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Thread: To the Chief

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    To the Chief

    Hey man, when I came on here we talked about a 4-show trial period to see what UCW was/if I'd have the time to RP/etc. before I committed to joining up with Hart. Well, it's been 4 shows and here's what I think... I like UCW and it's potential alot, but with things picking up for me in Empire and NEW, the time isn't there at the moment. My effort over the little trial run has been terrible and I don't want what happened to me in EPW a couple years ago happening again. HOWEVER, if you still think you want SJH in the fed, I would be glad to join up full time in February if you still want me. Either way, good stuff and thanks for the op.
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    Re: To the Chief

    Thanks for being here Shawn. When you come back, look Frankie up. We could make a Phenomenal Tag Team.

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