, and in doing so, be no worse off than I am right now. It wouldn't make a difference, my stock wouldn't fall, and quite frankly, I'd probably still go back to my cabin in the woods, drink a few Old Style's and chalk it up to being in a bad place at a bad time...

    -Alex sighs a bit and pushes his hair out of his eyes. The converse sneakers on his feet make him look like more of a slacker than a wrestler. He's unassuming to say the least. Beneath that uncaring facade however, is something none of these people have probably ever seen.-

    LeBlanc: The thing is, the whole railroad cliche notwithstanding, it seems that my incessant *****ing and moaning may have finally paid off. I have some backing, I have some fans, guys in my home promotion come up to me in the locker room asking for help, I'm actually a bit established nowadays.

    And I'm aware that this is the time that I'm supposed to go forth and wax poetic and basically declare that I respect people like Joey Melton or Dan Ryan, or hell, even my compatriot in PRW, Ace Andrews...the fact is? I really don't.

    -Alex shrugs again and pulls a pack of cigarettes from his pants and lights on up, taking a drag. Continue on, he exhales and then smiles a bit. The wind still blowing, he looks around, almost acknowledging that he probably should have done this inside.-

    LeBlanc: See, if we're being honest, I already know what you guys are going to say. You're going to look at me and say I don't look like a wrestler, or that I don't "act like a superstar", or whatever other critiques that usually come from these type of tournaments or shindigs.

    Ultimately, those comments don't phase me because this is a competition, and frankly, wrestling is about two men engaging in combat, not lifting weights. I must have missed the memo where this was a bodybuilding competition...

    -LeBlanc takes another drag and sucks it down deep, almost as if he's oblivious to the fact he's decreasing his lung capacity by inhaling the toxins from the Marlboro Red. Either that or he doesn't care.-

    LeBlanc: It may come as a surprise, but I've won a few of these little tournaments before. I'm sure you don't see it now, but trust me, when those lights hit, I'm a bit of a monster. Some people have it, some people don't, but personally, I live for the spotlight, I live for the moment, and I live for the ability to take all the muscle-bound freaks, all the future Parkinsons sufferers of America, and all the "technical wizards"...and make them look foolish.

    Ever since word spread that this little event was around the corner, all I heard about was UltraTitle this, and UltraTitle that. Now, I've been waiting, sitting on the sidelines and chomping at the bit, hoping to God that I got the opportunity to enter this little party.

    Turns out, my schedule happened to clear up for the next few months.

    -Alex chuckles.-

    LeBlanc: These tournaments, they're always invariably about creating new stars, creating new legends.

    I dig that. I dig that because for all my accomplishments, I've been a bit overshadowed, a bit overlooked, a bit under compensated for just how good I truly am.

    UltraTitle 2012? 63 other men?

    -Alex nods a bit, ashing his cigarette.-

    LeBlanc: Consider it a "Coming Out Party" of sorts for yours truly.

    A man who has made an impact everywhere he's gone...

    A man who quite frankly, success seems to follow like a lost puppy.

    -Alex cocks his head and mouths "It's true" before tapping his chest apologetically. Putting his hand down, LeBlanc licks his lips and scoffs a bit to himself.-

    LeBlanc: It's all about "Legends In The Making" right?

    Well, you're looking at one, kids.

    I'll see you soon.

    -With that, Alex clicks his tongue and winks, the camera fading to black.-
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    Alex LeBlanc

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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    "The Original Pulp Hero" Alias
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Anarchy's Lullaby (Modified Buffalo Sleeper Hold)
    Wrestler moveset
    + Cranial Smoke (Seated Tombstone Piledriver; if any none finisher will end a match, it'll be this one, a sister version of Sheffield's old A-Bomb. It uses the name that Frank Heimdal of Action! fame gave to it.)
    + The Big Fat Kill (Hammerlock Legsweep DDT)

    + Welcome to ACW, Motherf***er (A hammerlock recoiled out, into a hard clotheline)
    + Chaser (Tight hammerlock hold into a reverse DDT)

    + Click Boom Tiger Crush (A headbutt to the nose, a knee (elbow) to the mid-section, and then an elbow to the top of the head (Jumping Knee Strike to the face); moves in parenthesis for when the move is performed later in the match)
    + Bullets (Fast and hard right elbows to the back on the neck, while at the same time shooting his right knee up into the opponents face... stopping at around the ninth or tenth simultaneous shot... on a good day)

    + Glasgow Kiss (Swandive Headbutt)

    Capture Suplex, Hart-style Missile Dropkick, High-angle Powerbomb (with pin, if it's hit near the end of the match)
    Leagues Currently Active In
    All-Star Championship Wrestling
    Brief Biography
    The son of a lost legend.
    The would-be golden boy of All-Star Championship Wrestling.
    The lost potential.

    The unrecognizable pulp hero that returned to the world, after eight years underground.
    The savior of some federations, and the final nail in the coffin of others.
    The World Champion of ACW. The Champion of tSC.
    The legend swept away in bad contract signings, controversy and nearly forgotten.
    The inevitable.
    The man who would bring the flood to the Asylum.
    The quest for redemption, for respect.
    The return.
    The scorpion. The heart. The soul. The will.
    The man in black.
    The big bad with the wolf by his side.
    The voice of nothing.
    The two-time FWO World Tag Team Champion.
    The broken solidier, left as watch as killjoy brings the fans organization to its knees.
    The three-time World Champion. He fights, therefore he is.
    The wearer of the Black title, the holder of it's ghost, the man who is free.
    The King's Choice for a man who isn't King.
    The savior no more, passing the torch that is no longer his to bare.
    The question is... what's your Alias?
    Brief Roleplay
    Christopher Sheffield raised a glass in the memory of a dead friend to assure he wouldn’t become a dead memory.

    Only the dead saluted back, in return.

    It being the seventh anniversary of the death of Charles Dunn, the Original Pulp knew he had to get ****-faced during the annual wake. For traditions sake, of course. Charles had died, of all things, during an attempted robbery. Such a meaningless crime. It was apparent as nothing was stolen, though it was thought that the man responsible was spooked once Charles had been shot. Why a man brings a boomstick to a cat burglary was beyond Sheff’s detective skills as he continued drinking into the night. Tonight was extra special, as an old friend in James Boyd joined him.

    Boyd had joined Alias as he had heard that Sheffield had made something of an annual tradition out of the wake… and if Boyd’s favorite wrestler (the reasoning behind which I’ll explain in a moment) was going to have a drink in honor of the man that Boyd had broken through into the business with then damn it, Boyd was going to join Alias in drinking to Charles Dunn. See, not only had Boyd and Dunn broken into the business together, but they had eventually become promoters as well, founding ACW and becoming inseparable during those peak years of the early 90’s into the double aughts.

    “Bud, can you grab us a couple of Mississippi Punches?”

    “What’s in that exactly?”

    “Booze, lemons and sugar. Classy enough for a wake but still dirty enough to **** you up by tomorrow.”

    James Boyd looked at Alias for a moment and laughed. He had come a long way since the mid 90’s, and was now a man of mythical proportions. It was a far cry from the blue-ship brat that he and Dunn had found fighting in the crowds, the fabled angry young boy of “Flyboy” Brian Sheffield. The same boy that had disappeared by ’98, not returning on any radars for five years.

    “You know when you came back in ’02 I couldn’t believe that Alias was once Chris Phoenix.”

    “S’at right?”

    “Dunn, he was the first to believe in you again. Said in this life there are no beginnings, but only departures entitled beginnings, wreathed in the formal emotions thought to be appropriate and often forced. He got that from Delmore Schwartz. Said you’d probably even understand that, that he’d seen it in your eyes. After Dunn believed, everyone else couldn’t help but believe in you.”

    Words couldn’t express what the Original Pulp Hero felt about hearing something like that.

    Yet, as the two men drank the conversation between the inevitably turned to Legends. How Alias was put into the position to save ACW from the clutches of Ethan Winters, a Machiavellian money man who had wrested a controlling portion of ACW away from Dunn and Boyd… and then wanted it all. Alias was put in the position to save ACW and that is just what he ended up doing. THAT was why he was James Boyd’s favorite wrestler… and why Boyd wanted to talk to him about something in particular.

    “Sheff, I might have lied to you…”

    “You’re a cheap drunk aren’t you? I knew it. I’m not carrying ya home though if you can’t keep up!”

    “No, it’s about why I’m here. I’m here for Dunn, of course, but I also wanted to talk to you about a tournament... it's the ULTRATITLE.”

    “I know the name.”

    “We’re looking to return it to the glory days.”


    “ACW. I don't have a controlling interest, but what I do have an interest in is something that's been around longer then All-Star and yet, has never rested in it's halls. Which better man to hold it? Especially when Jack Harman, Eli Flair, Deacon, Orphan and Jesse Ramey are vying for it, among others.”

    “I know 'em all...”

    “Course you do. And?”

    “Really think I make it through 'em all? I may have made it to the semi-final of the last GTT but I haven't been inside a ring for a solid year almost. Hell, if Dunn were here...”

    “He’ll be there, in spirit.”

    “And I’ll be there too? Is that what you’re hoping.”

    “You know what you are, Chris? You’re a lighting rod. You draw energy in and lots of it. Even from people that you might not expect. A lot of people love you… and a lot of people don’t. They'll be gunning for you, and if they don't initially you'll give them plenty of reasons to soon enough.”

    “Some people of those people might even be willing to fight me face-to-face.”

    “Exactly. And not just willing to, but able.”

    “You think with all the championships I've held, I really need to hold onto the ULTRATITLE?"

    "Think for a second, and ask yourself if anything you've accomplished has ever come close to it."

    "What about Tyson XL? Hell, what about Ramey? What ABOUT Orphan?"

    "They aren't you."

    Cradling it in his scared mit, the Original Pulp Hero swirled the liquor around in the half empty rocks glass. Damn, did he need a smoke, even the kind that killed Nat King Cole would suffice.

    “I can’t stand tall for ACW every time, I think I proved that at Legends V.”

    “But you can try.”

    “Yeah… I can try.”

    Christopher Sheffield and James Boyd would drink into the wee hours of dawn for Charles Dunn, and his legacy. They would talk even more about the past, the present and future.

    The future of the ULTRATITLE.
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    Pat Gordon, Jr.
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "For Boston" by Dropkick Murphys
    Wrestler's Finisher
    Sunday Morning Hangover (Omega Driver)
    Wrestler moveset
    1. Waistlock suplex
    2. Rolling reverse cradle into a bridge
    3. Hammerlock
    4. Abdominal stretch
    5. Tree of woe into a baseball slide
    6. Hip toss
    7. Snap mare followed by a flip-over neck whip OR a dropkick to the back of the head
    8. Elbow smash
    9. Irish Kiss (headbutt)
    10. Swinging neck breaker
    11. Ring post smash
    12. Drop toe hold
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Infinite Wrestling (INFINITE)
    Brief Biography
    Pat Gordon, Jr. is the son of former professional wrestler Pat Gordon, who competed in many promotions on the FW Central circuit prior to retirement. Unlike his parents, Pat Gordon, Jr. was born in the United States - Boston, Massachusetts, to be specific. Pat, Jr. grew up around the wrestling business and started his training at a young age. While his father wasn't known for his personality, PGJr was fortunate enough to have plenty of exposure to some of the more entertaining wrestlers. Will he lack personality like his father or will he be able to hold the attention of an audience? Only time will tell, but the Gordons are vastly more well known for their ability in the ring and not their ability to cut a promo.

    PGJr has wrestled once in JUST, defeating Sean Styles, and once in INFINITE, losing to wrestling legend BP Lightning.

    Brief Roleplay
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pat Gordon, clad in his green and orange wrestling pants, stood in front of a backdrop that read, "Infinite Wrestling." One hand rested on his hip while the other stroked his goatee.

    PGJr: "Pride. Glory. Honor. Each reason more fair than the last when it comes to entering a wrestling tournament, especially a tournament as prestigious as the UltraTitle. Sure, I've heard tales of UltraTitles past, yarns spun about how grand this tournament was and what lengths people would go to just to even dream of winning the UltraTitle. And as I grew older, I thought they were just that - yarns. I never thought I'd see one of these. Ever.

    "But here we are, and here it is: the biggest, baddest, cruelest heart breaker of them all. There's no doubt what winning the UltraTitle could do for your ego, knowing that you've outlasted 63 of the best wrestlers from ALL OVER the world. The satisfaction of calling yourself the Ultimate Champion has got to be sweeter than a hot fudge sundae with every mix-in Cold Stone Creamery could ever imagine. But Pride isn't why I'm doing this."

    Pat Gordon, Junior's arms folded across his chest.

    "There's also no doubting what winning this tournament could do for one's career. The winner of the UltraTitle will have every wrestling promotion and advertisement agency known to man trying to ink a deal. If you win this, you can more or less name your terms for a title shot or a TV commercial. I wouldn't even be surprised if the winner of this tournament got a movie deal! But Glory? That's not why I'm in this, either."

    One hand moved to his hips while the other one clenched into a fist of unbridled drama, grasping the air, in front of him.

    "Of course, there's no surer way to honor your ancestors than by fighting to be the best in the world and winning it - especially when previous branches of your family tree have wrestlers in them. There's nothing my parents, aunts, and uncles would like more than to see me hold the UltraTitle Trophy high above my head in victory, knowing that the road I've traveled to do it has been so grueling. But still, this isn't for Honor."

    Pat Gordon, Jr. shrugged.

    "I'm doing this because wrestling is what I know; it's all I've ever known. I grew up watching my father and uncle wrestle. I trained in their gym when they retired. I wrestled from junior high all the way through college - and now it's my time to go pro. So when someone whose heart beats the sound of ring bells hears the UltraTitle is returning, that announcement is like a Siren's song. It's impossible to resist.

    "The warm fuzzy feeling from being the best, taking my career and Infinite Wrestling to the top, even honoring my family by having one of us immortalized in a group WAY more exclusive than Heisman Trophy winners - those are all just icing on the cake. I'm here simply because I want to do what I do. I want... to wrestle."

    Iris out.
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    "The Birmingham Stallion" Jack Bryant
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    "Rollin' and Tumblin'" by the Stone Foxes
    Wrestler's Finisher
    - Southern Cross (Sharpshooter)
    - Birmingham Breaker (Uranage Backbreaker)
    Wrestler moveset
    - High-Impact Spinebuster
    - ROLL TIDE (Bear Hug -> Belly-to-Belly -> Northern Lights)
    - Rapid-fire Liver Punches -> Leaping Gutbuster
    - Repeated Atomic Drops -> Axe Bomber
    - Rotating Greco-Roman Slam
    - Snap Suplex
    - Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex
    - Double Underhook Suplex (90’s Steiner)
    - Deadlift German Suplex
    - Pendulum Backbreaker
    - Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
    Leagues Currently Active In
    Brief Biography
    - Two-time NFW World Television Champion
    - 2011 FW Rookie of the Year

    That's brief. I'll get a blown out version in sometime later this week.
    Brief Roleplay
    Later this week.
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    ULTRATITLE Wrestler Profile
    Wrestler Name
    "The Peoples Choice" August Joyce
    Wrestler Height
    Wrestler Weight
    Wrestler Age
    Theme Music
    “Never Will I Break” by 3 Doors Down
    Wrestler's Finisher
    The Choice (August lifts the opponent into a Canadian Backbreaker and makes a choice. He goes for one of the following moves.)

    •Canadian Backbreaker Piledriver
    •Yokosuka Cutter
    •Burning Hammer (VERY rare for August to go with this choice)
    Wrestler moveset
    Signature Moves:
    •T-Bone Suplex
    •Sole Food (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddmiO4r1Nfs)
    •Northern Lariat (Western Lariat)

    General Move List:

    •Standing Wrist lock
    •Firemans carry
    •Dragon Screw
    •Snap DDT
    •Snap Suplex
    •Northern Lights Suplex
    •Shin Breaker
    •Sleeper Hold
    •Half Boston Crab
    •Flying Wheel Kick
    Leagues Currently Active In
    MWA, PSW
    Brief Biography

    August Joyce is Vancouver born and raised, only child of a run of the mill couple. At least, they were run of the mill from the outside looking in. His mother led a double life, having an affair with a neighbour which went on for many years. His father had a history of mental health issues, and when he found out about his wife’s cheating ways, it was the final straw. Augusts’ father had a breakdown and killed his wife in a fit of rage before ending his own life. August came home from school at age 7 to find both his parents dead.
    He spent the few years following this going from care home to care home, behavioural problems hampering him at school and in his social life. Eventually he found an outlet in wrestling, having been shown the ropes by an ex pro, plying his trade as a gym teacher in a local high school. His teacher, Eddie Jensen, saw potential in the young August and helped him get into a prestigious wrestling school in the area. It was while honing his skills here that August first met Zhen Xu, who went on to become his agent, and also Benjamin Doi.

    Joyce and Doi formed a tag-team called The Omega Choice and began to compete all over Canada. Eventually, as the Children of Xu grew in numbers, they decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things. The group arrived in the Millennium Wrestling Alliance, revolving around August as the one man who got a full time contract with the company.

    August suffered a string of early defeats and people started to comment on his credentials, whether he was really cut out for the MWA. Some even said that the MWA must have been bribed to take August on as a talent.

    However, against the odds, August went on to capture the MWA Millennium Championship. His reign was relatively short but it cemented his place on the MWA roster and started to silence some of his critics.

    The Children of Xu expanded, DeAngelo Castillo was added to their ranks and the ZX Agency signed a new client, MWA World Champion, CJ Osborne. Things seemed to be on the up.

    But things change quickly, especially in the MWA. August lost the Millennium Championship and vanished in May 2009. With the disappearance of August the Children of Xu withdrew from the MWA and The ZX Agency severed it’s ties with Osborne.
    For over 18 months no-one saw or heard from August Joyce. There were sightings from the Rockie Mountains to Las Vegas, but none of them were ever confirmed.

    And then, on the 13th December 2010, August reappeared at an MWA event. Looking bloodied, beaten and malnourished August was a surprise entrant in the Any Given Night match, an open invitation battle royal. August slapped long time friend, Benjamin Doi, before being eliminated.

    Over the following weeks August made brief appearances for the MWA, never giving any hint as to where he’d been or what had happened to him.

    And then things turned sour for the MWA. One of their referees was kidnapped, as was one of their directors. And then a failed kidnap attempt on one of their wrestlers. Finally a clue as to who was behind the abductions, and that clue pointed right at August.
    August was then hunted down by a band of MWA stars before being captured, questioned and used as bait to lure out the person he had been working for. At long last, almost two whole years since his disappearance, August was a free man.

    But August’s reputation was left in tatters. No-one believed he was being forced to act out against the MWA. On the April 4th edition of BattleZone August Joyce faught his last MWA match and announced his decision to step away from the company.

    August has since been reunited with his family, and the son he never knew existed, and has decided to go back to his roots. He wants to get back to pro wrestling, away from the glitz and glamour of the MWA, and back into the small venues where he can re-learn his trade.

    In March 2011 he signed with Peach State Wrestling, based out of Fayetteville, Georgia. Joyce made a good start to his PSW career and won their Tag-Team Titles after being teamed with Jace Parker Davidson during a lethal lottery tournament. While the reign didn’t last long, the duo were defeated by Davidson’s wife and sister-in-law, the win helped boost Joyce’s confidence and standing within PSW.

    But things turned sour in August’s personal life as he went through a period of depression, ending his relationship with his wife and walking out on Peach State. It was only an intervention from Ben Doi that brought August to his senses. He managed to repair his relationship and went back to Peach State looking for a fresh start, after initially appearing as if the bridge has been burned August has appeared for Peach State Wrestling once again.

    Then a chance meeting with one of his wrestling heroes in late 2011 changed things completely. Joyce, a long time Tim Worthington fan, met with the MWA Hall of Famer and after several long chats persuaded him to give his career a new twist by teaming up with each other and attempting a comeback. A series of mysterious promos popped up around the MWA and in January 2012, at Rising Sons, the two made their first appearance together.

    MWA Millennium Champion - http://mwa-online.net/forums/
    PSW Tag-Team Champion - http://peachstatewrestling.blogspot.co.uk/
    Brief Roleplay
    It’s a clear and bright day in Atlanta as August Joyce is stood outside the Georgia Aquarium with his friend and tag-team partner Tim Worthington who’s in town for a show this coming weekend. The two men have not been in the same state very often recently so they’ve taken the opportunity to catch up. And as the two men are talking they’re interrupted by the arrival of a young man with a camera, looking to get some thoughts regarding August’s recent form in Peach State Wrestling.

    The man approaches August. “Mr Joyce, mind if we take a moment of your time to talk about Peach State? We’ve been trying to get hold of you for weeks now…”

    “Want me to give you two a moment?” Tim says with a cheeky smile.

    August shakes his head. “Nah, it’s ok. Go on then, kid, let’s do this.”

    Joyce runs his hand though his hair, making sure it’s not too unkempt. The young man gives a signal to say that he’s recording and August just stands there for a moment, looking around at the people walking by as he gathers his thoughts.

    “I’ve been silent for a long time after my last match, thinking about what to say to you all. I’ve avoided fan events, stayed off Twitter and I’ve not been answering my cell to almost everyone. But now, having thought things through and worked out what to say to you all, I’m going to put things straight.”

    “Right after the match I was disappointed, with the result and with my own personal performance. But then I read the report on the PSW website and my disappointment turned to anger. Go read that show report again and count how many moves I got in. Seriously, pause this video, go to the website and read it.”

    He stops for a moment, hoping that people actually do what he’s suggesting.

    “See that? Snapmare; Chop block; Spinning toe hold; kick; jawbreaker; suplex. Six moves. Six! That was my ENTIRE offence at Aftermath.” He shakes his head and sighs. “I can’t help but feel that I let you down. You, the great fans of Peach State, deserve better from the man who calls himself ‘The People’s Choice’. I mean, seriously, who’d choose me at the moment?”

    August looks to Tim next to him. “Tim and I both made our return to the ring in January.” He turns back to face the camera. “But it’s been far from a triumphant return. Between the two of us we’ve lost every match we’ve taken part in; in four different organisations. It doesn’t matter if it’s Peach State, the MWA, FRONTIER or Premier Wrestling, we’ve gone on the worst streak either of us have been on… EVER!”

    Tim pats his friend on the shoulder as Joyce continues.

    “I mean, I came to Peach State for a reason. It was a chance for me to rebuild my career, to get past a horrendous spell in the MWA and effectively start from the ground up. I trained in new styles, I learnt new moves. But what have I got to show for that? Not a whole lot.”

    “But now here we are, both of us in the fine state of Georgia this weekend for two big shows. Both hoping to turn the tide. I head to Spring Fever for my chance at putting things right, at ending my streak. An over the top rope battle royal, again, for another chance at the PSW Tag-Team Championships. I told you last month that it would be an honour to become the first ever two-time PSW Tag Champ, so getting another shot is good news as far as I’m concerned. Having to go through three other people to get there is just the icing on the cake.”

    August smiles and rubs his hands together at the thought of victory.

    “What better way to get back on track than by eliminating three other Peach State stars? A win would propel me back up the rankings, eliminating ALL of my opponents would really make people sit up and take notice once again! And who do I have to toss out to get there? Adrian Hunter, my partner at Aftermath, my old friend Dixie Leigh and Johnny Royal.”

    “Royal, I hear you’re a bit of a legend. The People’s Hero no less.”

    “Nice name.” Worthington chips in, almost laughing until remembering his partners own ring name.

    August shakes his head at Tim before turning back to the camera.

    “Well, Johnny, it’ll be interesting to see what you bring to the table. I know all about Dixie and Adrian having been in the ring with them and against them, but you’re an unknown quantity to me. I know you’re from right here in Atlanta. Other than that I know very little. But I do know enough not to underestimate you. Hell, you can’t underestimate ANYONE in Peach State.”

    He pauses for a moment as a smile crosses his face.

    “Including me!”
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