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An Offer You Can't Refuse

ACW ENDGAME: Where Did It End Up?

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I finally got a chance to read ACW ENDGAME (conveniently linked for your pleasure), the ACW's first SuperShow of the year. To be transparent, it's been quite a while since I've read a full ACW card, so take any criticism or critique in here for what it's worth (gospel, obviously, if you're smart).

ENDGAME is ACW's "Royal Rumble"-like event, with the End Game match featuring a 30-man over-the-top battle royal. A nightmare match to write, I would imagine. More on that to come. But first, a few Godfather's Own "Horse Head In Your Bed" Awards:

MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Double Jeopardy Match Part 1 (Alias vs. Trey Vincent and Sharc vs. Andy Sharp)
So the ACW World Title was up for grabs in an innovative match that saw four participants in two matches in two rings simultaneously. Think GOLD RUSH but with three fewer rings and fifty-odd less participants. Got it?

My first thought was that to really capture the action the matches needed to be told separately. Silly me forgot how much fun you could have with the matches actually crossing over as loyalties (and otherwise) played out. Well done. Only "criticism" was the whole confusion of trying to distinguish between Sharc and Sharp in the same match.

NOT-SO-MUCH MATCH OF THE NIGHT: ACW Tag Team Titles: The Heirs of Wrestling vs. RESPECT vs. The Misfit Toys vs. The SOBs
Came across as a throwaway match -- which made some semblance of sense later in the night. I could speculate as to why, but I haven't kept up with the roleplay and angles enough to know for sure. The match was short, sloppy and confusing. A quick writer's note (not that I actually follow it) -- with so many folks in the match and the match being on a PPV where you want exposure, at least find a way to introduce the teams so we newbies know who is on what team.

SEGMENT OF THE NIGHT: Cheers (Heirs of Wrestling)
Wherein the ACW Tag Team Champions not only run down their opponents and shut down the entire division, but do so in a manner that is both hilarious and threatening at the same time. That one segment made me a fan of the Heirs -- whereas the match they were in didn't do them justice.

"He's stealing my pops! Last time I checked, theft is a DQable offense, scrub!"
Gotta love a guy who is ultimately more concerned about his pop meter than a creepy stalker with fake bandages interfering in his World Title shot.

Which, by the way, didn't seem to play out with the POP that it should have. Khristian Keller had a great creepy segment with "The Illusionist," but the payoff just wasn't there in the Double Jeopardy match. I'm sure much of it has to do with the fact that I didn't follow the lead-in story previously, but coming down to ringside, cutting a promo in the middle of a match, ripping off some bandages and then not connecting the dots for the audience fell a little flat. Yes I get that Keller is mad at Vincent for leaving him handcuffed -- but from Keller's 'illusion' and promo, how am I really supposed to understand that Alias and Sharp helped him out (except that you told me in narrative).

Becoming the first three-time ACW World Champion as well as getting inducted into the ACW Hall of Fame gives him the slight nod over the winner of the END GAME match (see more below!).

Alias's HoF intro and segment was the best of them all -- some of them were quite weak when it came to telling the story of why they were inducted and really showing some of their key moments, whereas Alias's worked really well. (The other that did was clearly the "Founders" one with a terrific moment where SilverHAWK was unexpectedly named a Founder and inducted as well).

While the second half of his match against Sharp was outshadowed by the first half of the Double Jeopardy match, Alias was convincing, winning with the submission. As opposed to the Keller intervention, the story for the second part of the match was a typical wrestling conceit that was done pretty well -- ye old "Why can't I finish you!?" with stunned faces galore.

Can't finish without commenting on the END GAME match itself. Matches like that with so many participants are always a bear to write. This one seemed to hit stride once El Hombre Sin Nombre was introduced -- before that it was really a smattering of introductions without any big story moments.

My understanding is that the END GAME match is famous for throwing folks in who aren't in ACW, and this one saw its share of big names, both past ACWers returning, those from outside, and some unexpected surprises. That included the eventual winner, as Shawn Jessica Hart (of dear FW fame) entered and won over the likes of High Flyer, SVJ, K-Wolf and several others.

The big surprise finish was Keith Scott Zimmerman showing up on the ramp in his return to ACW to set up an apparent feud between Hart and Zimmerman (and/or Alias?) to kick off the next arc.

Overall -- good show. Had a couple of places where the writing let down, but overall, things were well done especially in light of having some more difficult match concepts to keep up with.


  1. Zezu's Avatar
    awesome sir, it is mega appreciated and hopefully you will read up on the upcoming shows
  2. Leary's Avatar
    Wooo! Match of the night! (And yes, the Sharc/Sharp dilemma was a bit confusing to deal with...guess I should've called him Andy )
  3. Chad's Avatar
    Good ol' Andy.
  4. David T's Avatar
    I read this review.... today.