Frankie Scott makes his UCW singles debut against John Doe!

Adam Benjamin continues the fight for UCW against MCWer, Chris McMillan!

In a special guest appearance, Professor Tremendous defends his "CSWA Title" against former LVWers "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan & Mateo!

Newly crowned UCW US Champion, Bryan Storms takes on his former MCW teammate, Rob Franklin as Nakita Dahaka watches from the outside!

And in the main event, The Sergeant tries to plant himself as a true UCW combatant as he takes on Dakota Smith for a shot at the US Title next week on Revolution!


The aftermath from the Elimination Chamber. Is everyone still alive?

Will the new champ be in the house?

How will Commissioner Cloverleaf respond to BG Bruce's actions at Scars and Stripes?

Mr. Incredible debuts his new show, "Incredible Knows Best".

Will Shawn Hart show up on this week's program.

Find out all of this, this week on Revolution!

The RP deadline will be Saturday, September 23rd at 11:59 PM.