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  1. Thread: Psycho v Doe

    by Devil666

    Re: Psycho v Doe

    (Once more the camera opens on a laughing Psycho rocking back and forth in his darkened safety He pounds his hand upon his skull as he mutters to himself)

    Psycho: Doe A Dear...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 4

    Ok the boards are back and so am I. but just quick picks as things have only been up and running since this morning. For those of you concerned after a horrible week two I did bounce back with 12...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 2

    The camera opens and the smiling face of Chaos wearing a Titans jersey comes into camera)

    Chaos: ok Week one was going ok, but a couple of teams didn't feel lie showing up on Monday night, Thank...
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    Chaos Picks: Week 1 2010

    OORP: I'll post an in character set of picks next week, but I lost my password and had a late night Sat
    Also join ESPN Pigskin Pick'em and play along

    (0-0) Minnesota Vikings at
    (0-0) New...
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    Re: Non Title: Aaron v Chaos (c)

    (The camera opens before a New Era backdrop)

    Chaos: So now comes the time. I step into the ring last card...show the new boys just what the boss expects of them and look what happens. I get one...
  6. Bastard?....and then some

    .(The camera opens near dusk at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Sitting at the bottom of the stairs as the sun sets and the lights come up I the masked Psycho. The camera zooms in and he flashes a...
  7. The will too Fight?

    (The camera opens upon the Washington Mall just outside the Vietnam War Memorial. A masked Psycho looks on for a moment head respectfully bowed)

    Psycho: You know allot of people in this country...
  8. High Tech/Low Tech

    (The camera opens outside the reflecting pool on the Washington Mall. The masked face of Psycho stares into the water as his reflection looks back up. He takes a deep breath of the cool air and turns...
  9. The American Way

    (The camera opens under the shady trees of Constitutional Gardens on the Washington Mall. Under the shade of large elm trees stand the masked face of Psycho. He wears of large white shirt an American...
  10. DedIcation

    (The camera opens in front of the Lincoln Memorial. As the sun starts to set shadows cast from the pillars and across the face of a sitting Lincoln. A masked man stares at the written words of the...
  11. Enter The Dangerman

    {{The camera opens outside the World War II Memorial on the mall in Washington D.C. as the sun begins to set and the tourists and family members this out a masked man walks through the arch. He takes...
  12. Day at the Spa

    (The camera opens inside the private room at Vdara spare. Dressed in a long, clean white robe is Chaos. He seems almost calm after another night of wine, dine and John Doe screaming. He sits back...
  13. Re: And What?

    (It's about 9 PM on a cool night in Vegas as the tall figure of Chaos crosses one of the many bridges over the Strip and looks out over the city. He looks at the traffic go by and then turns to the...
  14. Re: Don't Arrive, Please, Go Back Where You Came From.

    (The camera opens in the back office of the Double Down Saloon. Behind a large wooden desk sits the smiling face of Chaos. He signs his signature to some paperwork and folds his hands and thought for...
  15. Re: PCX Championship: Single Night Tourney - Doe v Corvin v Cane v Chaos

    (The camera opens high atop the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Nevada. In his private box Chaos stand hands leaning on the railing as he looks down from the tallest point in the city. In the dark Vegas...
  16. Time for a Fight

    (The camera opens backstage in Freedom Hall. In the quiet of his dressing room Psycho sits dressed early and ready to go. The early roar of the crowd can be heard as the card is run down. Names are...
  17. Change in your reality

    (The camera opens in a darkened Freedom Hall. a low spot light shines on the ring as the ominous wheel now hangs about it ready for it's fateful spin. A shadow crosses the ring and leans against the...
  18. analyze a Psycho?

    (The camera opens again upon the ominous wheel, this time it lays flat on the ground slowly spinning in a circle. Sitting atop it in his broken throne sits Psycho. He stares down watching it slowly...
  19. Spin the Wheel

    (The camera opens fixed on the ominous wheel and it's now obscene match-ups printed in blood script lettering. From off camera and a loud laugh can be heard and Psycho enters his hand spiining the...
  20. The Crimson Idol

    (The camera opens upon a masked man. He sits upon his bent and beaten folding throne as the camera pans upon the scars of battle inprinted in his back. On the wall hangs a WFW banner and in front of...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Barry!

    Happy Birthday Barry

    I wonder how old Ron Riggz is?
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    Wanna pick on Chaos? (in football)

    Once again I'll be posting picks this year in RP as Chaos however I've also signed up at ESPN's Pigskin Pick'em. It's free to join, and while I know it's kinda late I set up the league to throw out...
  23. Thread: Doe v Chaos

    by Devil666

    Re: Doe v Chaos

    (The camera opens backstage a Raucous. The tall figure of Chaos can be seen wave the truck back in as it's almost bell time for his match)

    Chaos: Here it is John...look you can continue to rant...
  24. Thread: Doe v Chaos

    by Devil666

    Re: Doe v Chaos

    The camera opens backstage on Chaos in his dressing room cool and calm as he slowly wraps his hands for his upcoming match)

    Chaos: Listen to you John...listen to you scream and hollar. You call me...
  25. Thread: Doe v Chaos

    by Devil666

    Re: Doe v Chaos


    There's a loud beeping noise of a truck in reverse as the camera pans to the large Home Depot sign painted on the back. A tall man waves the driver to come in further and further until...
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