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    MCW Center Stage 3 (May 13, 2006)

    Yes, it's up... enjoy! I worked hard to put out a great card!
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    Re: MCW Center Stage 3

    (The opening chords of Nickelback's "See You At The Show" play, the slowish tune accompanied by darkened pictures of a wrestler in shadow. He's binding his hands with athletic tape, his face determined. The image fades along with the guitar tone.)

    (The drums then kick in. Hazy shots appear of a camera boom panning across the arena, crewmen backstage looking out, and finally a shot of the back of our anonymous wrestler pushing through the curtain. It's timed perfectly: He emerges to a shot of a roaring crowd just as the lyrics kick in. The words are accompanied by faded shots of wrestlers approaching the ring - footage of Adam Benjamin, Steve Marlay, John Doe, and archival shots of the likes of Karl Brown and Tommy Kain.)

    "Croooowds that screeeeeam at suuuuuperstaaaaars,
    Where boooooouncers show their battle scaaaaars,
    I've beeeeen the fiiiiirst to siiiiign on eeeeevery waa-aaaall...
    Dooooown the roooooad and rooooound the beeeeeend,
    We praaaaaay to God it never eeeeends...
    I've beeeeeen, I've seeeeeen, we've screeeeamed to eeeeveryoo-oooone..."

    (And then the heavier chords of the chorus kick in, and the screen is slammed with a sudden sequence of action shots in time with the music. Adam Benjamin throwing his Shining Wizard... Chris McMillan decking someone with a clothesline... Bryan Storms hurtling off the top rope with a shooting star press... Karl Brown and Christian Sands neck-and-neck in archival footage... Steve Marlay standing with arms raised in the middle of the ring... Benjamin and Chandler Maxwell storming in through a back door...)

    "We'll see yooou at the shoooooow!--
    If you don't cooooome we'll never know...
    You stand off in the baaaaaack!--
    You still stand out while you're wearing black...
    Jump onto the buuuuuus!--
    And riiiiide aroooooound with all of uuuuus...
    We'll go oooout on the tooo-own!
    And liiiiight it up 'till we burn it doooown -- burn it down!--"

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    Re: MCW Center Stage 3

    (Cut to the arena as "See You At The Show" pauses. The camera follows a single screaming yellow-green fireball as it plunges down towards the round, pipelike entryway of the MCW Arena. It explodes at the head of the ramp, kicking off a pair of larger explosions followed by a rapid staccato of yellow and blue pyro. A few larger explosions follow, followed by one more huge bomblike blast - and with that the camera zooms in on the Majortron, half-obscured by smoke.)

    (Even as the remainder of "See You At The Show" kicks in blurring effect ensues as we ripple to a panning shot of the crowd, three thousand strong, packing the "wrestlefied" sound stage and waving signs in the air: "WHAT THE HELL IS A DRUNKEN TIGER, ANYWAY?", "THE BEST OF THE REST!", "JALEN LATHAM: THE SAVIOUR OF MCW", "WHERE’S THE WOLF’S SILVER BULLET?", "WE ARE MCMILLANITES", "CHRISTIAN SANDS IS STILL MY HERO",”I’M FEELING AN AMNESIA ATTACK COMING ON”, and finally “MCW: MERRY CHRISTMAS, WORLD”.)

    (The camera cuts to ringside, where two figures are seated at the announce table. On our right is a smallish man with a mousey appearance, distinguished by poofy brown hair, big glasses, and an outfit consisting of an old-fashioned brown sports jacket over a white turtleneck. His look is almost professorial. The fellow on our left is the polar opposite of his companion. Fat, dark-haired, and characterized by a double chin and a receding hairline, he seems barely able to fit into the expensive black pinstripe suit he wears over a baby-blue silk shirt and a blue and gold tie. Subtitles identify the man on the right as Simon Van Helder and the fat man as Creek Wineberg.)

    SVH: We’re here again, ladies and gentlemen, at MCW Arena just outside of Los Angeles, California for our third edition of MCW Center Stage. I'm Simon Van Helder, and this clown next to me is Creek Wineberg!

    CW: So I’m a clown now, am I? A clown would never tell you that your mom’s a di...

    SVH: Whoa! Hold on a minute. This is a family show Creek, and do we have an amazing show for all of you at home.

    CW: I can’t argue with you there at all. We’ve got a new owner, and he is working hard to keep the competition fierce and everyone entertained. The Main Event this week is going to be great as John Doe and Chris McMillan go at it again, this time without the added threat of a very capable Brian Storms who will be facing Chandler Maxwell tonight. Also in action, Drunken Tiger facing Kenny Hardwood, and Blade facing Steve Marlay. I think Jalen Latham is doing an excellent job thus far... and he has a special announcement tonight, too!

    SVH: Without a doubt. After a failed investment in another wrestling federation, it looks like our new boss has found a place that he can lead into a prosperous future.

    CW: With talent like we’ve got here in MCW, you should know that it’s impossible to fail! “First Class” won his match at the last Center Stage, and even the Main Event turned out to be surprisingly good. Did you see the action from last week, or were you too busy playing pocket pool?

    SVH: Do I need to even dignify that with a response?

    (Silence from Creek...)

    SVH: Ok then. Let’s start the show...

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    Re: MCW Center Stage 3

    Steve Marlay vs Blade

    ("My Sacrifice" by Creed hits throughout the arena as Steve Marlay strolls through the curtain...The fans greet him with the expected chorus of boos, which he doesn't really seem to bother him in the slightest...He raises both arms above his head setting off gold pyro all over the place, as the pyro dies down he makes his way to the ring with a confident, maybe even cocky expression on his face...He slides under the bottom rope and stretches, ready for combat...)

    SVH: Sorry about the technical difficulties folks. It seems the ring announcer’s mic wasn’t working for Steve Marlay’s ring introduction.

    CW: I’m sure the backstage crew will have it all taken care of before much longer.

    SVH: Steve Marlay is looking in much better shape than last week, Creek. As much as the fans despise this man, the fact of the matter is that he came out here as sick as he was to compete against Chandler Maxwell. You have got to admire somebody that has such dedication to the sport of professional wrestling.

    CW: Dedication? I interviewed Marlay for MCW’s new magazine last week after the show and yes he was in fact sick, but dedication to the sport wasn’t what motivated him to step into the ring.

    SVH: Well then what could have possibly motivated him to compete in such a rough condition?

    CW: It was all about the benjamins, baby.

    SVH: So... what you’re saying is that he did it for Adam Benjamin and his cousin, Chandler Maxwell?

    CW: No, you idiot. He did it for the money. The cash. The cream. The dough. Are you understanding what I’m saying?

    SVH: He did it for the money?

    CW: You catch on quickly, you short blue bus riding funny little man. In the interview he stated that he doesn’t have a whole lot going on anywhere else so he needs the paycheck. Don’t ever think that Steve Marlay does anything for less than selfish reasons.

    SVH: Well, I stand corrected.

    (Suddenly, pyro explodes at the entrance way and Il Nino’s "How Can I Live" blares over the MCW sound system... The crowd cheers as Blade walks down the ramp, intently looking at Steve Marlay in the ring...)

    Ring Announcer (as if testing the mic at first...): His opponent, standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds... he is BLADE!!!!!

    (Blade minimally plays to the crowd by flashing a couple of intense looks before raising his hands high in the air...)

    SVH: We have sound back on the ring announcer’s microphone and with the sound of the bell, this match is underway.

    CW: Blade had the impressive mammoth dog-eating Drunken Tiger last week and couldn’t get his submission game really going. His opponent is smaller than him this week. I predict that he’ll try to make Marlay tap early in this one.

    SVH: Astute observation, Creek.

    (Steve Marlay attempts to shoot in on Blade but is stopped... Blade follows it up by executing a single leg takedown and stepping between Marlay’s legs...)

    SVH: Indeed Blade is already trying to get that submission game started by hooking in a figure four leglock! Marlay squirms over to the ropes and is saved. The ref begins the count and Blade immediately let’s go of Marlay’s legs.

    CW: He should have at least tried to shake Marlay off of the ropes first.

    SVH: Marlay is getting up to his feet and Blade kicks them right back out from under him! Marlay is looking frustrated and is getting up to kick off some offense...

    CW: He should just roll out of the ring and catch a breather. It’s not like he’s running out of time.

    SVH: He’s off balance and... BLADE OUT! BLADE OUT! Blade just caught Marlay with that Evenflow DDT finisher that he calls the Blade Out!. He’s going for the quick cover and...




    The winner of this match by pinfall... BLADE!!!!!

    CW: Steve Marlay is not off to a very good start here in MCW.

    SVH: As much as I hate to admit it, you’re right. He’s looking really sloppy lately, but that’s not to take away from Blade’s in ring skills.

    CW: Yeah, Blade is okay and all... but really, it seems like Steve Marlay has something else on his mind. I just don’t know what it is, but I’m going to try and find out tonight when I try to interview him again for the magazine.

    SVH: Well, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Whether it’s that Blade is an excellent wrestler, Marlay is off of his game, or a little from column A and B... Blade won the match and picks up 10 points in the World Title chase.

    CW: With just a little more time until Zero Hour, it might just be too little, too late for Blade.

    SVH: It’s that time again, folks. Time... for a commercial break!

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    Re: MCW Center Stage 3

    The Chairman Makes an Announcement

    SVH: Ladies and gentlemen... we’re back from the commercial break and ready to contin...

    (With that, “Damn It Feels Good” by Far East Movement suddenly thumps through the arena as the very stylish and impeccably dressed Jalen Latham walks up the ramp to a chorus of cheers... Pausing on the ring apron, Jalen takes the moment to soak all of those cheers in before entering the ring under the top rope... With a mic in his hand that was given to him by the ring announcer, he smiles before speaking...)

    Jalen: MCW Arena... let’s make some noise!

    (The crowd becomes unhinged... Jalen has a long wait before he can speak again without interruption...)

    Jalen: The era of Jalen Latham’s MCW leadership is upon us, and I couldn’t feel any better than I do about my decision to come here than I do right at this very instant. We have a small but talented roster that is destined to grow over the next few weeks. We have a capable and motivated staff behind the scenes. We have me, of course... but most importantly, we have you fans to keep us going.

    (Cheap pop...)

    Jalen: I’m sure that a lot of the wrestlers in the back thought that after Christian Sands, there would be no more Major Championship Wrestling, and they would be forced to find employment elsewhere. You know, back to where the leadership doesn’t appreciate them or give them the fair chance that they deserve. I couldn’t stand idly by and let that happen. I pulled each and every one of them into the conference room for a meeting. I told them that I am committed to making them all stars, if they put forth the effort. If I can’t work them here, I will be sure to find them a place where they can shine. That is what MCW is all about.

    I haven’t forgot that.

    Just because the budget is a little larger and the talent pool is growing in no way means that I will let any of these stars slip through the cracks. All I ask of them is to come in here and give you fans the best show that they can possibly give. I’ll live up to my side of the bargain.

    (Small pop from the crowd...)

    Jalen: It occurs to me, though, that maybe I’m a little bit of a bleeding heart when it comes to how I run a business. Maybe I tend to look at the good side in everyone when I know good and well that some professional wrestling athletes can be shady, underhanded, and maybe a little evil.

    (The crowd murmurs and eventually starts up a “First Class” chant...)

    Crowd: Fiiiiiiiiiiiiirst Claaaaaaaasss! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiirst Claaaaaaaasss! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiirst Claaaaaaaasss! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiirst Claaaaaaaasss!

    (Jalen smiles...)

    Jalen: I see some of you already have somebody in mind when I say that.

    Like I said, I know my weaknesses. That is why yesterday I made a little phone call. I brought in somebody who can definitely deal with that aspect of professional wrestling. Someone who can make somebody understand his way of thinking. Fans, I give to you...

    (Jalen pauses for dramatic effect...)

    Jalen: LEONARD JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!

    (CUE UP: “Other World”...As the song truly kicks in after about fifteen seconds, Leonard Johnson steps through the curtains in a brand new, immaculate suit...He stands there until the lyrics start, when he walks down the aisle to a mixed reaction...Climbing the steps, he looks around with a smirk on his face, as if he’s the cat that got the cream when you weren’t looking...Finally, he enters the ring, shaking hands with Jalen...He takes the mic as the music fades, and looks around at the hushed crowd...)

    LJ: Thank you, Jalen. This is truly a magnificent day in the history of Major Championship Wrestling.

    (Cheap pop...)

    LJ: When I got asked to come down here tonight and take up the reigns as commissioner of this company, I knew what I wanted to do. I know as well what I am going to do – make this company the greatest Professional Wrestling company on the planet! This company, with Jalen and I in charge, is going to continue its growth. It is going to take its place amongst the elite.

    Of course, that isn’t to say sacrifices won’t be made. In the over twenty-five years I’ve been in this business, I’ve seen many companies make the same promise. I’ve seen just as many fail, because they didn’t have what it takes. They didn’t have someone willing to make the sacrifices necessary for the benefit of the company. They didn’t have a roster with the dedication to put on the best contests each and every week. They had someone steering the ship that was a bleeding heart and let egos run riot over them.

    I am not a bleeding heart.

    (He pauses for a moment, stepping back into the centre of the ring and straightening his jacket...)

    LJ: The commitment that Jalen and I have for this place is the same level that I expect from anyone signed to a contract. If you are not willing to give it your best, then don’t show up. Playtime, my friends, is over. If you want to succeed, you’re going to have to work and put in the effort. Effort and success will both be rewarded in their own ways. Laziness has its own ‘reward’.

    Thank you for your patience.

    (He goes to leave, but stops part way through the ropes, and backtracks...)

    LJ: One last thing, to everyone in the back. Just as I am not a bleeding heart, I am not intimidated. If you have a problem, bring it to me, but don’t try and bully me. If you do, you’ll find what it’s like to be struck by Lightning.

    (CUE UP: “Other World” as Leonard Johnson leaves the ring, tossing the microphone to the ring announcer...)

    SVH: Can you believe it? Jalen Latham has just hired Leonard Johnson to act as his go-to guy.

    CW: I like this chairman better and better each and every day. When Leonard Johnson is around, you know that Blitz can’t be that far behind.

    SVH: So true, but will we see Blitz in action in the ring, or will they be behind the scenes.

    CW: My guess is that they’ll just be around to make sure when Leonard says jump, everyone says “How high”.

    SVH: As always, great insight from my colleague in the broadcast booth. Folks, we’ll be back after this... when we’ll see Drunken Tiger take on Kenny Hardwood in Kenny’s debut match here in Major Championship Wrestling!

    (Scene fades to a commercial...)

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    Re: MCW Center Stage 3

    Drunken Tiger vs Kenny Hardwood

    (Slow, hollow booming drumbeats hit the arena... The massive Drunken Tiger hits the ring from the entranceway at a slow and steady pace to a mixed, but very vocal reaction... He neither smiles or makes any other sign of emotion, as the “Pride of Korea” is all business....)

    Ring Announcer: This next match is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty-minute time limit. Introducing first, from Seoul, Kyounggi Do Province, South Korea... he stands six feet and eight inches tall and weighs in at a massive three hundred and fifty pounds... he is DRUNKEN TIGER!!!!!

    SVH: Some of the fans like this guy and some of them don’t. It’ll be interesting to see what Kenny Hardwood’s game plan will be as he goes up against this monster.

    CW: I might’ve been wrong by voting against Drunken Tiger last week, but this week he has definitely met his match. Kenny Hardwood is a Ultimate Fighting veteran and one hell of a brawler.

    SVH: He was in one match, Creek. He got his butt handed to him on a silver platter and then he quit because he thought wrestling would be easier. Give me a break. This guy can’t fight his way out of classroom of blind five-year-old children.

    CW: What are you talking about? Didn’t you hear about his fight with the bikers in that bar back in Dirty Jersey? This guy can mix it up in the ring. I don’t know why you won’t give him any credit.

    SVH: Maybe because when Kenny described the fight he talked about Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones being the main reason for the fight breaking out. That’ll discredit even the toughest looking guys.

    CW: But you would talk about a three hundred and fifty pound dog eating liberal like he was the second coming of Bill Goldberg... okay... whatever you say.

    (“Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen takes over where Drunken Tiger’s drums left off... The crowd is getting behind there unorthodox babyface as he makes his way down to the ring...)

    Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Brick Township, New Jersey... He stands six feet and three inches and tips the scales at two hundred and thirty pounds... he is KENNY HARDWOOD!

    (Decent pop... Kenny acknowledges the fans briefly...)

    SVH: The bell signifies that this match has started. Drunken Tiger looking determined to get the big win here.

    CW: Since you insist on talking up Drunken Tiger, let me add something in: Kenny Hardwood looking determined to get the big win here.

    SVH: That was about as original as anything else you have been able to muster. Congratulations. My esteemed partner, everyone.

    (Kenny Hardwood and Drunken Tiger lock up... Inevitably, Drunken Tiger pushes Hardwood all the way back into the ropes...)

    SVH: The ref is calling for the break. Drunken Tiger reluctantly obliging.

    CW: But look at my boy Hardwood... he’s raining lefts and rights down on... well... more like UP on Drunken Tiger.

    SVH: Indeed he his. Tiger doesn’t seem to be fazed though. I don’t think this tactic will be very effective.

    (Suddenly, Drunken Tiger executes a crisp armdrag...)

    SVH: OH! Drunken Tiger follows up that beautiful armdrag with a legdrop on Kenny’s arm.

    CW: Kenny’s forced to roll out of the way and shake it out on the outside.

    SVH: Tiger isn’t letting him get away. He follows Kenny to the outside and drives a hard striking right fist to the back of Hardwood’s skull! Kenny goes down like a sack of potatoes!

    CW: I’m not liking this one bit. That move was illegal, it was done on the outside, and Drunken Tiger should be disqualified right this instant!

    SVH: I thought you weren’t a fan of the nice guys in wrestling...

    CW: Kenny’s not a nice guy. Just because the fans can relate doesn’t change the fact that he is one tough son of a gun from New Jersey!

    (While Simon and Creek argue, Drunken Tiger continues his assault outside of the ring on Kenny Hardwood... He connects on a few martial arts styled striking moves before settling in with a snap suplex that rocks the MCW arena crowd...)

    SVH: WOW! The crowd is going crazy for that move!

    CW: Drunken Tiger better get wise to the fact that the ref is counting if he doesn’t want to end this thing in a double count out!





    (Drunken Tiger rolls into the ring and then back out...)

    SVH: Tiger seems very content on the outside of the ring right now.

    CW: Well of course he does! That’s where he can continue this illegal assault on Kenny. This match should have been stopped a long time ago, but since it hasn’t, Kenny has no choice but to break out the big guns.

    SVH: Big guns... right...

    (Drunken Tiger helps Kenny Hardwood to his feet before taking both feet right back out from under him... The thud on the outside floor is very much audible, and it’s obvious that the air was taken out of Kenny’s lungs...)

    SVH: He’s positioning Kenny... slingshot into the steel ring post!

    CW: Come on Kenny! Get up and fight!

    SVH: That looked like it took a lot out of him. We need to see that in an instant replay...

    CW: No we don’t!

    (Cue up the MCW Instant Replay... The move is replayed and you can see Kenny’s head connect squarely with the ring post... Snap back to live action...)

    SVH: It’s easy to see that Kenny hit that steel post pretty hard. That might have set the stage for the end... if Drunken Tiger can roll him into the ring and finish him off.




    (Drunken Tiger helps Kenny to his feet...)


    (He rolls Kenny into the ring, which breaks the ref’s count...)

    CW: Well would you look at that... you’re liberal anti-American buddy just took your advice. I bet you’re really happy right now.

    SVH: I’m just calling the match, and right now we’ve got Drunken Tiger following Kenny Hardwood into the ring. Kenny trying to get to his feet... Tiger attempts a short arm clotheline... but KENNY DUCKS!!!!!

    CW: Come on Kenny!

    SVH: Kenny Hardwood trying to give himself some breathing room by throwing a few fists. He throws himself back into the corner... manages to get to the top turnbuckle... Drunken Tiger closing the distance... DOUBLE AXEHANDLE!

    CW: He’s got your big bad buddy going backwards now.

    SVH: Kenny stomping at Tiger’s knee. That seems to be working... yes! Drunken Tiger to one knee right now and the crowd is on their feet!

    (Just then, Drunken Tiger fires an uppercut that would make most boxers jealous... In one move, Kenny Hardwood is down, back first, on the mat...)

    SVH: Just like that the crowd has been taken out of the match. Cheers are being replaced by boos.

    CW: It should be downright illegal for a wrestler to be as big as Drunken Tiger is.

    (Drunken Tiger is immediately back on his feet... He shakes his head at the crowd to the tune of even louder boos before helping Kenny to his feet...)

    SVH: Tiger setting Kenny up for something... oooohhhh! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK POWERBOMB!

    CW: This is not the end, my friend. This is only the beginning. Kenny will kick out!

    SVH: Drunken Tiger with the cover...




    Kenny Hardwood has managed to kick out of a great double underhook powerbomb.

    CW: I tried to tell you, but you just wouldn’t listen to me.

    SVH: Drunken Tiger back on the attack. He’s stomping away on the Jersey native.

    CW: This crap reminds me of Ronnie Garvin’s Garvin Stomp from back in the day.

    SVH: Simple, yet effective.

    (Drunken Tiger runs back into the ropes and rebounds...)

    SVH: Kenny Hardwood moves out of the way of a leg drop attempt!!!!! Tiger is trying to get back on his feet but Kenny is right there trying to slow him down with kicks and stomps.

    CW: That’s my boy. He’s still got plenty of life in him.

    SVH: Tiger is shaking them off and almost to his feet now. Kenny hooks Tiger’s arm... he’s trying to take the big man down with his move, the MONKEY WRENCH!

    CW: I don’t think this was a wise selection... but what the hell... go for it, Kenny!

    (Both men struggle with the crowd behind Kenny for, oh, let’s say three whole seconds...)

    SVH: He powered out of that one easily enough and Kenny Hardwood is thrown once again to the mat.

    (Drunken Tiger tries to stay on the attack, but Kenny is rolling out of the way to safety once again...)

    CW: That’s it, Kenny... stay out of his way!

    SVH: Hardwood is being very smart right now. He’s trying to keep his distance while he recovers and gathers his next game plan together.

    (Drunken Tiger follows Hardwood as he rolls out of the ring... As soon as Tiger hits the floor, Kenny rolls back into the ring on the other side...)

    CW: He’s playing it really smart right now. I doubt the big Korean loaf of dog meat can keep up if he keeps him on the move like this.

    SVH: Nonetheless he’s trying to follow hardwood. Tiger’s really quick for his size. Hell, he’s pretty quick for someone half his size, too.

    CW: I’ll give him that much.

    SVH: Thumb to the eyes! Thumb to the eyes! Kenny just got Drunken Tiger good with that.

    CW: He suckered him really nicely. Look at him, just flailing around like an idiot.

    SVH: Kenny almost got caught with one of them. He’s stepping back... OH! The ref just got caught with a devastating right hook. He’s down and Kenny is on the attack.

    (Kenny Hardwood wastes no time getting out of the ring and grabbing a steel chair from ringside... The crowd shows their approval...)

    SVH: Some hero, huh? I really don’t see what the fans see in him, but he’s wrestling a pretty smart match. When fists and feet won’t do the job I guess you need to bring something else to the fight.

    CW: Of course! That’s what a brawler does best, Simon. I really don’t care what the crowd thinks... but I’m a Kenny Hardwood fan.

    SVH: Kenny double checking to see if the ref is still down. WHAM! Mega chair shot to Drunken Tiger’s head. AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER!

    CW: That fool just won’t go down!

    SVH: No, he won’t go down but he’s definitely not going to be retaliating anytime soon.

    (With Drunken Tiger still on his feet, Kenny Hardwood strikes him in the back, sides of the legs, and even thrusts the chair sideways into Tiger’s chest a few times... The ref begins stirring...)

    SVH: Still not going down... but it surely won’t take much more.

    CW: Come on Kenny. The ref is coming back to his senses!

    SVH: Kenny has definitely made note of that, as he is climbing the top turnbuckle... from the top rope A HUGE CHAIRSHOT! Drunken Tiger goes down but the ref hasn’t completely clued in to reality yet!

    (Kenny throws the chair out of the ring...)

    SVH: He’s helping the ref come to... he covers Drunken Tiger...




    The winner of this match as a result of a pinfall... KENNY HARDWOOD!

    SVH: That will earn him five points in the World Title chase as a result of him using the chair, but I think that Kenny Hardwood has proven that he can get the job done in the ring by any means necessary!

    CW: That is why I like him... he’s just an all around tough guy. To me, that is what MCW really needs. Not some three hundred and fifty pound glutton who hates the very same country that he’s come to compete in... and of course draw a paycheck from.

    SVH: Folks, don’t touch that dial. We’ll be back with a word from our sponsors!

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    Re: MCW Center Stage 3

    “First Class” Chandler Maxwell vs Bryan Storms

    (Back from the commercial break...)

    SVH: That last match is going to be tough to follow, but these two will definitely try. Yes folks, it’s “First Class” Chandler Maxwell taking on the man in second place in the World Title chase, and one of the front runners for the MCW World Title match at Zero Hour, Bryan Storms. Storms broke it down for Maxwell this week, telling him why he knew he could defeat him any day of the week. He’ll put his theory to the test in just a moment.

    CW: Well... you know Simon... any given week a wrestler can have a good night or a bad night. “First Class” didn’t do well in the beginning, but he has found his stride. With his win over Steve Marlay last week, look for him to conduct a technical wrestling clinic tonight on Bryan Storms.

    SVH: Let’s take it down to the ring for the introductions...

    (“Pressure Point” by the Zutons plays over the MCW sound system, which is immediately followed by a huge face pop from the MCW Arena crowd... The lights dim and Bryan Storms enters onto the entranceway platform... Flashing red lights shoot through the crowd as they eat up every minute of it... Storms makes his way down to the ring...)

    Ring Announcer: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Orlando, Florida... he stands six feet and two inches tall while weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds... he is BRYAN STORMS!!!!!

    (Another pop...)

    (Before anyone knows what is going on, the MCWtron snaps to life and Adam Benjamin’s face is on the screen...)

    Benjamin: Hate to rain on your little parade, Storms, but... well... actually I’m actually enjoying raining on your parade. I should really do this more often.

    (Boos from the crowd...)

    Benjamin: I came to Major Championship Wrestling with one thing in mind, and that was to win the MCW World Title... which was actually mine, seeing as I never lost the title to begin with. I guess that didn’t matter to our old boss. He was more concerned with disqualifying me from the chase for the World Title and matching me up against a midget version of Karl Brown.

    I didn’t find that funny. Not one bit. In fact, it only strengthened my belief that I needed to take a step back from competition in MCW.

    I’ve spoke with our new boss, Jalen Latham, and I do believe he has my interests in mind. He gave me his word that he would do everything within his power to book a big going away match for me in the near future to show his respect for my past accomplishments here.

    (Super Mega Double Dooper Boos from the crowd...)

    Karl Brown, let that serve as your notice. You’ll be contacted from MCW brass really soon... no more “Little Dragon” performances from Major Championship Wrestling. That was the Christian sands era. A new era has dawned... and my younger cousin here, Chandler Maxwell, is more than willing to take my expert guidance to the top of this promotion.

    (“First Class” Chandler Maxwell is in the background with a huge smile on his face... Simon Van Helder chimes in from the broadcast booth...)

    SVH: (laughing...) I don’t think they realize that at E-Fed News Network (http://www.efednews.net SHAMELESS PLUG) has “Little Dragon” ranked in their MCW Top Ten.

    CW: Shut up Helder.

    (Back to the MCWtron...)

    Benjamin: That brings me to this match. With my advice being heeded by my young and very capable pupil, this match is not going to take place. Oh, I know you’ll get your points and that will probably seal your participation in the MCW World Title match at Zero Hour... but you’ll know that you didn’t get all of those points on the up and up.

    Deep down, you’ll know that Chandler Maxwell and Adam Benjamin gave you that title opportunity. Maybe even the title itself, but with your talent in the ring, I think that might be a stretch.

    (The boos and derogatory comments from the crowd are almost deafening...)

    Benjamin: So here you go. Merry Christmas. Remember to send a thank you card to Chandler Maxwell, courtesy of “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin.

    (The scene fades on the MCWtron with the crowd still angry and Bryan Storms looking puzzled, and just a little upset in the middle of the ring...)

    SVH: Wow. What a strange turn of events.

    CW: I’m loving it! “Yours Truly” and “First Class” are really playing their cards right and trying to set things up for a possible future title shot. I’m telling you... with Adam Benjamin in his corner, there is no way that anyone can stop Chandler Maxwell. Mark my words. That man will have gold around his waist in very short time.

    SVH: That still is yet to be seen. With little fanfare, this match is being ruled in the favor of Bryan Storms. I just received word from the back that they are, in fact, going to give Storms the full ten points for this contest, which puts him in first place as of right now in the World Title chase!

    CW: If Chris McMillan loses to John Doe tonight then we have a new leader of the pack... is that right? What a huge impact!

    SVH: That’s if McMillan loses. Don’t forget that last week he defeated both John Doe and Bryan Storms in a three-man elimination match.

    CW: I wouldn’t worry too much about any of that. As much as I hate to admit it, Bryan Storms will be at the head of the MCW Title pack at the end of the night. No one can convince me otherwise. John Doe has this one in the bag.

    SVH: Whatever you say. Listen everyone, we’ll be going to a commercial break, but afterwards we have the big North American Title Announcement which will be followed by the Main Event: John Doe and “The Wolf” Chris McMillan. One on one!

    (Scene fades to a commercial...)

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    Re: MCW Center Stage 3

    MCW North American Title

    (Scene fades in from the commercial break to a video segment... The competitors of Major Championship Wrestling are showcased in action in a video montage that is set to the tune of Fort Minor’s “Remember The Name”... The song is fitting, as each of the competitors in MCW are trying to make a name for themselves with a fresh new company and a brand new start... A deep voice that is reminiscent of the narrative voice that you hear in almost every summer blockbuster movie preview that has been made in the last ten years... )

    MCW is already well on it’s way to crowning a brand new World Heavyweight Champion. The snowball has started it’s downhill breakaway, and everyone can feel that it’s all going to come to a head at the next PPV. Unfortunately, in the end there will only be two men. These two men will vie for the right to be the champion... but there is another golden belt that is also yet to be claimed by any competitor.

    The MCW North American Championship Belt.

    Like the World Heavyweight Title, the North American Title dates back to the old days of MCW. Now, the time has come to crown a new champ. Center Stage 4 is the day that road begins.

    Eight men have been selected to compete in a tournament that kicks off next week at Center Stage. All first round matches will be on that day, with the semifinal matches as well as the North American championship finals all at Zero Hour.

    At Center Stage 4, all tournament competitors will be in one on one action to see who will be at Zero Hour with a chance for wrestling gold. These wrestlers are:

    (As each name is mentioned, a different action clip of that individual wrestler flashes across the television screen... “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor continues to play...)

    John Doe...

    Kenny Hardwood...

    Justin Sane


    Dakota Smith...

    “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott...


    “The Judge” Joseph Justice

    (Back to the montage with the spectacular voice narrating, as the music continues...)

    All first round matches will be announced shortly after the this Center Stage. Now, there will be a Zero Hour for both the World and North American titles!

    (Video segment concludes and fades back in to the broadcast booth with Simon Van Helder and Creek Wineberg looking rather excited at the prospects...)

    SVH: Wow! Did you hear that? Next week looks to be a blockbuster Center Stage as the road to the North American Title begins. Many of the competitors are new and are getting an exciting opportunity to capitalize in MCW after just a short time.

    CW: It has to make each and every one of these competitors absolutely nervous when they think that they could be the North American champ so shortly after arriving here in MCW. I’m just a little upset that Chandler Maxwell won’t be participating, but my boy, Kenny Hardwood will be there.

    SVH: That’s no lie. I’m every anxious to hear what the first round matchups will be. The seeding in this tournament could be the deciding factor in who wrestles for the title in the finals at Zero Hour.

    CW: Speaking of Zero Hour, don’t we have a Main Event that has major implications for the Main Event at Zero Hour coming up really soon?

    SVH: You know it, Creek. That match will be shown in it’s entirety, but first a word from Major Championship Wrestling sponsors!

    (Scene fades out to a commercial about a Monster Truck Rally in your hometown... You know the ad that I’m talking about...)

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    Re: MCW Center Stage 3

    MAIN EVENT: “The Wolf” Chris McMillan vs John Doe

    (Back from the commercial break...)

    SVH: Here it is, Creek. The match of the night. It’s Chris McMillan versus John Doe, and if “The Wolf” can pull off a victory he’s got the World Title match at Zero Hour well within his grasp.

    CW: Helder... whatever you do, don’t count John Doe out of this one. If he can pull off what some might call an upset here tonight, Bryan Storms will be in the lead and the points system for the World Title chase could really get interesting.

    SVH: The fans are definitely anticipating this main event match... let’s take it down to the ring for the ring introductions.

    (Cut to ring announcer, George Lear...)

    George Lear: This next contest is the MCW Center Stage Main Event!

    (Crowd pops...)

    GL: The winner will receive ten points in the MCW World Title chase!

    (Another big crowd pop...)

    GL: Introducing first...

    (The house lights drop, and small, rapid fire white pyro explodes on the stage, creating a machine-gun effect... Over the MCW sound system, there are sounds of marching and orders being barked over small-arms fire... The sounds become muddled, until only a single voice can be heard...)


    (SFX: A wolf howling...)

    (The lights come back up with a BANG, and Chris McMillan stands at the top of the ramp... “Dogs of War” by Pink Floyd plays as McMillan is bouncing on the balls of his feet for a second before flinging an arm in the air and HOOOOOWWWWWLING at the fans...)

    GL: He’s from Cadillac, Michigan... standing five feet and eight inches and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds.... He is Chris McMillan!!!!!

    (McMillan charges the ring, mounts the turnbuckle, and talks some ****.. The fans go crazy and McMillan paces around the ring...)

    SVH: I don’t care what circle you’re from, this guy is the odds on favorite to win the MCW Heavyweight Title. He’s been unbeatable since his debut in an MCW ring, and John Doe is going to have his hands full with him tonight.

    CW: I’m telling you, John Doe is going to come out to fight tonight. He feels like he has to prove himself after last weeks match.

    ("Hypocritical" by Methods of Mayhem blasts through the arena... Another face pop from the crowd...)

    GL: Next, from parts unknown... He stands six feet and one inch, and weighs in at two hundred and ten pounds. He is John Doe!!!!!

    (John Doe appears and dashes through the curtain, rushing to the ring...He jumps atop a turnbuckle and plays to the crowd...)

    SVH: Both contestants are in the ring and intent on the complete and total defeat of the other. The bell sounds and this match is now underway.

    (Both men circle each other in the ring... John Doe is the first to make a move, executing a drop down toe hold that is transitioned into a rear chin lock... Everyone, Chris McMillan included, is surprised...)

    SVH: This is not what we have come to expect from Doe. A rear chin lock on a very capable mat technician. McMillan has got to be stunned that Doe was able to get that locked in.

    CW: It was a good textbook move, but it’s a little sloppy. I don’t think it’s locked in tight enough to keep Chris down on the mat for long.

    (The fans get behind Chris McMillan with a chant and before long McMillan has managed to drop backwards, back flat on the mat... He takes his legs back and pushes them into John Doe’s chest, which pushes Doe back to the mat... Crowd pops...)

    SVH: Well, you weren’t lying there. McMillan throws Doe back and now seems to be on the attack.

    CW: No way. John Doe on his feet just as quick.

    (They both lock up with each other and once again John Doe gets the scientific wrestling kicked into gear by moving into a front face lock... The crowd is stunned, but are quick to get behind Chris McMillan with another chant...)

    SVH: I think that the fans are able to sense the importance of this match. Chris McMillan thus far has been grounded by John Doe.

    CW: Which is funny, if you ask me... because the ground is where McMillan feels the most comfortable.

    SVH: With the crowd behind him, McMillan is getting to his feet.

    (Crowd stomping and clapping...)

    SVH: Doe has had about enough of that. He throws McMillan into a headlock... DDT! What a DDT by John Doe!!!!!

    CW: I told you... this guy came here to win this match. McMillan had better stand up and take notice before it’s too late!

    (John Doe lets McMillan stay on the mat for a continued attack, but the attack is not of the mat technician variety... He executes a few leg drops before finally running the ropes and landing a huge splash on McMillan while he is still laying flat on the canvas...)

    SVH: Awesome move and John Doe with the cover...




    Doe could only get a two count out of that move.

    (The fans yell “TWO!”...)

    SVH: Doe really felt he had him there, but doesn’t stop with just a splash. He’s back on the attack and is getting a few cheers from his fans right now.

    CW: For some reason this week, Doe’s fans are in the minority. The ones who are here are very vocal, though... and you can tell that they are getting a little heat from the Chris McMillan fans out there in the crowd.

    (As John Doe helps McMillan to his feet, McMillan explodes with a hard right forearm that sends Doe reeling backward...)

    SVH: Look at those forearm shots from McMillan. He’s sending Doe back a little bit... bouncing back off the ropes... FLYING FOREARM!

    CW: Chris McMillan trying to pick up some momentum and he is on the attack. I wonder what John Doe is thinking right now?

    SVH: He’s probably thinking about how to slow down this momentum. McMillan pumping up the crowd right now...

    (Chris McMillan has John Doe back on his feet... Doe tries to fight back with a few punches, but McMillan does a spinning leg lariat that completely wipes Doe out... He jumps over Doe while leaning back and drives his back into John Doe’s sternum and gut while he’s still laying flat on his back...)

    SVH: Ouch! That looked like it took the wind right out of Doe. McMillan helping Doe to his feet...

    (Chris McMillan attempts to get John Doe up into a piledriver but it is blocked once, twice, and a third time before Doe back body drops McMillan...)

    CW: But Doe isn’t out of it yet. He still had the presence of mind to stop that maneuver.

    SVH: Doe comes out of that looking really fatigued. He moves forward to the ropes and is leaning on them to catch his breath.

    CW: I’d say both men are showing some signs of fatigue. McMillan is even slow to get to his feet.

    SVH: Doe turning around about the same time that McMillan is to his feet... Doe hooks “The Wolf”... snap suplex! He rolls over on top of Chris McMillan for the cover...




    That was barely a two count.

    (Crowd with another loud “TWO”!...)

    SVH: McMillan slow to his feet and John Doe really measuring him up... high roundhouse kick! He just roundhouse kicked Chris and he’s back down to the mat. Now he’s rolling out of the ring.

    (Chris McMillan makes it out of the ring and is followed to the outside by Doe... Doe grabs him from behind but McMillan turns around and retaliates with a short arm clothesline...)

    SVH: Doe to the floor. The ref has started counting these two out inside the ring, but the real action is here on the outside. McMillan helping Doe up. He whips him into the steel barricade!

    (The crowd gasps...)

    CW: I think the two of them need to get the action back into the ring if they know what’s good for them. A double count out isn’t going to help either of them out in the title chase.

    (McMillan runs at Doe for an unknown maneuver, but is flipped over the guard railing by Doe... McMillan is in the crowd and of course the people in the front row are patting him and giving him all types of encouragement when out of nowhere John Doe gets a running start from the ring apron and dives headfirst into Chris McMillan... The crowd goes crazy...)

    SVH: Holy crap! Did you see that? John Doe is pulling out all of the stops to get the win here. He started the match with great mat skills and has evolved his technique into more of a high risk and high flying type of attack!

    CW: He really caught McMillan. Do you think that McMillan might have MCW newcomer Dakota Smith on the mind?

    SVH: If he does, then it’s a really bad time to be thinking about him. John Doe is ready to put him away!

    (Doe finally emerges from the crowd, dragging McMillan behind him... The ref had broke the count when John Doe was back on the ring apron before the dive, but has since begun counting again... Both men are right on the outside of the ring...)





    (Doe rolls McMillan into the ring and follows him...)

    SVH: We have both in the ring now as the action continues. So far it has been one hell of a match. Both McMillan and Doe giving it their all.

    CW: With Doe having the upper hand for what will probably be the rest of the match!

    SVH: I don’t know about that. We’ll just have to wait and see, as Doe executes another snap suplex. McMillan is rocked...

    (John Doe doesn’t stop there... Upon helping McMillan up, he executes three consecutive German suplexes without letting go that takes the wind out of the sails of both McMillan and the Chris McMillan-loving majority of the crowd...)

    SVH: Doe with another cover...




    That one was really close and John Doe is not even hesitating.

    CW: I thought he might get a little frustrated but he’s just continuing this brutal attack!

    SVH: John Doe with the Irish whip...

    CW: I sense it...

    SVH: NO! John Doe looked like he was trying for the Amnesia Attack but he had the Irish whip reversed... clothesline from “The Wolf” Chris McMillan! Doe is up and another clothesline. Up and another. Up and another. This time Doe stays down and the crowd is back up on their feet.

    CW: I don’t think that was enough to put John out, but it certainly slowed him down.

    SVH: What was that you were saying about John Doe staying on top for the rest of the match just a little while ago?

    CW: Shut up!

    (Chris McMillan helps John Doe to his feet... Doe starts fighting back...)

    SVH: Between the two, it looks like John Doe is the most fresh, as he is battling his way out of trouble right now... definitely getting the better of this exchange.

    CW: I hear the Zero Hour title match calling his name!

    SVH: McMillan is back into the corner. Doe is on the second rope dropping bombs on McMillan.

    Crowd: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!!!!!!!!!!

    SVH: The crowd behind Doe as he dropped those ten consecutive fists into McMillan’s head.

    CW: What’s the deal with this crowd not being able to make up their mind? It’s ridiculous! Pick a guy and stick with him!

    (John Doe, enjoying the new found cheers poses for just a second on that second turnbuckle, standing over Chris McMillan... It’s just long enough fro McMillan to regain his senses and grab Doe’s legs and carry him forward... There is nothing Doe can do but just roll with it and hope for the best... It’s not going to be the best, though...)

    SVH: SPINEBUSTER!!!!! Huge spinebuster from the corner!!!!!

    CW: That move was huge! Doe stayed up there for way to long and he got driven into the canvas with such a loud noise that it rocked MCW Arena!

    SVH: McMillan going for the pin...




    No good! Chris is pushed off of Doe and both lay there for a moment. The ref starts the count...






    (Both men are starting to stir a little...)



    (Doe is the first to his feet and the ref stops the count...)

    SVH: Doe is back up and on the attack. He helps McMillan up to his feet but OH! Inside cradle...




    Doe is livid... he goes back after McMillan but again... inside cradle...


    Not even a one count and both men are to their feet.

    (Doe and McMillan jostle for position as both are feeling that the match is in jeopardy... First John Doe attempts a snap suplex, then McMillan tries one of his own... Neither succeed... Out of nowhere, McMillan attempts to flipDoe over into his finisher – The Kill... It is unsuccessful as Doe rolls with it and ends up on his feet...)

    SVH: No good on the finisher attempt and Doe is running back at McMillan. He’s trying to clothesline him down but McMillan ducks under... He hooks Doe in a fisherman suplex pinning combination... HE HITS IT! The crowd is on their feet and the ref makes the count...




    The winner of this match by pinfall... “The Wolf” Chris McMillan!!!!!

    (McMillan slowly gets to his feet and his hand is raised... Doe can’t believe what has just happened and moves to the outside, shaking his head...)

    SVH: The fans are going crazy for this terrific main event. It was a great match all the way, but in the end it was McMillan that was able to pull out a victory over Doe.

    CW: Doe just watched his hopes of making it to the MCW Title match at Zero Hour slip away...

    SVH: I wouldn’t worry, though, if I were him. He’s been announced as one of the eight participants in the North American title tournament. There could very well still be gold in his future.

    CW: I don’t think the guy has much to be ashamed of. This match was one hell of a Main Event, and a great ending to a great MCW Center Stage!

    (There is a brief silence before Simon Van Helder chimes back in sounding very excited...)

    SVH: Ladies and gentlemen, this just in! We just got word from backstage that the Main Event for our first Pay-Per-View, Zero Hour, has been set. Folks, in action competing for the MCW World Heavyweight Title, will be “The Wolf” Chris McMillan and Bryan Storms!!!!!

    CW: This is huge! Two nice guys finishing first... that never happens! I’m downright appalled!

    SVH: Well with that announcement being made, that is all the time we have! Check back with us next week for MCW CENTER STAGE. For Creek Wineberg, this is Simon Van Helder signing off.

    (Scene fades to the MCW Copy write logo off of Chris McMillan celebrating in the ring...)

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