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Superstar Wrestling Federation

  1. Shawn FX
    - Welcome to the SWF Group. You are not required to become a member of the SWF to be allowed to participate in this group.

    - If you have any questions, comments, or feedback regarding the SWF this is the place to do it.

    - As always, HAVE FUN!
  2. Shawn FX
    I'd like to have two impartial roleplay judges for the upcoming SWF TV Title Tournament (SWF RP Division tournament) Also, three alternate judges wouldn't hurt just in case someone gets too busy with other things.

    Let me know if you might be interested! The first round of this tournament will begin Saturday, December 20th.

    Sign ups to participate in the SWF TV Title Tournament are still available also.

    5 spots left!

    PM me or reply here.
  3. Shawn FX

    Episode 4 of the Saturday Night Sizzler should be jammed packed with goodies. The show outline is posted in the backstage forums. Become a member and get involved in all the pre-planning, angle creation, and execution of the finished online product.



    Once the website is up (Mid January at the latest) I'm confident the new member sign ups will dramatically increase. Plus, factor in the number of shows produced, the quality of the work put out, the timeliness of each card, the intricate planning for each show, etc.. Long term we will be in great shape.

    That's it for me. I'm going to have lunch, get back to work on putting together some new HeroMachine pics, and play with the site design on http://swf.ewzine.com a bit more today.

    Thanks for reading,

    David Tyrrell
    SWF Producer
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