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    NBW & PULSE Present: IMPULSE Ep #2

    Building off of the debut episode of IMPULSE, more athletes look to make a name for themselves on Episode 2.
    The headline attraction will see the Russian Wrecker Laszlo face newcomer The Scar! ...
  2. NBW & PULSE Present: IMPULSE Debut Episode.

    Introducing the DEBUT episode of IMPULSE.
    Brought to you by the talent of NBW and PULSE.
    The headline attraction will see The Great Wall face one of the top stars out of PULSE - Tuinei Ahona!
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    Eternal Judgement - Let it come!

    DENVER, CO ? As they say, judgement has come! The champions of NBW face some of their toughest challenges to date! Keystone Champion Jake Tockwell will be defending his championship against...
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    SLAM 125 - Preparation for Judgement

    Fans we are just a few weeks away from Eternal Judgement out of Denver! We stopped in UTAH for our latest and last installment of SLAM. If you missed it live on the CW, you can catch the replay on...
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    SLAM 124 - What Happens in Vegas...

    You know the old saying. We don't need to repeat it. We also won't say it is true! SLAM 124 is coming to you from the home of Sin & Retribution II where we crowned the winner of the SIX, Pat Gordon...
  6. SLAM 123 - A flight for a Sparrow, and Sudden drop for a Warrior.

    Two weeks ago NBW saw Clan Strongbern obtain the Dynasty Tag Team Championships, and in doing so injuring Adam Roebuck of The House. Tonight by order of interim GM Richie Keal the Clan are all in...
  7. SLAM 122 - Welcome Back a Hero, and a Clan with a Plan

    Two weeks ago we watched the shocking return of a CURED Omega. And even more shocking than that, Dr. Ayas unmasked himself to reveal the former multi-time Champion, Brock Newbludd! As stunned as the...
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    SLAM 121 - The Return

    We?re two weeks gone from SCORCHED IV and Saturday Night saw the return of NBW to television courtesy of a new partnership with the CW! Interim General Manager Richie Keal kicked off the show with...
  9. NBW Presents: Scorched IV - Todo se reduce a esto!

    Last night NBW's talent from all around the globe gathered for the fourth iteration of SCORCHED. It was a wild night!

    Champions met their challengers. Opportunists took their opportunity. ...
  10. NBW Web Exclusive: Loser Leaves NBW Match Announced

    The scene opened with the Interim General Manager of nBW, Richie Keal at his desk as he fiddled away with his Nintendo Switch. This time around there wasn’t any mysterious figures whispering in his...
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    NBW Web Exclusive: Sorry, No Refunds.

    The scene opened with the Interim General Manager of No Brand Wrestling Richie Keal at his desk with the NBW Keystone championship placed front and center. Richie himself … well he was facing with...
  12. SLAM 120 - Las chispas que lo comienzan todo

    They say that all it takes is one spark to ignite a blaze. If that?s true, several fires are building! In the go home show for NBW before we head to Mexico City for SCORCHED IV, it?s all about the...
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    SLAM 119 - Un cambio en las aguas

    Note: Sorry this is quite a bit late. Had a bad 4 days and going to ER this past weekend so got behind.

    Scorched is just a few weeks away and we?re already setting up to have quite the matchup?s,...
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    SLAM 118 - No hay parada el cartel.

    Another night, another dollar. Or peso. NBW SLAM is coming to you from the El Domo and what a show that turned out to be! As always you can catch us live on our new nights, Saturday evening at 9PM...
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    SLAM 117 ? Una noche de primeros!

    Good evening sports fans! What an odd two weeks it has been since Lucha De Mayo. NBW underwent a change in management. Xander Napoli was ousted and things were looking up. Times change. Tonight...
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    NBW Presents: Lucha de Mayo!

    The night is finally here folks! With so much action set to take place in Monterrey, Mexico ? it is going to be one heck of a night. Each of the Champions of NBW will be putting their prized...
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    NBW Web Exclusive: One A-More Match?

    El Phantasmo XLVII was stood with a beaming smile on his face: ?Fans in Mexico, USA and all over the world, it is my pleasure to announce some exclusive news about my special guest at this time. ...
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    SLAM 116 ? El fin est? invadiendo

    SLAM 116 produced the final step on the road to ?Lucha De Mayo? and the night was filled with action!

    The Tag Team Titles were on the line as Los Preguntas defended against the dangerous Rick...
  19. SLAM 115 - Una guerra se est? gestando

    The NBW once again comes at you from the land of Mexico with a stacked show full of action, intensity, and dare we say INTRIGUE?

    All singles titles are on the line on this night as each face a...
  20. SLAM 114 - Esta noche es una noche de lucha

    NBW begins and ends with a bang as the East Wind and the World Champion finally stand across the ring from each other during an amazing 8-man tag team match!

    The Blitzkrieg title is defended by...
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    SLAM 113 - Batalla de los Maestros

    NBW is continuing it?s tour south and what a Main Event we have in store for you! Making his return to NBW, the former champion and Mexican legend ? El Dragon Loco ? goes one on one with one our...
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    NBW Web Exclusive: Voice Over

    St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

    A small room in the mental hospital with a dimly lit light from the small crack in the barred window on the far wall. A huge shadow can be seen rustling...
  23. NBW Presents: SLAM / GOLPE 112 - Viva La Mexico

    Just weeks removed from Sin & Retribution II, the NBW heads south for the next leg of our Global World Tour. Of course, not everything is as simple as crossing a border. With HULU no longer airing...
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    NBW Web Exclusive: Not Done

    Police Station in St. Louis

    “We are here to bail out that big man right there.”

    The man that just spoke to the officer behind the desk was none other than Napoli with Big Sal in tow.

  25. NBWLive: Jan 27th, 2019 Recap & Results

    Following a weekend of Sin & Retribution?s two night PPV event, NBW kicked off it?s global world tour?s new leg from Tijuana, Mexico. As advertised the headlining Main Event would see the Blitzkrieg...
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