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Thread: Yori Yakamo jr

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    Yori Yakamo jr


    Name: Jeffrey Paternostro
    Email Address: jeffpaternostro@gmail.com
    AIM/Yahoo Messenger: ElNastico
    Preferred Method of Handling: I mostly do traditional rp, but have been known to dabble in evil things like narrative.
    Best Way to Contact you: (PM/Email/IM) E-mail is usually easiest


    Name: Yori Yakamo, jr
    Nicknames: The Cerebral Cocksassin, The Excelllence of Sexecution, YYJ

    Height: 171 cm/5'8"
    Weight: 78 kg/172 lbs
    Handedness: Southpaw
    Looks: http://nfw.fwowrestling.com/art/card/yakamo.gif

    Hailing From: Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan

    Disposition: Loveable Heel
    Gimmick: Time-Travelling, Hulk Hogan and Sam Beckett Posessing, Apeman fighting, sex robot building, Thai Hooker conducting, Dildo selling religious icon

    Ring Attire: Tearaway style track pants, and a variety of lewd and tiny wrestling tights
    Theme Music: "My Sharona" by The Polysics
    Ring Entrance: High fives for the guys, room keys for the ladies, dancing and hip thrusting for all.

    Tactics/Style: CHEAT TO WIN~! + some competent high flying + dildo shots


    1. Yori is incredibly resilliant, and shockingly impervious to most pain due to his years in the Rippongi S+M community, and his years of mind and body numbing abuse of prescription Quaaludes.

    2. Yori is incredibly unorthodox in the ring, and difficult to gameplan for. This is due to his years on a post-apocalyptic wasteland where he fought super intelligent apes for whatever money he could garner. He can easily get under his opponents skin through his dirty tactics or just claiming sexual intercourse, with their mother, sister, or signifigant other.

    3. Yori is occasionally possesed by the spirit of Hulk Hogan, this grants him superhuman strength and a mean legdrop. He is also occasionally posessed by Dr. Sam Beckett of the hit TV sereis Quantum Leap who along with his holographic companion Al, provide Yori with a wide variety of knowledge about the past and future.

    Weaknessess: (See Above)

    1. Yori is not a very good wrestler.

    2. Yori is easily distracted by women, shiny things.

    3. Yori believes himself to be an awesome wrestler, and if by some stroke of luck, or some well-timed groin shot, happens to be in control of a match, he will strut and preen, this usuallly results in his opponent getting back in the match fairly quickly.


    See 1-20. Yori will blatantly cheat at any opportunity. Yori will run and scream like a little girl if beaten up for a while.


    Yori Yakamo, jr is the second son of Yori Yakamo, sr, a marginal 70's junior heavyweight in PbPro who later became a renowned wrestling trainer. Yori is not one of his best students to say the least, and has lived in the shadow of his older brother Hida his entire life.

    While Hida went to the finest schools across the globe, Yori got his correspondence degree in sex toy repair. While Hida wrestled across multiple continents, becoming a worldwide sensation, Yori was a mediocre PbPro midcarder.

    Yori found his calling finally, in the United States wrestling for MBE. He came into his own, somwhat, opening a chain of junior high schools, (currently the target of a Deptartment of Education investigation), a chain of strip clubs, (currently the targets for no less than four state-wide Vice task forces) and Yori Yakamo, jr Financial, LLC (currently under federal investigation for insurance fraud and insider trading) and even winning a few wrestling titles along the way.

    Back in Japan, with several outstanding U.S. federal warrants for his arrest, (and having been declared Persona non Grata in Florida, Arizona, Ohio and Nevada). Yori ended up in a shotgun marriage with the daughter of family friend and wrestling legend Yoshihiro Yamada. Six months later Yori III was born. Yori and his wife are currently seperated after an innocent misunderstanding involving several AV stars and market testing for the brand new Yori's Thunder 8" Special Edition Dildo(TM).

    Yori currently serves as CEO as Yorilove Ltd.(TM, on the web at Yorilove.com) and has declared himself the son of God and the chief Messiah of Yoriology (Not for profit satus pending), after eating a tainted batch of Yori Brand Health Foods (TM) dried apricots.

    Yori's ULTRATITLE ROMP OF DESTINY~! was briefly interrupted via a hole in the Time/Space continnuim that was opened when the souped up YOR-ABBIT Vibrator reached it's top speed of 88 mph. After a few months riding the sand blasted plains of post-Apocalyptic, ape-ruled Southern California with his riding partner, Mike Randalls, Yori returned to NFW just in time to win the HULK-A-THON. As a result, he is ocassionaly posessed by the spirit of Hulkamania while in dire straits in the ring granting him untold powers and a mean legdrop. He is also the frequent vessell for Dr. Sam Beckett, who travels through time and space trying to right the wrongs of the world and maybe, find his way back home.

    Back in his own time, Yori, along with Smitty, a transvestite he picked up off the street to put together a coffee table, and Riki Yakamo, his estranged twin brother who briefly wrestled for Yori while he was battling ape oppressors, ROBOYORI, the sex robot version of Yori, and his all-nude Thai Hooker marching band, made it all the way to the Season Two Ultratitle Finals, winning the Eastern Conference and defeating the likes of Jason Payne, Maggot, Michael Manson and Felix Red.

    However, he fell short against Nova and was also imprisoned by the unholy alliance of infomercial King Ron Popeil, and Apeman Hitler (Yori's abandoned seventh grade science fair project involving transplanting Hitler's brain into a giant simian) during his search for the ONE DILDO. Having escaped with his life after the YORobot sacrificed himself, Yori now braces himself for Season Three, where the Giant Green Rabbit he sees when on Quaaludes says big things are in store for the Cerebral Cocksassin. Yori hopes to track down his sex robot buddy in the Nethervoid and win belts that he can melt down and smelt into Championship dildos.


    Divide 120 Points between:

    POWER: 12
    AGILITY: 22
    STAMINA: 32
    SPEED: 24 (often used for running away)
    BRAWLING: 22

    Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:

    1. Eye Poke
    2. Boot scrapes
    3. Knife-edge chops
    4. Arm drag
    5. Cheap shot to the throat

    6. Blatant Choking
    7. Bronco Buster
    8. Tope Con Hilo
    9. Tornado DDT
    10. Kick to the nuts
    11. Yori Can Rana
    12. Headbutt to the groin
    13. Inverted Atomic Drop
    14. Moonsault
    15. Shining Thumb to the eye

    16. Yakamo Style Groin Attack (running punches to the jimmies while opponent is in tree of woe)
    17. Dildo shot to the head
    18. The 9-7-6 (619)

    19: Shining Groin Kick or Steel plated copy of YORINETICS to the head

    20: YORI = AWESOME (reverse sitout tombstone)

    Attack Value: 6
    Defense Value: 8
    HULK POSSESSION: 11 Attack 11 Defense
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