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The Great Eye

Ink and Piercings

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Since asking everyone how loaded their characters were, I figured I'd ask everyone another question about their characters, and that is, what kinds of tattoos and piercings they have. All of that is very visual and in a text based format, it's not really brought up a lot, but when you watch WWE, you can't help but notice Randy Orton has both his arms as sleeves of tattoos, and the various ink work others have had done.

So away we go, starting with my rogue's gallery.

FIRST- Had his ears pierced before his 'awakening' or whatever the hell you would call it and doesn't wear earrings. Has no tattoos.

CANYETA- Has a bunch of religious tattoos on his right arm, (Cross, Virgin Mary, the text of The 23rd Psalm in spanish) as he is, like most Mexicans, Catholic...Wears earrings now and again, has let a piercing on his right eyebrow heal over.

DOC- Has a tattoo of a King of Diamonds and a Ten of Spades on his left shoulder-blade, this was because Ryoko had demanded he get a tattoo and after much harassment he finally agreed to get a tattoo of a poker hand he won the $1000 buy-in tournament at Belliago with. He won the final hand with those cards and thus was stuck getting the tattoo. Has his ears pierced, also due to harassment from Ryoko.

So lemme know about your characters.
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  1. PaulNJ21's Avatar
    Jonathan Marx, while I haven't gotten much into religion with the character, doesn't have any, he is Jewish.
  2. John Doe's Avatar
    Well, actually, John Doe only has one tattoo on his back, but I never got into detail of it, he has a tattoo of The Three Furies of greek mythology. on the top of his back