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  1. UWR Christening Results, Heavyweight Champion Crowned

    The inaugural UWR event is in the books! And the first ever UWR Underground Heavyweight Champion has been crowned. Check out the results! And check out our fed!

  2. It's not too late to get on UWR's first card! RP period begins tonight at 8!

    UWR's Christening will be taking place next Friday night, and the Role Play period will begin tonight at 8:00pm.

    That means there are still precious few hours to hop on board and still be booked...
  3. UWR Christening Main Event Announcement

    Underground Wrestling Revolution will be hosting their first Supercard "Christening" on Friday September 25th.

    With only two weeks before the show, owner Brandon Bishop made a special...
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    Re: Hello from Brandon Bishop and UWR!

    Thanks Ernie! I'm happy to be on board.

    UWR is my crack at fed heading since I retired from the wrestling business in 2013. I feel that my time spent in the business has really opened my eyes to...
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    Hello from Brandon Bishop and UWR!

    Hello all!

    My name is Brandon Bishop, and I am the owner and promoter for Underground Wrestling Revolution.

    I have been doing this e-fed thing since 2002 and have taken on all manner of...
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