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    Thumbs up AGGRESSION 40: Main Event: "Triple X" Sean Stevens, Stalker, Fusenshoff vs. Anthology

    Six Man Main Event.

    Post all RP here.

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    No return

    Stalker: Well done, my friend, well done......

    (Jason Reeves' voice trails off as the scene fades in. It's an abandoned warehouse, Jason sitting on the floor, with the only visible light hanging high above his head. He has a half empty bottle of some unknown liquor in his hand and a cig in the other hand. His head is tilted sideway and it's easily noticable that he has been sitting there for a while, possibly a few hours, and he seems content with himself. Strangely content....)

    Stalker: It was an epic night at Unleashed, absolutely epic. From the meaningless introduction of people like Damian Stone, to the true 'King' reclaiming his throne. It was definitely a rememorable night. As we approach this coming Aggression the question on everyone's lips is, will Fusenshoff even bother showing up? Followed closely by, 'Fusenshoff has no business teaming with those thugs, so why should he?'. They are all very respectable questions that will indeed be answered come Aggression.

    I already know those answers. As does Stevens. As does Fusenshoff himself. But, the real question is, will Fusenshoff be man enough to accept those answers? Will he be man enough to show the world what HE TRULY IS? What he truly desires? If he really is afraid to acknowledge those facts, I will open that door for him, I will show him his correct path.

    It was never match I cared about winning Fuse... It was a simple test, for you and myself. For you it was a test to show what you are truly capable of and for me.. well it was a test I laid upon myself. To bring out the worst in you, TO MAKE YOU DO what you probably swore you would never do again. Lose... control. That's exactly what happened and I must say we both passed with flying colors. Now we move on to our next step, our next challenge. My question is to everyone in Empire Pro, will you 'Be Ready?'.

    The first three that get to answer that question are the same ones who have been a thorn in my side for quite a while now. I refuse to refer to them by their moniker until they prove to the world that they are more then just a flash in the pan.

    Oh I am sure to get some feedback on that comment for sure. Honestly though, look at the facts, Shawn Hart and Kin Hiroshi are known as amazing talents, but the kind of talents that can't deal with a few losses. They lose, then disappear only to return again for another try. Shawn Hart lost the Television title, vanished, then returned with a new attitude. Or the same attitude, who really knows? As for Hiroshi well we all know the story behind us. It's a shame you never got your title shot, isn't it?

    (A hysterical laugh erupts from Jason as the last of his cig burns down to the filter.)

    Stalker: As for Cruise, well you are the only constant in the bunch. You're biggest mistake? Starting a war with me....

    (Standing up now, Jason takes a swig of the bottle and carefully places it on the ground away from him. Returning to the camera now his face is filled with anger.)

    Stalker: YOU THINK YOU ARE SOME SORT OF VETERAN IN THIS BUSINESS RIGHT CRUISE? That's WHY you GOT all ****ING pissy with me when I told you the facts that you didn't know **** about what i've gone through? Well it's TRUE *****. YOU HAVE NO ****ING IDEA what YOU IDIOTS have gotten yourselves into. Hiroshi ****ING DISAPPEARED BEFORE I COULD get my revenge on him and this TIME it won't be the same. You three *****es crossed that line of no return. NO... ****ING.. RETURN....

    (Before the camera cuts out, Jason can be heard whispering.)

    Stalker: Be ready, Fuse... be ready.

    Quote Originally Posted by jayshort View Post
    Triple X: And, don't worry about Jason. He'll keep ending careers, destroying lives, and redefining what it means to be most insane son-of-a-b[BEEP]tch this industry has ever seen in Stalker's World.

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    Re: No return

    "Yes, I understand...yeah....contusions...broken arm...bruises...thanks Chief, I'll be down there as soon as I can...you bet. How long is he gonna be out then?? That sucks...okay..you got it...okay....bye."

    (Fadein, as Cameron Cruise hangs up his cell phone and shakes his head as he steps into his livingroom by the fireplace to keep warm.)

    CRUISE: Well now....looks like you guys catch a break.

    That was the boss on the phone.

    Kin got into a car accident and it looks like he's gonna be M.I.A. for quite awhile so that he can rehab properly.

    At Aggression in Detroit it's gonna be the three of you against myself and Shawn Hart.

    Or is it??

    See, when I got word about Kin from the boss, I also was informed that to keep things fair for us...we get to pick a partner of our own choosing. After all...the Commissioner did remind me that it's better to give than to receive when it comes to Winter Holidays.

    You just won't get to see our partner until gametime, that's all.

    Boo-hoo, read 'em an' CRY.

    Unfortunately...Stalker's got his panties in a bunch and just can't wait to open his mouth, he's practically lactating as we speak.

    So let's get started.


    We meet again eh?

    The last time I saw you in the ring was when myself, you, James Irish and my partner Hart took each other to their limits and proceeded to tear down the house.

    You won and with that the EPW TV title, and forgive me if I haven't congratulated you already...I'll make sure Wells sends you a fifth of Scotch.

    As for tagging with Dumb and Dumberer....Good luck, lord knows I'd rather you be our partner but I suppose this is just a matter of a bad roll of the dice in the game of "Boss".

    Speakin' of which....looks like ol' Trip' Ex won the EPW World Heavyweight title back.

    I suppose I should congratulate you too, on a job well done, right??

    Go **** yourself, you get absolutely nothing from me, and like it.

    You've had your plate just alittle bit full lately and because of it, I'm sure winning that title couldn't feel more comfortable around your waist. But there's just one little fact I can't help but to remember about you Sean and that's this:

    I know you.

    Maybe not personally.

    Definately not intimately.

    But I do know you Professionally, and sooner or later, your ego is going to get the best of you, it always has.

    And you can best believe that when it happens, either myself, Shawn or Jared will be there to finish the job. As for right now??

    Consider this a clinic in what Tag Team wrestling SHOULD be like, as I know you won't have to worry about it for quite awhile.

    And not worrying about things can only bring me to one thing:

    Jason Reeves.

    You'd have to pardon me Jason, as I can't really call you "Stalker" anymore; though on account that I hear you worked over Fuse pretty good back on the West Coast in the "Cow Palace".

    **** like that I must admit looked convincing to me at the very least in the form of that other Nutjob on Kiddie-Cable-Land, Beakman from "Beakman's World", because only a careful calculation like that could look about as half-ass and "Nerdy".

    So I'll tell you what.

    It's a different world this week.

    Things weren't any more horrible than that of the Oakland Raiders' Defense against the Patriots on Sunday, with Fuse winning the TV title in any other manner than that to which he wanted and the Olvir the Viking and Crimson Calling being played for a fool in front of the entire world as Jared Wells did what he does best...especially with your Mother and your Girlfriend after the show:

    Blow. Your. Mind.

    Here's the thing though Jason, as I do kinda have a question about one of the things you said, and it's not the part about being a Veteran in this business as it's already a known fact.

    Two Tag-Team Championships and an Intercontinental title reign kind of do the math on that for me. But if you want more...I've no problems doing so.

    By the way...outside of giving Rocko Daymon a Boo-boo and skipping hands through the park with Sean Stevens on a Thursday night...just what exactly HAVE you done lately, Jason??

    I mean...really....I know that I'm a DAMN GOOD WRESTLER, Jason...but since when do I start wars that I don't really even remember being in in the first place??

    I mean...how much worse can you really need it??

    I not only made you scream like afew of Hart's freaks when he takes them behind closed doors...but I humiliated you not once but twice in front on National Television. As a sidenote though...Neely tells me that you've got the unofficial record for Projectile Vomiting so perhaps you've accomplished something after all right??

    I not only have no desire to hear anymore..."Facts" about you, Reeves, because the fact of the matter is, I just don't care.

    But don't fret, Beakman...as some of the best things come in three's:

    Hat Tricks.

    Playboy Bunnies.

    Getting to "3rd Base".

    MLBs' Triple Crown.

    Quarterbacks in the "Manning" Family.

    And marking you down for consecutive losses by yours truly.

    This week make's it even worse though, seeing as it's also in Detroit.

    The Lions are oh-and-fourteen.

    The Pistons aren't nearly what they should be even with Allen Iverson.

    The Red Wings are old.

    Even the Tigers are starting to remember the one thing that's been constant since 1985 and that's the fact that they play HORRIBLE baseball.

    And it won't stop there, Lefty, no not at all.

    Why?? Because Either it'll be a Hart Attack or you getting the Shipwreck and looking up at lights.

    It's the one constant that YOU are used to that's your way of still making you noticable to the people around you.

    After all...you hanging on Steven's every whim couldn't make you look more like a bum...maybe it's true what Hiroshi told me the other day after all??

    You wish you so much to be like Fusenshoff.

    Then like I said before, Reeves...'tis better to give than to receive...and it would be no sweat for us to give you a brutal makeover, courtesy of The Anthology.

    Just remember...the last time I faced you in the ring, you had Chaquita Banana as your partner.

    This time it's both the TV Champion and the World Heavyweight, in your corner.

    Some might even say you have an advantage.

    But I promise you the scales are gonna tip back in our favor, Jason.

    Know why??

    Because I've accepted your invite to "Stalkers' World" before, and truthfully...I gotta tell ya...

    I'm not impressed. not in the least.

    But that's okay...because I've got something that will impress you at Aggression that I PROMISE you, you can prepare all you want.

    Nothing will prevent you from another humiliation, not now, not ever.

    Cameron Cruise: EPW's First and Only Grand Slam Winner

    Erik Mateo: Former LVW Hardcore Champion

    San Francisco Giants
    Indianapolis Colts
    Fresno State Bulldogs

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    Re: AGGRESSION 40: Main Event: "Triple X" Sean Stevens, Stalker, Fusenshoff vs. Antho


    A championship throat is cleared.

    "There is a distinct difference between trash and treasure. A man and a boy. A servant and a master. Kings and pawns.

    FADE: The scene opened up in front of an EPW backdrop. Two time Empire Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Sean 'Triple X' Stevens stands triumphant, his EPW title draped proudly over his shoulder, shining as bright as it ever has.

    TRIPLE X: Despite what you may think you know, Cameron Cruise, you're really pretty f'king clueless. We're two different class of people, with nothing in common. Oil and water ... apples and oranges. Do you know me? Silly rabbit ... you know of me, because for the last decade you've either participated in, or watched from the sidelines as I strategically stuck my foot so far up your ass, or the ass of someone that you knew, that my toes tickled their prostate.

    He smiled, as he ran his fingers through his lengthy golden locks.

    TRIPLE X: But, you don't know me. Personally, professionally, intimately, in any way, shape or form. Because if you knew me, you could quite possibly understand me. And, if you understood me, you could potentially relate to me, and if you were to EVER relate to me ... mentality, personally, professionally ... things could've turned out a little different for you.

    "You and your little clique like to get on microphones and talk sh[BEEP]t about people you hardly know or understand. For the most part, unless you want a main event rub, I'm not the topic of your conversations because you know and understand that there are consequences to calling out the best in the industry. Sure, you get to finally compete at the end of the show ... but at what cost? A tooth. A concussion? A beating so bad that your parents hardly recognize you? You b[BEEP]tches get out of pocket from time to time but you know what time it is, and that's why you choose to go the safe route. That's why you talk about Jason's style of wrestling ... it's also why you constantly show the world how classless you are, with your lack of respect, by pretending you don't know how to pronounce Nakita's name. Your desperate attempts at straw grasping, in an effort to finally sit at the cool kids table, and be accepted is about as sad as what your career has turned out to be. The fact that your silly little stable can sit around and judge people, with tired, pointless, third grade-esque insults, when two of you absolutely have no name in this business, one of you is the biggest laughing stock in the industry and another is biggest choke artist of the Y2K era proves how hypocritical and delusional you all are.

    "...assfags like you are why I never sit at the cool kids table.

    "It's why I sit on plush, comfy, thrones."

    The camera pans inward, focusing on his famous baby blues. The smirks and smiles were gone, the champ was strictly business.

    TRIPLE X: And, that's the major difference between you and me. I'm a winner and you're a loser. I attend exotic fashion shows, and date models and actresses on the 'E! 50 Most Beautiful Women' list, and your son is Kooter. I'm the EPW World Heavyweight Champion and you..."


    TRIPLE X: ... Are the World Champion of Troy Windham Wrestling.

    "Yet you have the nerve to talk about my partner. You don't have the right to say anything about anyone for aligning themselves with me. Especially when he could've done far worse by aligning himself with YOU. Jason Reeves is one of the realest men in this industry. He catches flack for being who he is, but I'd rather have someone in my corner who is passionate about who he is, who knows what he's capable of, and what he can bring to the table, opposed to a bunch of idiots with delusions of grandeur that they ever mattered.

    "So keep running your mouth, Cameron. Keep convincing yourself that you're anything more than an over hyped curtain jerker, who will never amount to anything in this industry. You're living in a," begin finger quote, "make believe world," end finger quote, "where there are fairies, elves and a Wizard at the end of a yellow brick road. Me? I'll keep winning championships, Wrestler of the Year awards, Match of the Year awards, and most importantly, I'll keep f'king the females you jack off to at night in the real world. And, don't worry about Jason. He'll keep ending careers, destroying lives, and redefining what it means to be most insane son-of-a-b[BEEP]tch this industry has ever seen in Stalker's World.

    "It may come with it's minor bumps in the road, but it's still better than being Cameron Cruise. And, that, my friend, is a Reality Check you may not like...

    "...you punk ass little b[BEEP]tch."

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    Re: AGGRESSION 40: Main Event: "Triple X" Sean Stevens, Stalker, Fusenshoff vs. Antho

    (Fadein, a finger up against athroat. The Camera pans back to view Cameron Cruise and he aggressively clears his throat to gather muscus, aaaand...)


    Cruise spits straight at the camera as the nastiest of Loogies creeps down across the lense as Cruise produces a hankerchief from the cameraman and wipes the mess.)

    CRUISE: I'm a successfull wrestler in this business, and I just spit.


    Because no one else is willing to do it, that's why and that's the reason why your lenses are so dirty, LaShawn.

    Cameraman: Yes, Mister Cruise...

    CRUISE: Shaddup.

    Sean, what the **** are you talking about with you dating Models and Actresses??

    You got down with Chiquita Banana, which is needless to say is...


    ....And this was AFTER you hooked up with Ivy McInnis, which wasn't even a first class move muchless an ORIGINAL one.

    I mean....it's kinda like goin' with Tara Reid.

    And EVERYONE has been with Tara at one time or another, even 'E!'.

    (Cruise smirks.)

    You go out with Models and Actresses.

    Who's next, Sean??




    The fact is Sean, your taste in women is as about as lousy as the day is long.

    Sure, I've not competed very often at the end of a show and believe it or not Sean...SO-THE-****-WHAT??!!?!!

    You're a Two-time EPW World Heavyweight Champion.

    I'm a Multiple EPW World Tag Team Champion.

    I've sold out the Playboy Grotto and can market to just about anyone you can throw at me.

    You couldn't market and sell Ring Pops at a "Hannah Montana" Convention.

    You're not the topic of my conversations, Sean, because I simply don't give a **** about you anymore and haven't since the early Millenium, no matter how badly your performances were in NFW.

    That's right, Twizzler, I can punk you out too.

    Nevertheless, it's a shame you can't hang with us at the cool kids table, not because you weren't alotted a spot to join us...actually you WERE invited but the fact that you feed off of everyone's thunder and annoy the piss out of everyone NOT NAMED Jason or Chiquita is just plain pathetic.

    Speaking of which, who cares if I've no respect for Reeves?? Why would I wanna give a damn for someone who's about one level higher than that of Guinea Pig?? I mean, if you wanna be technical Sean...he might as well be his own figment of his friggin' imagination, too!!

    "Stalker's World"????

    I said it before, but by God I'll say it again....I've humiliated you twice, Reeves...

    You pretty much are your own "One-man Show", and to tell the truth...the ratings are so bad there...you couldn't even revive things with alittle porno for Sex Appeal, because there is none.

    Nevermind that though Reeves...don't you cry, if you need something soft and warm to ease your pain, there's always Chiquita Banana's VAGINA.

    After all...how else would you be able to live with yourself in "Stalker's World" than to have someone as pathetic as you give you some sweet Gospel lovin' that gives you a sensational feeling you can only feel tingle with glee in your 'Giblet's'.

    After all Sean, She's not important enough to me to begin worrying about in the ring so what good does it do for me to use the proper pronounciation for it when she doesn't nearly deserve it?? It's easy for me to get it wrong Sean, because it's not a deserving priority for me to get it right.

    And yes, my son Kooter might very well kick your ass too, not because you might be failing at hurting Daddy's feelings, no sir, he's above all that.

    He'd do it just because he's oblivious to everything else. But now that I think about it, you go ahead and give him incentive by swiping his Mountain Dew, stealing his porno mags, and using the Wall Street Journal he uses along with a good Crossword when he goes to pinch a loaf.

    I insist.

    Therefore, much like your extracurricular activities, it's irrelevant; but by all means Sean, keep your throne, I'm more than happy to keep a used, lumpy but comfortable couch that I have at my disposal.

    Know why??

    Because unlike you, on the contrary to what you say....there's NOTHING BETTER, than being Cameron Cruise right now.

    Other than being World Heavyweight Champion....and believe me when I tell you Sean, it's like a broken record now-a-days, but I'm gonna say it for the umpteenth time:

    It's all in due time.

    And if you think you're gonna dismiss that as easy as I can dismiss your partners, then that really IS a REALIY CHECK, that you just...won't...like.

    You inconsiderate PRICK.

    (Cruise gives the double-number-one-finger Salute as the camera fades out.)
    Cameron Cruise: EPW's First and Only Grand Slam Winner

    Erik Mateo: Former LVW Hardcore Champion

    San Francisco Giants
    Indianapolis Colts
    Fresno State Bulldogs

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    Re: AGGRESSION 40: Main Event: "Triple X" Sean Stevens, Stalker, Fusenshoff vs. Antho

    Fade in to Fusenshoff in front of an EPW backdrop. He sits on a stool with his black leather jacket on and a white wife beater, black jeans and boots. There is one noticeable difference though as Fuse is actually wearing the Television Title for a change. He also has had a custom-fit cup holder sewn onto the belt to hold his flask. He takes a swig of Jack and stares into the camera.

    Fusenshoff: “I hate to burst your bubble Reeves, but Unleashed wasn’t that rememorable.

    “The fact is you seem to think you’ve made progress. I reluctantly hit you with a chair and you think you’ve made some kind of breakthrough. Sure, I lost my temper and yeah, that’s out of the ordinary for me in the squared circle... now let’s step out of Stalker’s World for a moment and look at things realistically.

    “You and I aren’t alike at all. The only thing we have in common is that life has run us through the ringer so many times our stretch marks have stretch marks. That’s where the similarities end. From a wrestling standpoint, a Dark Knight reference is in order. I’ve grown stronger from getting sh*t on by fate while ‘what hasn’t killed you simply made you stranger’.

    “The most significant difference can be attributed to one vital character trait, called toughness. It’s that little thing that fights adversity tooth and nail and smirks in its face rather than crumble at its feet.

    “You’re the antithesis of tough, Jason. Daymon threw you a curveball in some other federation that slipped into oblivion years ago. It took damn near a decade for you to get back on your toes. Rather than man-up, you chose to sulk in the streets. Now he’s out of the picture after some complimentary hand-holding by Stevens on your behalf. Ever since then you’ve been on a cold streak comparable to a grinder in Vegas with delusions of grandeur.

    “Which brings us to ‘Stalker’s World’- the running joke of EPW.

    “I’ll make this brief and clear Reeves. I’m physically and mentally tougher than you are. I can take anything you dish out and then some. Try all you like to ‘change’ me, but your efforts are futile.

    “You can’t break me Reeves.”

    Fusenshoff stops and grabs his flask from the holder he had custom-woven onto the Television Title.

    Fusenshoff: “In Cleveland this week I’ll be pairing with our World Champion and his stooge against two men I know intimately well and a mystery man. Odds are, this guy is nowhere near the talent of Hiroshi and the chances of the Anthology walking away winners of this thing were slim to begin with.

    “Hart, I’ve been a thorn in your side the entire year. When you’re my opponent, you lose. When you’re my tag partner, you lose. I’m sure you’d like a little revenge after what I’ve done to your career here in EPW. I’d say it’s more likely you’ll tuck tail again rather than come away from Aggression a winner.

    “Cam, old buddy old pal, I could waste more of my time making you look like a fool again, but it seems you’ve already done that for me. Everything that comes out of your mouth is drivel. Well, everything except the Nakita comeback, that was pretty damn good. Sean kind of stepped in it with the models and actresses bit after ‘dancing’ with the devil worshipper on national television a few months back. It’s a shame Cam that you strike out with your routines like Ryan Howard with a blindfold on most of the time.”

    Fusenshoff takes another swig of blackjack before standing up off the stool and pausing to make one last comment.

    Fusenshoff: “This whole situation isn’t exactly ideal for me. I’m tagging with two men who are so threatened by my production in EPW that they resort to ruining my matches every week. Who knows what’ll happen at Aggression, but you can bet it’s not going to be your every-day, run-of-the-mill tag match. It was Stalker’s idea to have this happen and he undoubtedly has something up his sleeve, but I wonder if he thought this one through. The fact is, when the fan gets defecated, my partners may not like what they’ve set themselves up with.

    “I don’t like the Anthology and they don’t like me, but we all HATE The Fallen. If the Anthology knows what’s good for them, they’ll let this sleeping dog lie.”

    Fade out as Fusenshoff walks out of the shot with a smirk on his face. He knows The Fallen have found that the bed they’ve made for themselves just got brand new sheets that don’t match the curtains.
    "Can I pour you a beer Mr. Peterson?"
    "A little early isn't it, Woody?"
    "For a beer?"
    "No, for stupid questions."

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    The Replacement

    ((FADE IN))

    (( WHERE: Cleveland, Ohio. ))

    "In San Francisco, the police call them smoke easies. Here, smokehouses. I just know it's where I'm supposed to be now."

    (( THE PLACE: the size of it looks like a basement. The atmoshere is a club one, with strippers on poles, smoke filling the air, drinks sliding across a counter and the murmur of people enjoying their time. ))

    "What I'm looking for is bound to find me. I don't like that, but right now I don't have a choice. Call it a mystery. One I hope this place can shed some light on."

    (( The one speaking is a tall man, his figure covered in all black clothing, drinking something alcoholic from his glass. It would have to be, if he's here. His face is obscured by a ball cap, sunglasses and stubble. ))

    "We don't have these 'clubs' back home because we aren't stupid. There is no 'ban' on smoking like in this God forsaken city, that allows these places to open shop. This city is backwards as they come. The law tries to help, and they make criminals out of common people."

    "In a way it's disgraceful. In another it's beautiful irony."

    (( WHO: Impossible to tell. The voice sounds like a synthesizer, but the words come out clear. ))

    "But it means nothing to me. Just a distraction until I get what I came for. Or who."

    (( The figure downs the remaining drink. A woman comes up to him and turns his head toward her, wrapping her arm around his neck. She looks like an hourglass, maybe a D-cup, not a bad body. Blond hair and blue eyes. She's been doing something hard and her face shows it. ))

    BLONDE: "Now what are you doing here all alone. Didn't you bring someone to have fun with?"

    MAN: "***** I'm not here to catch something."

    (( He shoves her off. She smiles. ))

    BLONDE: "Looks like someone needs to let out some aggression."

    MAN: "Sorry, but I don't **** girls who look like they just got a powder to the face. Go back to whoever gave you your dusting, see if they think you're worth another line."

    BLONDE: "But daddy said you'd do it for me. If I asked......* "

    MAN: "Daddy?"

    (( The blonde trails off as she points to a sofa near a corner of the room, then passes out. The man catches her by the arm and picks her up. ))

    MAN: "Let's go meet Daddy then."

    (( He walks over to the sofa. 'Daddy' has another woman on his arm, while he downs a bottle and watches what just unfolded. The man holding the blonde drops her on the sofa, and she slumps onto the man sitting, who shoves both woman onto the cushions as he stands, smiling with the bottle waving around. ))

    MAN #2: "I thought you woulda liked the gift I sent over."

    MAN #1: "What is this about."

    MAN #2: "Just call me a representative of...... ANTHOLOGY."

    (( The man grabs him by the collar of his shirt. The Anthology rep laughs. ))

    MAN: "You aren't who I'm looking for."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "It's been a while, hasn't it? But I thought you..... maybe we could come to a truce. No reason you and the members of Anthology can't lay the past to rest."

    MAN: "You must not know our past. Or be drunk."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Let me tell you something..... you listen to me. With you added to Anthology, it would be over. No one would stand a chance against a force like that."

    MAN: "I'm not here to make alliances. I'm here for answers. And you're just a bastard with another agenda."

    (( He pushes the rep onto the women and sofa and walks back to the bar. The bartender holds up his glass and the man nods. He turns his head to look back, only to find a bottle smash on the side of the bar. The Anthology rep staggers up to him. ))

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Just wanted to get your attention."

    MAN: "You must really believe in what Anthology is about. Ready to take a beating for what you believe."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "No man, no! Listen to yourself! No reason for that anymore. We got BIGGER PLANS! Cruise..... Hart...... they already got it figured out. They got you in mind. You are ANTHOLOGY."

    (( The man grabs the Anthology rep's shirt again. ))

    MAN: "I WORK ALONE. And I don't have time to deal with you right now, got it?"

    (( The rep just looks at him and smiles. He holds up his arms. ))

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Ohhhh YEAH! I get it now! You waiting for the call, right?"

    (( The rep pulls out his phone and pushes a few buttons. The man just looks at him. A second later his phone rings. ))

    MAN: "Wait.... YOU called me??"

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Sure.... I just forgot about that! I wanted it to be all SUPER SECRET and ****! They said it was the kind of thing that would get you interested. But I forgot to do the call!"

    MAN: "I've been waiting for YOU? ****! What a waste. For this I should beat your..... ah, forget it. I'm not going to find any answers here."

    (( He lets the Rep go. The bartender brings another drink, leaving it on the counter by the man. He takes some down, staring at the glass. ))

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Hey, all's not lost! The offer still stands. Anthology has a place for you."

    MAN: "Secret calls and meetings? You know nothing about me."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Hey I got you here, didn't I?"

    MAN: "NO! You got lucky. Happened to be in the right place, at the right time. When I was looking for a place like this to be where I'd find a different piece of trash."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Oh, I'm hurt. But hear me out. I can give you something to help make you feel better."

    MAN: "Believe me. I can do better than strung out prostitutes."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "OK, NOW you're tryin' to insult us! But really, how about a....... World Champion?"

    MAN: "......"

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Caught your attention? Sean Stevens. Triple X himself. Anthology has their eyes on the prize. And this week, Cruise and Hart are in a match with him....."

    (( The man looks up. ))

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Stevens has two others with him though. Stalker and Fusenshoff, the Television Champion. Anthology could use an equalizer. You want Stevens you have a chance now."

    MAN: "Yeah, I know of the other two. Stalker likes to pretend he's in his own world, with his rules and his way. That isn't all too unfamiliar for me, actually... almost reminiscent of old foes. Problem with it all is, Stalker doesn't dictate what I do. He'll just be another pawn in the grand scheme of things. Just like he was against Daymon. Constantly the *****. Making his mark on insignificance. A bit part."

    (( He takes a drink. ))

    MAN: "Fuse will be a threat only if he tries to get in my way. But if he is really in disagreement with his teammates, then he won't even bother to show."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Somehow I don't see that one going over. The guy's a fighter. He's got a load of pride and won't let someone force his hand like that."

    MAN: "You say his pride will force him to team with them. I say that stinks of excuses. If Fuse comes to the ring to team with them, he admits a continued defeat to the manipulation. A stronger man would find a way out. Or just **** the match up and take pride in it. We will find out how strong Fuse is when his muscles can't get him out of his situation."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "And if he does show?"

    MAN: "According to you, Cruise and Hart should be able to handle it. But if he gets in my way, he is a threat. I don't take threats kindly and if he thinks he can go through me with ease, that's his mistake. The slower a learner he is the higher the toll will be on his body. You would think he has reservations about underestimating another, after he was just made the fool by Stalker. Manipulated so simply. A chairshot today..... part of the fold tomorrow. You could even play Devil's Advocate and say that if Fuse would join The Fallen, it may be best for himself. Unleashing something inside himself, an edge. Something powerful that might be what he's lacked to keep himself from getting into these traps. But what does it matter? That **** isn't my problem. If he comes at me, I'll meet him head-on. Same as Stalker. Anyone until I get what I want..... the World Champion."

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Just like Anthology! That's the beauty of it. You agree."

    MAN: "And Anthology has no problem with my continuing to chase the World Champion beyond this match?"

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Well..... one week at a time."

    MAN: "And after that?"

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "Are you with Anthology, then?"

    (( The man drains the other half of his drink in one go, puts the glass on the counter and stands. He takes some money out and leaves it on the bar. ))

    MAN: "Like I said, I'm with no one. But Stevens has the title and you offer me a shot to get in the ring with him, with Cruise and Hart taking the others? Then consider Stevens payment for my services this week."

    (( The man adjusts his hat and leaves. ))

    ANTHOLOGY REP: "We'll see."

    (( FADE OUT ))
    "How's it taste MOTHER-F**KER? HUH?!"

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    Man on the Steet

    FADE IN: The mean streets of Cleveland - 1:52 P.M.

    It's a Sunday afternoon and, in anticipation for the upcoming Aggression event to be held live from the city, former EPW Television Champion Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD. has taken to the streets to check its goodly citizen's collective pulse on all things Empire Pro.

    SEXY FEMALE V/O: "Due to the extreme nature of some comments, the following has been [CENSORED] for you, the Hart-broken Anthophiles. Thank you."

    CUT TO: A heavy-set man in his early 40's as a seemingly rabid Phenom pounces upon him with microphone in hand.

    SJH: "Sir! SIR!! A moment of your time!!"

    The man backs away nervously.

    FATSO: "U-ungh?"

    SJH pauses momentarily to catch his breath, after which he shoves the mic into the man's face.

    SJH: "Empire Pro Wrestling has RETURNED to Cleveland!! That being the case, I've GOT to ask you - are those things REAL?!"

    He reaches out and pinches the man's left nipple. The man quickly recoils in fear.

    FATSO: "Excuse me!?"

    SJH: "We've got to be talkin' Double D's here right? I mean... don't take this the wrong way, but I kind of want to bury my face between them.."

    FATSO: "Uhhhh...."

    CUT TO: A playground as Hart mingles with some local youths.

    SJH: "So it's gonna be me, the BOOZE Cruise, and company against Sean Stevens, SNOOZEnshoff, and the old-lady Stalker. What'chu think, kiddies? Who's the BADDEST MC of the bunch?"

    A boy makes a B-line for the microphone.

    BOY: "Well it's def'nitely NOT [Snoozenshoff]! That dude's the biggest idiot like EVER!"

    SJH: "C'mon kid... sticks n' stones. Don't be a little ingrate."

    BOY: "Well I'm sorry, but my daddy says [Snoozenshoff] plays for the other team... and I dunno what team that is, but daddy says if I ever play for it, he'll send me to the orphanage!"

    The Phenom begins to grit his teeth, but barrels ahead with his little interview regardless.

    SJH: "So who do you like then, you little brat?"

    BOY: "[SHAWN HART] of course!! My daddy says he's the best TV champion of all time!

    The Phenom grimaces, covers the microphone, then looks to somebody off camera.

    SJH: *under his breath* "We're gonna fix this up later, right? ....................Right. OK. Good deal."

    He turns his frown upside down and returns his attention to the boy and his friends.

    SJH: "I love you too, little guy! How 'bout a hug?"

    Hart begins to put his arms around the kid, but is met instantly with a flailing slap to the jaw!



    CUT TO: SJH standing by with a sexy coed. As one might predict, his eyes are LOCKED onto her ample bosom.

    SJH: "Hiiii...."

    SEXPOT: "Um... hi."

    SJH: "Heh.... hiiiiiiii....."

    SEXPOT: "Hi?"

    Hart bats his eyelashes, after which he retrieves a tube of lip gloss from his man purse and touches up his lower lip.

    SJH: "Heh... hooooooow's it goin'?"

    The woman gags.

    SEXPOT: "[Sexy!] So are you gonna [do me from behind] or what?!

    CLOSE ON: Hart's face.


    CUT TO: The Phenom amidst a group of teenaged wrestling fans.

    SJH: "So guys, how 'bout the Anthology? This thing has GOT to be the hottest bit of business in the entire wrestling industry, RRRRIGHT?!"

    One of the guys looks off camera, while the others stand behind him in a state of confusion.

    WRESTLING FAN: "N-now? ...............Right. OK."

    He looks to the Phenom and smiles wryly.

    FAN: "Why yes. We.. absolutely... love.... you guys... E-heh. Right gang?"

    GANG: "Yes. The.. Anthology... totally... rocks.

    Hart is seemingly bowled over by the comments.

    SJH: "WOW!! What compliment! You're probably the second nicest guy I've seen today!"

    SMASH CUT TO: The heavy-set man from earlier, only this time he is shirtless and Hart is nuzzling his hairy chest.


    CUT TO: The Phenom with the young wrestling fans.

    SJH: "But y'know, as nice as it is to hear you guys say that.... HONESTLY, what else are you gonna say? I mean, despite the year Stevens has had, and Snoozenshoff's TV strap, and Stalker's..... uhh... stalker...ness... the ANTHOLOGY is WITHOUT QUESTION the GREATEST assembly of talent since John, Paul, George, and Ringo! I mean, am I right or AM I RIGHT?!"

    FAN: "Well, I mean... I dunno about the Beatles thing. But maybe you're the greatest since [the dawn of time]?

    The gang all seem to agree with their spokesman.

    SJH: "You guys.... TEARS! Can you see this? That's the kind of joy you guys have brought me. But as good as that is, NOTHING will compare to the joy of the complete and utter BEATDOWN that DONG Stevens and crew are going to suffer at the hands of ANTHOLOGY! Call it a mockery, call it an OUTRAGE, I call it the-"

    SJH is taken instantly out of his diatribe by the onion booty of a plus-sized female passerby.

    SJH: "Holy handjob!! You lookin' to get that rump ROSTED by this hot meat?!"

    The woman looks back to Hart with disdain.


    Hart looks into the camera.

    SJH: "WHOA MAMA! The Phenom has left the building!!"

    As Hart takes off after the woman, we FADE TO BLACK.
    Ernie: "Aaand in the bathroom just now I thought of the promo that could have won it for me."
    Me: "Really?! Cuz it was.."the sh#t?" ziiiiiiiing!
    Ernie: "Lol. It was!"

    Brevity is the soul of wit.

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    Re: AGGRESSION 40: Main Event: "Triple X" Sean Stevens, Stalker, Fusenshoff vs. Antho

    V/O: Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

    (Fade in. Jason Reeves standing in front of a burning pile of mess, wearing street clothes, covered in a hoodie, he breathes out the very brisk cool air of Cleveland, Ohio.)

    Stalker: Fools. That's all I can say about Cruise and his moronic followers, nothing but fools. Make all the jokes you want about me, do what you can to impress yourself with your so called victories. It doesn't matter to me, not when I am still at the top.

    (Zoom out to see Jason Reeves standing on top of a large building overlooking the city of Cleveland. The burning mess, nothing but a small pile of wood and garbage. It was probably being used to keep himself warm.)

    Stalker: Ever since I have entered Empire Pro Wrestling i've been on the tips of everyone's tounges. Everyone always wondering what 'I' am going to do next. That's because in this sick world we call home, I will always be the one to bring a ***** down a peg or two. Hiroshi, yet again flees from me. Do you not ask yourselves why? Do you not question your own sanity when knowing that you are going to step into the ring with me, you still do it, reasoning it with trying to get a simple victory over me?

    Is that really enough? For any of you? Knowing that once you do this, your outlook is never the same. YOUR DREAMS... SUDDENLY NIGHTMARES! But you stand tall, holding it in, not revealing yourselves. Hoping... just hoping that it won't happen again. Hoping that my world will never become your world. Well, let me tell you guys a little something..... It's... too.... late....

    (His voice drifts off for a moment, followed by a hysterical laugh. Turning around so his back is to the camera, Jason reaches into his pocket pulling out a container of liquid and taking a long drink.)

    Stalker: Fusenshoff it's time. Denial will get you nothing but agony in the end. It is time that you face what I have put in front of you and accept the things you can not change. Your true beginning is so close that you, yourself, can taste it. Unleashed was just the start to what fans will be accustomed to seeing, a driven wrestler, a devoted wrestler, a wrestler with no remorse for those he leaves behind. Your life was ruined by a moment, just as mine and if you honestly think Rocko Daymon was the sole reason for my bitterness, you my friend, are SADLY mistaken.

    Where you ignore your true colors for a brighter, happier future, I embrace mine. My only cause right now is to make you see.. make you see what you have been ignoring for these past few months. You'll thank me... in the end.

    As for now it's just the start. You will partner up with The Fallen, not because you want to, but because you know you have to. You'll partner with us and we will go to that ring as one, we will dominate the fools that think we are simple pushovers and then we shall leave. It won't be a closed matter after the match I am sure, but it will be a start, a start to show Cruise where he belongs and a start to show Fusenshoff what he truly is capable of.

    This life.. this life is a war. And this match at Aggression... is just another battle.

    (Fade out on Stalker's back looking down at the fire.)
    Quote Originally Posted by jayshort View Post
    Triple X: And, don't worry about Jason. He'll keep ending careers, destroying lives, and redefining what it means to be most insane son-of-a-b[BEEP]tch this industry has ever seen in Stalker's World.

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    Re: AGGRESSION 40: Main Event: "Triple X" Sean Stevens, Stalker, Fusenshoff vs. Antho

    (Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of an EPW Backdrop. Dressed in black jeans, black shirt with Ebenezer Scrooge was a pimp on the front, and Black Anarchy-styled shades. Smiling, he produces a "Webster's Dictionary", from behind his back.)

    CRUISE: "Contrary".

    (Cruise opens up the book, which has the location bookmarked, sights down the page for the definition.)

    a. Opposed; opposing; different; adverse; self-willed; n.something the exact opposite of.

    (Tossing the book aside...)

    See Jason, you seem to think it doesn't matter if either myself...Jared Wells, "The Japanese Thunder" Kin Hiroshi, even Shawn Hart...or "Shawn-Hizzle" as he once requested, crack jokes about you and talk about how the victories we've had recently were more impressive than the fact that Matt Ryan almost single-handedly took the Atlanta Falcons to the playoffs after the team just finished getting embarrassed on National Television by the man he replaced in Michael Vick.

    That's right son, I said it....more IMPRESSIVE.

    Okay fine, here's a doozy for ya, Stalker:

    Jason Reeves and Sean Steven's go to a bar.

    .....that's it, that's the joke.

    The point?? With Moron's like the two of you going to bars...looking like you do, acting like you do, there ain't a doubt in my mind that you couldn't make it out, not on your own power anyway.

    To be honest Jason, that explains alot why you're standing next to that pile of trash that you have burning to keep you warm. I mean, I'd say I understand what you mean, but then again...

    I'm still BETTER than you, and smart enough to keep warm inside of a house that I own than to resolve myself to telling people all kinds of bull**** while keeping warm by the fire that's burning the garbage people don't make inside the can.

    A nice throw, but hurling a huge wad of garbage into the pile ain't gonna give you a Football tryout, not even with the Lions.

    And you claim to be "still at the top"??

    How can you be at the top Jason when you haven't even DONE anything to get there??

    You took out Rocko Daymon.....annnnnddd you took out Rocko Daymon.

    Congratulations, you've not only not helped yourself, but you made it alittle bit easier for anyone else competing against him to take a bigger breath. You made friends with Chiquita Banana and "Babaloo" himself, Sean Stevens.

    Great...now you get the chance to have "Mommy and Daddy" can tuck you in like they didn't give a **** to when you were an ugly brat to begin with.

    Hell, even the man you get to have as you partner against my compadres at Aggression, Fuseenshoff...he doesn't even like you....and he was the one that punked you out at Unleashed, an he still won the TV title you claim you don't covet.

    Jared, Shawn, Kin, myself...we could give a damn less about what you do, Jason, I mean we really DON'T CARE. I mean, really...when have you EVER brought me down a peg or two muchless Kin??

    You invited me to join you in "Stalker's World".

    I show up, make you tap in the figure-four, and afew seconds later you upchuck half your guts even better than Steve-O on his best day.

    Next time I get in a match with you, you get Chiquita as a partner and I get Kin.

    What happened??

    You got thrown out of the ring like yesterday's trash sitting in front of you getting burnt and Shawn does what's right for Shawn and takes back his Moniker as a bonus.

    But take heart in knowing that Kin "escaped you again" by getting into a typical Car accident that could happen to anyone at anytime. I'm sure it's what helps you get to sleep at night, as it is to me knowing that he'll be back sooner than you think and instead, sleeping with visions of Victoria Secret Models' dancing all sexy-stripper-like in our heads.

    Keep yammering your head off about how you have my number or Shawn's when you've done nothing, and will continue to do so as long as you compete with Sean for the bigger Ego. Either way, once we get to the ring and you see who we got for our third man, you'll have no choice.

    No choice...but to accept a REALITY CHECK that you just...won't like.

    Cameron Cruise: EPW's First and Only Grand Slam Winner

    Erik Mateo: Former LVW Hardcore Champion

    San Francisco Giants
    Indianapolis Colts
    Fresno State Bulldogs

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    Re: AGGRESSION 40: Main Event: "Triple X" Sean Stevens, Stalker, Fusenshoff vs. Antho

    take it for what you will, I was jsut reminded about the deadline so...
    Cameron Cruise: EPW's First and Only Grand Slam Winner

    Erik Mateo: Former LVW Hardcore Champion

    San Francisco Giants
    Indianapolis Colts
    Fresno State Bulldogs

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