Beautiful One
Name: Velvet Sky
From: Big Apple
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Marital Status: Single. Affiliation:Heel
Theme: “Angel On My Shoulder"
Allies: Angelina Love & Randy Orton
Finishers: Double Knee Backbreaker

Handler Info
Name: Suzi MacLeod
Age: 25
From: Scotland
Marital Status: In A Relationship
Hobbies: Lots

Signed Contract: 29-01-09
Record [W/L/D]: 00/00/00
Next Match: @ Event Vs Opponent
Role-play Count: 001
Achievements: To Follow

Back Broken:

Stilll To Come…

Contact Information

AIM: SMacLeod2007

Legal Disclaimer

I am in no way affiliated with Velvet Sky, the WWE, TNA, or any other superstars/divas mentioned.. Graphic credit to Michael. Original style of layout done by John F'N Wilson.



The scene opens up in the backstage area and the scene quickly cuts to Velvet Sky, Velvet is standing in the backstage area dressed in her ring gear. The camera turns away then a few moments later the camera moves slightly to the right and we can now one again see the beautiful one Velvet Sky but this time she isn’t alone she’s standing by with Todd Grisham, Todd is looking down the camera lens with his usual goofy smile, he looks at the camera men and nods.


TODD GRISHAM - Hello and welcome to another edition of Overdose I am Todd Grisham and tonight I have the pleasure of introducing my next guest, please welcome the lovely Velvet Sky.

The camera pans to Velvet who at this moment doesn’t see happy, she sighs and crosses her arms.

VELVET SKY - Excuse me! Todd did you just introduce me as lovely?


VELVET SKY - What are you stupid or something Todd? Let me break this down for you, let me explain this simply so even you can understand what I am saying. Velvet Sky is not lovely OK! Puppies are lovely not me I would like to described as beautiful or even hot.

Velvet glares over at Todd Grisham she points her ringer at him and shakes her head repeatedly.

VELVET SKY - I am waiting Todd, my time is precious can you do your job and get on with this interview.

Velvet lowers her hand and places it on her hip she flicks a strand of her over her shoulder and awaits Todd’s response.

TODD GRISHAM - Velvet as we all know you came to this company with your close female friend Angelina Love what can we expect to see from you two women, do you have any immediate goals?

VELVET SKY - Please isn’t it obvious what we would bring Todd, look at me isn’t it obvious me and Angelina we bring the beauty to this show I mean why else do people call us the beautiful people. Angelina Love and myself do have a plan.

TODD GRISHAM - What is it?

VELVET SKY - If you would of let me finish I would of told you, Angelina and myself plan to get rid of the ugliness around, we plan to clean up GWA one by one.

TODD GRISHAM - Where is Angelina Love?

VELVET SKY - Angelina is a busy woman right now she getting a facial you don’t to look like Angelina or myself without work, Angelina wants to look her best for the camera…… I mean ladies like ourselves can‘t been with dry skin I mean just the thought of that grosses me out.

TODD GRISHAM - As we both know the diva roster in GWA is fast growing and tonight you will be taking one of the newest signings the playboy cover girl Candice Michelle. Candice is an athlete on her own right so my next question to you Velvet is do you have a game plan going into your match tonight?

Velvet sniggers a little then she grabs Todd Grisham’s microphone and pie faces Todd, Todd looks on looking rather shocked as Velvet begins to speak.

VELVET SKY - I was wondering when you would ask that me question, one thing I don’t get is why do people think so highly of this Candice Michelle all she’s just some other hoe hired by GWA, I mean this woman has done porn how low can she go it’s a insult to put me in the ring with such filth. Candice is nothing she’s but some chick who strips when asked to some people have no dignity, If I was asked I would say no as if the fans or any of you guys deserve to see a body like mine.

TODD GRISHAM - OK Velvet but what about your match tonight?

VELVET SKY - Excuse me Todd I was just getting to that, Todd please stop cutting me off OK! Know who the real talent here is and do your job right or I will just walk away I am giving you my time Todd normally I won‘t even give you second appreciate what I am doing..

TODD GRISHAM - I’m sorry I thought you were waiting for the next question.

VELVET SKY - OK now where was I ( Velvet pauses for a moment to think back) oh yeah I was about to talk about my match before I was rudely interrupted. Candice Michelle tonight you and I go one on one but Candice this time it isn’t in bed and you better not be naked, actually Velvet stop get those hideous images out of your mind.
Velvet pulls a face and pretends she’s about to be sick she looks up and sees Todd grinning in a world of his own.

VELVET SKY - Todd are picturing that beast naked?

TODD GRISHAM - Maybe. OK yes I was Candice is a beautiful woman what man wouldn‘t picture her naked.

VELVET SKY - Todd you seriously are lame and did I just hear right you think Candice the skank Michelle is beautiful, Angelina Love is beautiful, Velvet Sky is beautiful but Candice no she isn’t or will never be like me or Angelina. Tonight her face won’t even look the same maybe I will do her favour when a rearrange her face I might place it into a better way or maybe she could just get more plastic surgery to fix what damage I‘m going to do to her.

TODD GRISHAM - Velvet thank you for agreeing to interview unfortunately are time has run out good luck with the match tonight.

VELVET SKY - Excuse me!.

TODD GRISHAM - Good luck in your match tonight Velvet.

VELVET SKY - I don’t need luck Todd, Todd have you ever seen me wrestle?


VELVET SKY - Then you should know I don’t need your luck I am the best wrestler here and with Angelina by side she has no chance even if I was blindfolded I would kick her oversized ass.

TODD GRISHAM - Listen Velvet me and the camera crew really have to get going, thank you for your time.

VELVET SKY - I am sure it’s been your pleasure, later………..!

Velvet raises her hand in the air and walks away muttering under her breath as the scene fades out to black.


It’s around five at night and some fans are already beginning to pile into the arena the camera focuses in on a few over excited fans who are jumping around chatnting TNA over and over again The camera pans to a black and while room the room seems very elegant, on the dressering table is a vase containing white lilies and the room is strongly scented with vanilla escence. The camera turns slightly to the right and shows two of GWA’s finest divas sitting a while leather sofa taking about tonights matches.

VELVET SKY - Can you belive what he said to me!.

ANGELINA LOVE - I know I mean hello.

VELVET SKY - I know.

ANGELINA LOVE - That guy is always checking me out when ever I see him as if I would even touch him I mean do you see what he wears! Hand me downs.

VELVET SKY - I was thinking the same thing Angelina I mean did you get a loud of the smell I thought someone had died.

ANGELINA LOVE - (Giggles) I know.

VELVET SKY - So Angelina about tonight.

ANGELINA LOVE - Velvet you have it in the bag, Candice Michelle you were so right about that hoe I mean she needs the brown paper bag treatment that face (Angelina shudders), only a mother can love that face.

VELVET SKY - People say we are bimbos and dumb but we are classy and smart but people like Candice are seen as goddesses and sultry.

ANGELINA LOVE - I know she’s a fake I know those babalons are fake you just need to look at them to see that, that nose aswell bad case of surgery.

VELVET SKY - Angelina do think we should tonight?

ANGELINA LOVE - Are talking brown paper bag here?


ANGELINA LOVE - It just so happens I brought one along tonight Velvet, we really should after all we are here to cleanse the world one ugly person at a time.


ANGELINA LOVE - Velvet you aren’t going to need luck tonight I know can beat that bitches ass.

VELVET SKY - I know that and that’s exactly that I am going to tonight in front of all those fans I am going to show Candice how the beautiful people do things around here.

Velvet Sky’s mobile begins to ring she picks up her mobile from the coffee table which is sitting next to her and looks to see who’s calling she smiles when she see’s the person’s name, Velvet quickly answers the phone.

VELVET SKY - Hello there.

SECRET CALLER - …………………………

VELVET SKY - Thank you, are you coming to the arena tonight?

SECRET CALLER - …………………………

VELVET SKY - Well then I will see you then.

SECRET CALLER - …………………………

VELVET SKY - Yes I have a match tonight against Candice Michelle it’s her debut match.

SECRET CALLER - …………………………

VELVET SKY - I know me and Angelina where just talking about that just now.

SECRET CALLER - …………………………

VELVET SKY - OK well I will you later, come by my locker room OK.

SECRET CALLER - …………………………


SECRET CALLER - …………………………

Velvet hangs up on the caller she places her mobile back on the coffee table she turns to face Angleina and she takes Angelina’s hand starts to grins.

VELVET SKY - That was him, he’s coming to the arena tonight to talk business with me and of course you as well Angelina.

ANGELINA LOVE - Why won’t you tell me his name I’m not going to tell anyone you can trust me Velvet.

VELVET SKY - OK Angelina but this is between me and you the person on the phone was Randy Orton.

ANGELINA LOVE - Randy Orton! How did you guys meet?

VELVET SKY - I met randy when I was a WWE live event.

ANGELINA LOVE - WWE but we were TNA knockouts why would you be at a WWE event?

VELVET SKY - It was back when I was seeing Gregory Helms, Randy and I got talking we exchanged number we did a little flirting here and there.

ANGELINA LOVE - So when he arrives do you guys want to be alone?

VELVET SKY - Yeah if you don’t mind Angelina.

ANGELINA LOVE - Are you guys dating?

VELVET SKY - No Angelina we are not dating he just wants to talk about business I am going to be his manager.

ANGELINA LOVE - But you want to be with him don’t you Velvet I can see it all over that beautiful face of yours.


ANGELINA LOVE - I have to go and get my make up done I can[t be seen on TV looking a mess.

VELVET SKY - I think Jan is coming here to do my make up a little later on.

ANGELINA LOVE - I better give me a call soon OK.

VELVET SKY - I will do.

Angelina Love gets to her feet she turns to Velvet and blows her a kiss, Velvet waves at her sweetly then Angelina turns around and walks towards the door, Angelina Love reaches the door and pushes it open and walks out of the locker room the fades out.


The scene pans to Velvet Sky who is in her locker room sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, Velvet is getting her make done by GWA’s ever loyal make up artist Jan.

VELVET SKY - I can’t wait to get out of here I just want to get this match over and go home.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - Oh yeah you have a match tonight against Candice Michelle.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - (Velvet rolls her eyes) Yeah I have her.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - Velvet please try to stay still.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - OK but only because I want to look my best. I can’t they are making me take on Candice, I mean Candice! What I waste of my skills.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - I think Candice is a good wrestler, she has definatly improved that’s for sure.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - She’s a slut she’s everything that is wrong with this women’s division thank god they have me.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - Velvet I hope you don’t think I am being noisy here but what’s going on between you and Randy Orton?

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - Why does everyone want to know I knew it was a bad idea telling Angelina she talks way to much, Randy and I are friends OK we have been friends for a few years I met him when I was going out with Gregory Helms but that ended a while ago and Randy simply wants me to be his manager it’s business but yeah he’s cute but he’s my friend.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - Everyone thinks you guys are you know.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - No I don’t! What do they think we are doing?

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - They think that you guys are secret lovers.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - I can asure you jan we are don’t lovers just friends.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - He certainly is a good looking man and you a beautiful woman of course when they see you guys together they are going to think that. If that’s all you are then that’s good Velvet I think you and Randy would make a great team.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - Thanks.


(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - Are we nearly done Jan I need to do afew minutes of stretching before I go to the ring.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - I will be done in couple of minutes Velvet.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)


JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - Do you think you will continue for a while?

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - Oh yes I love to wrestle it’s my passion I want to keep doing this until my body can’t take anymore.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - That’s good, Oh I nearly forgot I hear you had a run in with Todd Grisham earlier.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - That guy is gross no wonder he never gets any action, he smells and those close bad idea. Jan you should of heard that pompass ass earlier he was picturing Candice naked he’s probably one of those men who has thousands of playboys under his single bed.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - Todd is Ok sometimes.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - I think we wants me to loose I really think he’s in love with Candice, seriously he’s crazy.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - That’s sweet.

(Jan carries on applying the make up.)

VELVET SKY - No it’s not sweet is creepy the thought of it makes he want to shudder uncontrollably.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - OK we are done, take a look.

Jan spins Velvet’s chair round so that she can see her make up in the mirror Velvet smiles as soon as sees herself.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - Do you like it?

VELVET SKY - It looks great Jan.

JAN - MAKE UP ARTIST - Well I am glad you like it I better get going Velvet I have a few people to see, good luck in the match.

VELVET SKY - Thanks.

Jan clears all the make of off the make up table and places all the make up into her make up bag and she exits Velvet’s locker room as the scene fades out.