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ULTRATITLE: Round 1: Justin Voss vs. Mark Maverick

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RP Thread <--- just in case your interested this is what this post is about.

I have to say, in my time I really haven't participated in many other tournaments. In fact, if you want to get specific, I've only ever competed in 1 other tournament and that was GTT7, where I was fortunate enough to get seeded at 13 with my Fiend character.

That was some tournament however my first round opponent no-showed and when provided with the opportunity to select my second round opponent I decided I would bite off more than I could chew than take easy street. I chose Nova, who I'm sure most of you are familiar with, and Chris blew me out of the water coz let's face it, he's a brilliant writer and this circle would not beg to differ. Regretfully, if I had my time again, I wouldn't choose anybody else coz that's not who I am. I like a challenge.

My wife and I went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant once and I ordered Rogan Josh. The lady asked me what temperature I'd prefer it at. I simply enquired as to what they could produce to which she responded: Mild, Very Mild, Hot, Very Hot. To which, I looked across the table and saw my wife face palm herself. She knew what was going off inside my mind: CHALLENGE!

Needless to say, the meal came very hot and lived up to it's name. I had sweat pouring out of where I wasn't sure sweat were able to pour out and my visit to the gentleman's room the next day was without any word of a lie one of the most painful experiences off my life. There was a lesson learned but I did the same thing the next time we ate there. I always take on that challenge.

So GTT7 was my virgin tournament experience and my second comes from ULTRATITLE. Where I get listed to face someone whose been around for as long as I could ever tell you. I've seen Warren facing off here and FWO and have always been familiar with his Deacon character. He writes that character fantastically and when I knew I was facing him I knew I was in trouble. I didn't know much about Mark Maverick, and truth be told, I don't know that much more now but have my assumptions.

What I do know is this: Warren is a true gentleman and has made my first round experience full of awesome and win.

I thought I'd do the gentlemanly thing and post a good luck message on Warren's FWC wall. The message was reciprocated. I was getting excited about posting my first RP when I get a PM from Warren telling me he'd RP'ed and he couldn't wait to see how I used it and he was looking forward to what I could do with it. And then it kinda dawned on me one thing in the sixteen years I've been doing this that I had missed an integral part of this game.

All these years I've been doing this, 16 if you wanna go and bean count, I'd tended to get lost in the whole idea of telling a great story or winning and losing but not once did I really work with one key thing that makes this game so much fun and so great. I'd kinda been missing the point that my objective when I RP is not just to trash talk the crap out of the other guy, not just to project my own story but to give my opponent some inspiration to play this the best they can.

I remember reading opponent's RPs in the day and thinking This guy gave me jack and I haven't got a bone to bite on. The thing is... that guy is missing the point, too. That guy is missing out on what makes this game so great.

My challenge, for my RP, was to try and give Warren something to work off of. Something to really inspire him to give me the best piece he could put together. Something that could make our RP battle epic (whether you agree or not) and enjoyable for not just the reader but the writer's involved and I have to say, this was one of the most fun RP battles I've ever had in my 16 years and I thank Warren for reminding me of what makes this game so much fun.

As far as going through to the second round or not, I don't really care. It'd sure be great to go through and try to do all of that with some other guy but whatever happens happens.

I just wanted to post some words here and share my experience and just let you all in on a little secret I'm sure a lot of people miss when they get so competitive with this game.

Give your opponent something to work with and play the game with them.

Enjoy this shit!

Thanks, Warren. Best of luck, man.
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  1. Deacon's Avatar
    That was an awesomely fun read. I'm thrilled that it was a good experience. Whether Mark goes on or out, this particular matchup really turned into what UT has been for me - a chance to see some people I'm not familiar and learn a bit more. Thanks for being a good opponent and partner (sounds kinda like REAL wrestling, huh?)