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    A Formal Introduction To Alex LeBlanc

    - A cabin in the woods is probably the last place the audience wants to find itself, but with UltraTitle right around the corner, stranger things have happened. At first glance, most would wonder why a newcomer would be granted such time to boast and proclaim. Truth is, he's filming this himself, a Handycam standing static on the porch rail in front of him. Sitting on a rickety old rocking chair, Alex LeBlanc looks part bemused and part relaxed, his hands dug into the pockets of a black hoodie.-

    LeBlanc: You probably still don't know me, and honestly, that's all well and good. By the end of this, you'll have an idea of who I am. By the end of UltraTitle, my name will be commonplace in all your households. It's the way I seem to do things. I tend to make a significant first impression. It may not look it, but in certain areas, in other walks of life, I'm kind of a big deal, a star even. You could call me a "big fish in a moderately-sized pond".

    -The scruff on his beard does its best to hide the look of melancholy sadness as his lips let the last words escape, but the sentiment is evident. Quickly moving on, Alex pulls that trademark pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lights one. Smoke filling the air before him, he takes a drag and then slowly puffs out. Relaxing as it may be, he still has a point to make, and some spotlight to steal.-

    LeBlanc: To some, that's probably enough. They'll live their lives being the "King of The Second Tier", and proclaim themselves the very best at what they do. Some will bemoan never having gotten the opportunity to dabble under the brightest of lights. Some will even say they were held down and oppressed by these small promotions from ever achieving, from ever branching out.

    To me, that's a bit maddening. Furthermore it's a bit enraging to hear these men, and sometimes women say these things.


    Because the truth is, if anybody ever held the title, "King of the Second Tier", it was me. If ever anybody was truly denied the opportunity to ever achieve, succeed, branch out or perform and showcase their talents under the hottest of spotlights...it was me.

    Everyone else is either flat-out lying or some yard-tard with delusions of grandeur.

    -Alex flicks a bit of ash off the end of his cigarette. Shaking his head, the 27 year old just laughs to himself as he takes another drag. Usually there would be a glass of scotch by his side, but the woman in his life, a lanky yet beautiful girl he affectionately calls "Gumby" has decided to make herself a nuisance and worry about "his health" or something or other. Regardless, LeBlanc sucks on the Marlboro Red like its his lifeblood, as if he draws his inspiration from the tar and the nicotine.-

    LeBlanc: It's almost funny at this point because it's actually been the story of my career. The thought of "what-might-have-been" coinciding directly with the idea of what currently is occurring. For years, as far as back as when I got my true start in Pojo Wrestling Alliance, I've been carrying companies, elevating stars and making new ones.

    When I attempted to participate in tournaments or modified versions of J-Cups in order to expand my reach and elevate my prestige, I was told to stay back and elevate my prestige from within Pojo Wrestling Alliance's borders. I was told that they "needed me", and as that their main attraction, losing me for months at a time would kill the bottom line.

    Being young and naive, I stayed. Even with my loyalty, the company still closed around me because of shoddy management. An opportunity wasted, but a lesson not yet learned.

    -Alex holds up one finger, as if counting off. Before he's done, 4 fingers will be up. It might be a symbol of wrestling excellence, but to this man, it's a symbol of Professional Wrestling's history with Alex LeBlanc. In essence, Alex is the quintessential beaten housewife that keeps coming back in spite of the abuse. Digression aside, he raises finger number 2 & 3.-

    LeBlanc: In NCW & CRW, much of the same took place. I won titles, carried the company, was given the opportunity to participate in a glamourous tournament in one of the most revered locations, and my superstardom finally seemed cemented.

    But that's when I got the same song and dance, the one about viability, about survival. Promises were made, deals initiated, all of which were never kept. The companies folded, and yet another opportunity was lost.

    -LeBlanc just laughs at his fortune at this point. Bringing the cigarette to his lips, he draws another long puff. Filling his lungs with smoke, Alex mellows out. Going back to speaking once more, he sounds a bit more cheerful, even if he still isn't jovial.-

    LeBlanc: All of that leads me to the present-day. I ply my trade at Professional RPG Wrestling, PRW for short. I'm a former 2- time Undisputed Champion, a 2-time Tag Team Champion, the longest reigning Television Champion in PRW history, a former International Champion, a Grand Slam Title Holder, a Triple Crown Winner, and an ACTIVE Hall of Famer.

    Let me say that again, for posterity sake. I'm an ACTIVE, as in "wrestles-on-every-show" Hall of Famer.

    In regards to PRW, my fate is sealed. I'll go down as the very best to ever step through those corridors.

    The thing is? Even that isn't enough.

    -LeBlanc puts out his cigarette by crushing it under his Timberland boot, eyes locked on the Handycam as he leans forward.-

    LeBlanc: History repeating itself, I have yet another opportunity to elevate my status, to cement my legacy not only within my company or within the so-called "second tier", but I once again have the chance to do it on a grand stage.

    Professional Wrestling & my career being what they are, my home promotion again has given me the same speech, telling me that they need me, that I'd be spreading myself thin, that it might not be viable for me to participate.

    -Alex looks off to the side a bit and nods. He claps his hands together momentarily before turning back. Locking eyes with the camera again, Alex just smirks.-

    LeBlanc: Screw them.

    This is my time, this is my moment. This is my opportunity to finally erase all doubts and stamp my name firmly in the history books and vault myself into immortality.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I have arrived.

    I've bought my ticket to the dance, but rest assured, I damn sure ain't no Cinderella.

    64 men enter and 63 men will remember my name, my face and the vision of my hand raised at the very end

    -Alex stands up and grabs the camera, still keeping it focused on himself.-

    LeBlanc: My name... is Alex LeBlanc.

    Learn it.

    Remember it.

    You'll be seeing a lot of it.

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