The Final 4 were blindfolded and had to find their way through a maze to 4 stations to find 4 necklaces with different symbols on them, first to find all 4 and hang them on a pole in the center of the maze wins immunity.

Jason got hopelessly lost in the maze.

The three girls managed to find the necklackes about as well as could be expected, and in the end, Olivia barely beat out the other two to win immunity.

Olivia wins immunity. She's safe, the other three of you are fair game.

A quick note about a tie, given that it would defacto eliminate one player if it went by the standard Purple Rock Of Doom rules, is that if there is a tie, the two people who get votes will compete in a fire building challenge, simplely put, they'll be given tinder and matches and have to make a fire that will burn a string hanging over your fire pit.

Once I get the results of this vote, I'll post results and the 2nd immunity result, and then it's time for the final 2 to face the jury, the final vote and the final show, (and maybe a reunion show)