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I recently attempted to read a new fed. I figured, A.)This federation seemed like a blast from the past(IE: Late 90's when every federation had Hardcore or Extreme in it's titles), B.)Results will be easy to read and skimmable. and C.)I just watched Dinocroc vs. Supergator on SyFy last night, and figured, hey, maybe I can read the e-fed equivalent called Hardcore Holiday. Which, by the way, sounds less like an ECW event and more like a ****ty Cinemax porn.

So, you see on the main board page of the community, over on the right. RESULTS, Hardcore Holiday. Click it. Click the link. Then click the enter site button. Keep clicking it. It'll work eventually. I'll wait.


You still clicking?


I told you, keep clicking. It'll work eventually.


Ha! Gotcha. Yeah. I tried it a few times. Tried it last night in a drunken blitz and thought I was just being stupid(and well, drunk), but no. Nothing. You can click the logo above the enter site button, but all that does is give you an outdated list of upcoming events.

Now, I've always been one to say that a good web site shouldn't matter. My biggest concern is the writing. My second biggest concern is the archive of the writing, however feasible. And for a website? My biggest concern is navigation, and accessibility.

Which this place has obviously failed at. Even if there's some super secret trick like ordering a protein style double cheeseburger from In 'N Out that I just aren't in the loop of knowing, this website has FAIL written on it. Which is a shame. It shows laziness, it shows an inattention to, well, everything.

If people outside your fed can't read the results, can't see a roster, can't do much more than pound their head against the enter bar of a web site for a few thousand clicks of worthlessness, what's the point? You obviously wanted to advertise your product, you want others to see it, you want more people to come and join or enjoy your product... take some God Damn time to make sure they can.

With all that being said, while I didn't necessarily enjoy the product, I was still able to EVENTUALLY find the TNA federations results. (Mind you, don't bother with the news postings. Either something's screwy with Chad's Coranto script or these guys don't like to advertise correctly.) I even considered applying, for the chance to write single page roleplays using a real wrestler like Chris Jericho or the Motor City Machine Guns, cause I mean, we've all done that before. Nostalgia is a great motivator, and it's been at least a decade since I handled Degeneration X back in my first fed. I always said High Flyer was a mix of Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho, but early on? He totally fit the X-Pac role. And I had the Outsiders as the New Age Outlaws. In fact, High Flyer wouldn't have been born if my best friend in real life hadn't said I couldn't run four real wrestlers. I would have been handling Triple H, which honestly? Might have been more appropriate, considering the snooziness of his "I'M THE GREATEST" promos I've heard over the last few years.

What does this blog have to do with anything? I dunno. Nothing really. But it just goes to show you, that if you're gonna do something half assed, don't ****ing do it. You just frustrate your potential audience and lose them forever.

Now, FWF? If you're out there... where the **** can I read your show?

PS: Do you have a character named DinoCroc? Or SuperGator? Cause those guys are awesome. I wanna see a tornado tag between DinoCroc & SuperGator vs. MegaShark & Giant Octopus. Special Guest referee? SHARKTOPUS! MAKE IT HAPPEN! SOMEONE, DEAR GOD MAKE THIS DREAM MATCH COME TRUE.

PPS: Yes. Search any of those terms. They are legit movies. *facepalm*

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  1. David T's Avatar
    Someone should really open an e-fed named FAIL.

    That would be cool.
  2. Ernie's Avatar
    I would never order anything "protein style" from a place called In'N'Out... Just sayin'.