Greensboro, NC
April 8, 2012

Joey Melton unexpectedly entered the 2012 ULTRATITLE Tournament on Sunday, apparently in reaction to Eli Flair's announcement the previous day. The two-time ULTRATITLE Champion had harsh words for Flair, who is coming out of retirement to enter the tourney.

Melton was the original ULTRATITLE Tournament winner in the CSWA in 1989. He reached the finals in 1992, losing to Mickey Benedict under a mask. He won the tournament over 127 others in 1994 when he beat former ULTRATITLE Champ Hornet. Melton also flirted with three-time ULTRATITLE status by chasing the trophy in NFW Seasons 1 and 2. In Season 1 he made the semifinals, losing to Shane Southern. In Season 2 he reached the conference semifinals, losing to Eli Flair in a Triple Threat match that included Lindsay Troy.