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    [EPW vs. WZW] Steven Shane and Frankie Scott vs. Hunter McKay and Wolf

    One fall to a finish. No time limit.

    Deadline for RP is Friday, August 25th, 11:59:59 PM
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    Re: [EPW vs. WZW] Steven Shane and Frankie Scott vs. Hunter McKay and Wolf

    (A camera is set up inside of a dark alleyway. A light rain is falling. Trash is strewn all around, with six or seven trash cans emptied all over the ground. A cardboard box lays next to a nearby wall, with newspapers covering it, as well as inside of it. A man walks into the scene. He is wearing a pair of black scuffed up boots, faded black jeans with giant holes burst in the knees, a black shirt that merely reads: "The Outcast Legend" in bright red letters, a tattered blue and black checkered flannel shirt, and a pair of dark sunglasses. His long brown hair is tied in many loose flowing, dangling braids that fall in front of his face. He reaches up grabbing the glasses off of his face, pulling the hair out of his face as well, revealing a large scar above his left eye. He places the glasses into a pocket of the flannel and starts to look at the cardboard box.)

    Man: "To think that once I dreamed. No, my dreams were not of fame and fortune, but more of something more substantial to sleep in than that of this decrepit box and it's flimsy newspaper insulation. To think that once I felt the pain of something more devastating than that of a powerbomb or spinebuster, the pain of not knowing when your next meal would be. See this box used to be my home. A lot has changed in the past eight years. A lot of fighting, scratching clawing and setbacks to go from the homeless, hungry, slightly violent teenager to the legendary wrestler that you see before you today. And that legend is named The Wolf. Those of you who know me, great, you know exactly what to expect, and will know that nothing will stop me from getting what I want. Those of you who do not know of The Outcast Legend, let me give you a bit of history. You see, it all started in this very alleyway. The fire that burns inside of me was ignited while I was attempting to sleep off another food less night. One less day of life gone. But this wasn't an ordinary day, oh no. You see, this day that I am speaking of changed everything. Like I said, I was trying to sleep when I see some moron in a designer suit walk in and drop a hamburger onto the ground. Now since I was freakin' starving, I jumped for it. Right as another guy jumped for it too. I offered to spilt the thing, but this guy wanted it all. Greedy pr*ck. So I did what anyone would do, I beat the living stuffing outta this guy and took the burger to my box. I eat the burger all while this nicely dressed guy chats me up about this street rat fight club of some sort. That is where the long road of The Wolf started."

    (The Wolf reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette and a zippo. He lights the cigarette, blowing out some smoke as he continues.)

    Wolf: "Now I know that all of you out there are wondering what this little story has to do with this little thing that I'm in. Well, let me explain first that everything in life goes back to something that happened to you. A moment that sparked something inside of you that you will have for the rest of your life. Hopefully you made the right choice. My moment was the story I just told you, and it all comes back to that. I did whatever I had to do to get that hamburger, and was rewarded with a trip to the fights that led me to the world of professional wrestling. And every time that I step into the ring, no matter the opponent, I always find a way to do whatever I have to do to get the job done. Because who knows what would've happened if I had let that guy eat my hamburger."

    (He takes another drag of his cigarette, and kicks the box in.)

    Wolf: "Even if I can thank everything that I have to living on these streets, doesn't mean that I forgive the things that I saw, and had to do to survive them. Watching little girls go off and do tricks so that they didn't have to sleep out in the cold. Seeing people shot on a daily basis, learning that someone that you used to go to high school with a few months back is now stepping over you to get to their car, those pains don't go away. Those help to fuel me to stay at the top of my game!"

    (The Wolf slowly walks out of the alley as the camera follows him.)

    Wolf: "Now normally I am in this all alone, with nobody to guard my back. But in this instance I have the unique pleasure of teaming up with someone that I have been facing off against for the last couple of months. Someone who Now knows the things that I am capable of doing, and who knows that I will do those things to get where I need to go. Hunter McKay and The Wolf are far from friends, I can't stand that piece of garbage, but there is a lot of respect in this teaming, and a whole hell of a lot of pride. Hunter has called me out on my leadership abilities, with some scathing barbs that stung viciously. He thinks that The Wolf should be more of a follower than that of a leader. What better way to show that The Wolf is a leader than by leading Team WZW on it's way through this tournament. Hunter, I am putting aside a lot of things and I expect you to do the same for the good of the WZW. Our feud will continue eventually, and I will again dominate you, but for now we must stay as a team and Show the world what we can do."

    (The Wolf finishes his cigarette and flicks it off screen.)

    Wolf: "Now I won't pretend to know anything about the two men that I am facing off against this week, I have enough issues keeping up with my regular opponents from the WZW as it is. But I will say that the team of Shane and Scott must have some sort of talent to get to where they are at this point. I've heard good things about the two of you. But the problem is that you are facing off against Hunter McKay, who is a damn fine wrestler in himself, and The WZW World Champion The Outcast Legend The Wolf. DO you really think that you are going to do whatever it takes to defeat us? Do you think that you'd have the guts to go that extra mile? It takes a lot out of you, I for one am living proof of that, but it is so much more gratifying knowing that you let it all out and there is nothing else left in your tank. I know how far that I am willing to go, the question remains, do you?"

    (The Wolf slowly walks out of the scene as the camera fades out.)

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    Re: [EPW vs. WZW] Steven Shane and Frankie Scott vs. Hunter McKay and Wolf

    A camera is set up inside of a dark alleyway. A light rain is falling. Trash is strewn all around, with six or seven trash cans emptied all over the ground. A cardboard box lies next to a nearby wall, with newspapers covering it, as well as inside of it. A man walks into the scene. He walks down the alleyway, toward the box. As he passes it, the box damn near explodes as someone quickly stands up out of it, screaming at the top of his lungs. The man leaps into the air and quickly sprints down the alleyway as if he had been shot. The camera zooms in, and we see none other than The Sensational One standing beside the box that is now completely destroyed.

    Shane: Sorry for the scare, folks.

    I was just down there in the box, trying to see what it was like to be a real man. To know just exactly what it was like to make the ultimate fight to get to the world of professional wrestling.

    You know what I’m talking about. The poor, devastated soul that is the WZW champion of whatever that is known simply as “The Wolf”.

    Shane gives a little chuckle.

    Shane: You know what, Wolfie?

    I’ve seen Dan Ryan use airtime to relieve himself with more excitement than that mindless drivel you’ve wasted my time putting forth.

    Quite honestly, I guess that’s just part of your contract though.

    You know, work around in the minor leagues in hope that you actually develop into a talent. Give yourself some sort of falsehood that you’re actually doing something with your life.

    Don’t get me wrong, you’re not sleeping in a cardboard box. But if that last little bit of airtime was any indicator of your pay level, you might have moved up to the slums of inner city New York.

    Unfortunately for you, Wolfman, someone out there has it in for you. I’m not sure who the hell that man is, but he is the heartless bastard that entered you into this little thing we like to call TEAM Wrestling.

    As you made clear already, you have no clue who neither me nor my partner is. Quite frankly, you didn’t have to say that out loud, your simple speak of domination in this little town that I run proved that.

    Shane clears his throat as he prepares to explain.

    Shane: First of all, my partner…

    Not important. Don’t get me wrong. Franklin and I have never had anything against each other. Hell, we’ve actually worked together before. However, your main level of focus needs to be what you’re looking at right now on the television that you had to pay extra for at the little roach motel that TEAM put you in this week.

    You see, there are reasons that I am popping the proverbial “cherry” for Empire Pro Wrestling in this tournament extravaganza.

    The first reason would be simply that I am a company man. Dan Ryan needs the best of the best to show up for this tournament to rep his company and he knew damn well who he could count on.

    Steven Shane is the hottest thing running through EPW right now, and Dan Ryan is just about to jump on that horse and ride. Step one was simply seeing the amount of fight that was in his dog, and I will prove that first off by taking it to The Wolfman and Mr. Mackey. Mmkay?

    Secondly, I’m getting this show on the road because no show deserves to start without a bang. And unfortunately for the rest of Team WZW, that show has begun with the firing of this gun.

    You say that you know little of Steven Shane, well this week you will find out why you hear buzz about Steven Shane. You WILL find out why Steven Shane is the hottest thing climbing the EPW ladder. You WILL find out why damn near every fed in the FW circuit is begging for Steven Shane’s services.

    We don’t have history, Wolfie. But after this week, the only history we will have is the one win that I have against you and the one loss that you have to me.

    Shane looks down and kicks the box out from under him. He looks back up into the camera with a rather serious look.

    Shane: You see, you seem to think that because of some small background you have that you are able to get the better of your opponents inside that ring.

    That may be the case of what they do down there in Smallville, but this the damn Metropolis of wrestling.

    This is quite possibly the greatest spectacle that wrestling has ever seen. Interleague play, if you will, of every company that means something. However, this is simply some sort of publicity stunt for a few of you guys to stop cleaning the canvas after the show is over and maybe actually make some money.

    Wolfman, I could care less if you’re scrubbing the canvas, sleeping in a box, or barely showering because your wrestler wages narrowly cover your water bill. The fact of the matter is that nothing you do will ever match the brand of Sensational that Steven Shane will bring to that ring.

    You want to whine, *****, and moan about the way you got to where you are? Well boo-f*ckin-hoo. You think that you’re the only wrestler to know what it’s like to be hungry? You think that no one else in this industry knows what it’s like to “not be big”?

    We’ve all been there before, jack-o. There’s not a damn wrestler around, outside of Dicky Farnswirth, that doesn’t know the work it takes to get into this business. To finally make it somewhere.

    Even Steven Shane faced challenges in his quest to become one of the best. Did I ever live in a box? Hell no. I’ve got enough respect for myself to hold down a part-time job.

    But that’s neither here nor there.

    The fact of the matter is that everyone in this industry has worked their balls off to get where they’re at, regardless of the obstacles in their way.

    Some are able to take each of those as they come and beat them out of their way. Some make it so far and find that obstacle that is too great to overcome, and they are forced into wrestler purgatory.

    Unfortunately for you, you will soon find that your obstacle is standing right in front of you this week.

    What you thought was your one-way ticket out of the minors has sent you reeling back into a nightmare that you could not even fathom.

    Your slingshot ride into what you thought was the big leagues has suddenly come crashing down on you like you were a Red Sox pitcher from the five game series with the Yankees.

    I am the Yankees to your Red Sox. And just like this past weekend’s series, you will not walk away with a victory. Instead, you will be turned back to not just where you came from, but even further back than when you started.

    I hope you like your stay in the minors. Because it’s either going to be that or back to the box for you after Steven Shane is done with you this week. Just remember that when you look up and see those lights all scattered together.

    Shane gives a smirk as he walks down the alleyway and off camera as it fades out.

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