Hey guys and gals.

I know that a lot of people have been IM'ing me asking me about the status of New ERA. We are still running. Do not worry about me closing things down. I am still very much excited about New ERA its just that one thing after another has hit me since February. I've had a lot of work to do for school, and being sick, and then having to do SGA stuff for my college. Not to mention that my car died 2 weeks ago and I was home for a week buying and fixing the new one I got...

Right now I'm heading towards finals week. I already am late in handing in a 20 page research paper that I have not finished reading for ... and I've got a 5 page paper due tomorrow as well as a 10 pg paper due next Tuesday. Finals start Monday ... and I have 2. I should be done with everything on May 10th at 11:00am... I won't be leaving school until the 15th which will give me 5 days to **** around.

If anyone wants to help out some more and write 2 matches that'd be great ... then I could focus on the new comer battle royal and the other match that I have to write.

I'm moving to San Diego June 10th but hopefully that won't affect any shows in the future ... I'll try to plan around it. But once we finally get this last show out .. and then we do our last round of RAUCOUS / RAPTURE, we'll be to the PPV..

So ... things have slowed ... but they're not halted ... once I finally get my ass into gear and knock off all this school stuff we'll be back on track.

Hope you all are doing fine and can't wait to see you guys back in action for New ERA

owner, new era