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Ask the um.... well, ask ME.

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Leave a question and I'll answer it. That was so easy....
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  1. Chad's Avatar
    This is a ripoff. We want Oral Autonomy! INFRACTION FOR YOU!
  2. PaulNJ21's Avatar
    Favorite real life old school tag team?
  3. DBrunkGXW's Avatar
    LOL @ the infraction...

    Paul, depends on how "old school" you want it to be I guess. But I'll give you a couple of my faves:

    The Hollywood Blondes - from the 90s, but my favorite ever

    "Dr. Death" Steve Williams & Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy

    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard
  4. jediPREZ's Avatar
    I didn't realize you were so jealous of the Ask ___________ threads. I would've started one for you!

    1) Where would you place Dan Ryan on the list of legends? I'd dictate that 95% of FW regulars would place him at #1...I'm interested in your take.

    2) What's your favorite match of all-time outside of EPW and not including Dan Ryan?
  5. DBrunkGXW's Avatar
    1) I generally DESPISE ranking myself or voting for myself in any way. It just seems a little arrogant to me. But... I will offer up this. There are some guys I've been in roleplay threads with who I felt were clearly better than me. Most of the time I feel I can compete with anyone if I set my mind to it, and that's been proven I think.

    This isn't a complete list, because there are people who are great I haven't RP'd with yet (Devin/JTP comes to mind), but here are a few...

    Gregg Gethard - I just think he's the best ever. He knows that. We have a good roleplaying chemistry also, and I think that goes into my feelings on this.

    Chris/Nova - at the peak of his game he's just super great, and I don't think I ever did beat him. He's just super super good.

    Diego Ibarra/D! of NAPW fame - best non-FWC guy I've ever faced, bar none. He's very creative, had a great character and is a very very good writer.

    I think over a short burst of years, what I accomplished with the Dan Ryan character stacks up with anyone. Over a longer stretch there are others that are better for sure. I cound Eli Flair, Mike Randalls and a few others among those. I must stress that neither of these lists should be considered definitive. I'm just going off the top of my head.

    2) This one is super tough. It's hard to recall a lot of these matches to memory. I thought the final Manson vs. Southern match in NFW was fantastic. I think the NFW matchwriting is extremely entertaining. I guess I'll go with that. For anything else, I'd have to do a little research. That one popped in my head though, so I'd say it passes the test.
  6. EpyonMarx's Avatar
    Are there any characters who haven't appeared in EPW that you would love to see, and who from the entire history of EPW would you have them go up against?
  7. DBrunkGXW's Avatar
    1. Shane Southern
    2. D!
    3. Nova
    4. Ravager

    I think a true RP battle between D! and Troy Windham might cause a rip in the fabric of time. I'd like to see Shane Southern and Sean Stevens again. I believe they had some matches back in the day, but I think Jay has grown quite a bit as a roleplayer since then. Nova and Shawn Hart would be fun. Ravager and anybody. That guy's just GOOD.