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Popping the Cherry

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From the desk of the Aytaollah of Areolas...

...who completely understands that the plural form of the word is actually areolae, but strives to preserve the RHYME!

As I sit here in the command room of my semi-palatial estate outside of Orlando, I can't help but marvel at the network of miscreants I've managed to connect with through my travels in this strange business.... sport..... hobby.... whatever it is to you.

But I suppose when one's travels follow a road as long and winding as mine (or as long as my spaghetti wang! Heyooooo!), one tends to run into his fair share of miscreants!

Of course, to call everyone I've encountered in all my spots (which right now include ACW, NEW, NGEN, Empire Pro, A1E, not to mention a couple others coming later in the year) miscreants is inaccurate, some are downright decent - the point I'm trying to make is that I've tussled with a veritable bonanza of brawlers in EVERY corner of the globe, experienced things few in this line have, and to quote the inimitable Ernie Hudson, "Seen s**t that will turn you WHITE!"

That said, I think it's safe to assume I have a perspective on the goings-on of this crazy pastime that could benefit anyone who calls themselves a fan of it. The in's and out's of all the different promotions, their similarities, their differences, and anything else you'd care to know about them, their rosters, and their shady dealings. All the inside dirt (kayfabe be damned), delivered to you with a jiggy freshness that NO ONE could ever dream of emulating!

Then again, I do have an outrageously high opinion of myself.

At any rate, consider this my welcome and invitation to you, the glorious and resplendent people that follow this strange sport, to share in my thoughts, analysis, and outright rantings about wrestling, entertainment, and EVERYTHING SJH.

On tap for next time - ACW, my match at For Queen and Country, the Sin City Showdown, my fave five for the weeks, and if you're really really good, a story about the time I nearly gave Gabourey Sidibe a rim job.

'Til then...

The Phenom has left the building.


  1. jediPREZ's Avatar
    Looking forward to more of these! Nice tag too.