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As I sit here in Deutschland, Germany, watching Lt. Felix Gaeta commit treason in Battlestar Galactica in german(Awesome), drinking Duff Beer(Even more awesome) and having just recently banging the back of my head against the most awesome windows I've ever used(less awesome now)... It dawned on me like this splitting headache...

Where have all the efed bloggers gone?

I myself was one of the earlier copycats of Thomas Holzerman(did I say copycat? I meant pioneer!). My blog was less about the current state of our hobby and more about lost gems from the past that slipped through the cracks. There were enough people commenting on the game as it is, less as it was.

I've always been better suited to commenting on yesteryear. With so much on the internet, we forget that a lot of the federations of the past have been lost. Even archive.org can't keep copies of everything, but I've tried. One of the reasons asylumfigting.com has an archive still is because of my almost lunatic like desire to horde information I've received access to. jOlt Wrestling, one of the higher profile federations of the early aughts, would have nary a show to, well, show to the people of the now.

Regardless, in the past year since FWO's return(and eventual demise), I've gotten more and more involved in this game. I've made New Frontier Wrestling a home for High Flyer, and am running perhaps my favorite angle since my aborted title run in 2005. In Empire Pro Wrestling, I am just finding my feet with my character. I've also tried my best to resurrect a dying/dead ACW(acw.ewtorch.com) tag team division, although due to my trip to the Nazi homeland, I've been less than helpful during the last arc. I of course, plan to correct that failing during our ppv and the arc that follows.

But this isn't a blog about me apologizing for my recent activity/inactivity, but it's more about me lamenting the fact that the commentary from our peers has gone to the way side. I'm not the first to bring this up. Those who have been blogging in the past year(although not the past month) have made more than enough noise that we are becoming more self-isolationistic and less likely to look at other promotions outside of our own. We're all getting older, especially when it concerns those of us on fwrestling. We're having families, jobs, and banging our heads against windows, losing brain cells that way and many others(Katz, looking at you). And when we're all senile and Alzheimered out, what are we going to have left of this game? This hobby we've all spent countless hours on?

Argyle, over at ptc, has a project called ewmuseum(dot com) which hasn't gotten the props it deserves. Fwrestling itself has quite a large collection of archived federations that are just one forum crash away from being lost to the ether depths of the series of tubes known as the internet. And if Senator Lieberman has his way, all communication from the United States could very well be shut off at a moments notice due to an unclarified "emergency." What of our little game then?

We need to figure out a way to remember the past, longer than we do know. We may think we remember all the important things to OUR characters, but what about researching the biggest moments of our opponents? While recently rpin' against Stalker in EPW, the character himself stated that he didn't even know where he came up with the name. Does the handler? I would hope so. And if the handler doesn't, what does that say about that awesome card from 21wrestling or CSWA when Chad forgets to pay his hosting bill?

I've been in this game since 1998. I've been in so many feds, especially early on, that have completely been erased from the internet's history. We're no longer running this game through e-mail, or just through message boards, we're running this game through communities and private web sites, and that's a start. But what happens when Travis pulls the FWO site from the web? What happens if FWrestling is taken down tomorrow? What do we do then? What's the purpose of all of this if it's just going to be forgotten tomorrow?

We should have a site that runs itself like Argyle's ewmuseum, one that is similar to RF video in the tape trading source. An organization that allows all of our information to be collected like google and exploited for all the EW historians out there. And then, we need to have that site be accessed by people we trust, people who are going to archive the archive, and make sure, that even if we're taken down like the pirate bay servers in Germany, to be resurrected like the Phoenix, or by the Pirate Party in Sweden.

Who's with me? Who else wants to preserve the past, and extend the future? Who wants to know where Stalker got his name. Be able to remember in ten years how Eli Flair won his first CSWA Heavyweight Championship? And be able to see my very first crappy seven line roleplay sent through an e-mail that basically proclaimed myself to be the greatest.

Well... maybe we can forget about that last one.
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  1. Stalker's Avatar
    Well to be honest the origin of Stalker's name has never come into question before. I never had a real 'plan' as to his origin as I made the character back when I was about 16. But now that it was questioned in an rp, it made me think about it and I do have a small story planned for it. However Stalker himself doesn't remember because he's too broken down to remember something so little in his life.
  2. jediPREZ's Avatar
    Nice blog, Ford. I've been trying to get all of NFW's archives in order so we have our own museum type of thing...of course, with only a few helping me...it's a slow process.
  3. LQJT86C's Avatar
    I'm all for preserving the past. Since I've been in NFW longer than any other fed, I try to help with the historical type stuff the best I can, i.e. title histories, reformatting old cards, etc. It's good to pay homage to and not forget all the hard work people put in years ago. When guys retire after a long while in this hobby, it seems they're forgotten not too long after, which sucks.

    As for the discussion, I'm partly guilty. My blog was generating a decent amount of discussion until I sh*tcanned it months ago. There's only so much e-fedding one can talk about without getting burnt. Another factor was me becoming more active in leagues outside of EPW/NFW, like A1E and PRIME, not to mention running NLW (which has been slacking, I know). FW Money Shot was at it's best when nothing was going on in EWrestling, strangely enough, because I'd find something obscure and make a big fuss about it.

    I'd like to see some new blogs pop up, ones that spawn real, honest discussion on the hobby. None of this, "Everything was AWESOME!" crap. No, everything was not awesome. One or two things were awesome, and a few things sucked hard.